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Innovative Green Home Has a New Take on Insulation Inspiration

Innovation comes from those willing to do things just a little differently, and green home building is no exception.


Develop an Extended Team of Resources

Building an eco-friendly home means juggling options and educating yourself about materials and practices to make the best decisions. One of the most important things you can do early on is to call on resources that will guide you, save money, and make the process more of a journey than an ordeal.

The Importance of Attic Vents

The National Bureau of Standards estimates that a home with four occupants produces two to three gallons of water vapor a day. One way to deal with moisture in your attic is through roof ventilation.

PGH of Louisville takes public spotlight

High-performance home to be used teach real estate agents, builders and others about the value of green and sustainable construction

Modular Design Can Be Both High Quality and Fast

Prefabricated wood elements enable fast, efficient and easy design without reducing quality.

Green Gab Podcast | Preserving a bit of History, the city’s or your own

Gabbing about green remodeling in historic homes and general remodeling projects with a green tint with Kate Ewing of Mosby Building Arts.

New App Empowers DIY Enthusiasts to Tackle Home Improvement Projects

Lots of people are looking for from trustworthy advice to undertake home projects on their own.

ENERGY STAR for Homes v2

In the past, the ENERGY STAR program has focused almost exclusively on products alone, but installation – including duct sealing – is just as important to energy efficiency.

Lubberland's Edge: Net-Zero Home Focuses on Indoor Air Quality

When Norbert and Robin were designing their retirement dream home in southeastern New Hampshire, they were inspired by the concept of dynamic energy efficiency. Four energy-efficient systems were used to ensure comfort throughout the year while promoting indoor air quality.

How a HERS Rating Can Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The HERS Index is a number that tells homeowners and homebuyers how energy efficient a home is, and how much they should expect to spend on heating and cooling costs.

Solar Installation Expected to Pay Off in 5 Years

Seeming to float in midair, the system is cantilevered off a 30-foot-high retaining wall and hidden by an infinity pool overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

Duct Sealing Boosts Energy Efficiency and Comfort for Su Verde

Duct leakage in residential homes costs consumers $25 billion each year.

KB Home ProjeKt Looks at the Future of Green Building

The home is an example of how innovative technologies can help residential units meet rigorous green building standards.

Attractive Panels Deliver Solar Flair

Not only was first-gen solar ugly, the real estate industry beat up homes that had it, actually dinging sale and appraisal values.

Winter Maintenance Checklist

As fall approaches, it’s time to start on our winter maintenance. Here is a checklist of tasks to complete before the colder weather sets in.

Well Building Institute Marks Growth of Healthy Building Standards

The world’s first building standard focused exclusively on the effects of the built environment on human health and well-being has triggered new innovations in building practices, design and development.

The Benefits of a Zehnder Fresh Air Machine in Your Home

Think for a moment about how the experience of breathing fresh air cleans your mind, calms your mood, and revitalizes your body. Now imagine that feeling every minute in your home, the temperature is comfortable, and that freshness is always there.

Greenbuild 2016 Product Preview

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is the Super Bowl of the high performance building world, and everyone brings their A game.

ENERGY STAR Program Highlights Duct and HVAC Sealing

Now homeowners interested in ENERGY STAR level performance will have more than simply price on which to base their purchasing decision.

Green Gab Podcast | What the Heck is a REC?

Find out what the heck a REC is today with Kathleen Beebe. Kathleen gabs with us about Ameren's Pure Power voluntary renewable energy program and the impact it is having in the St. Louis area.

Energy Department Announces Winners of the 2016 Housing Innovation Awards

The winners were selected by a diverse panel of builders, architects, and industry professionals for their outstanding accomplishments in designing and building Zero Energy-Ready Homes.

EEBA Excellence in Building Conference Opens in Dallas

The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) is a recognized leader for education and collaboration on sustainable building practices.

2016 Energy Awareness Month: Bottom-to-Top Energy Tips for the Home

With 25th anniversary of Energy Awareness Month in October, now is the ideal time for builders and home buyers to select energy efficient products for their home.

High Performance Homes 'LEED' to Savings for Owners

Of the 647,800 single-family homes build in the United States in 2014, less than 1 percent met LEED standards.

Full Frame R10 Windows Come to Market

Hitting the mark on ‘low incremental cost’ and crossing the commercialization chasm has remained a challenge for the fenestration industry.

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Tight houses often mean that pollutants can be trapped inside, creating an indoor air pollution problem.

Advanced framing for the building envelope

It’s amazing how we’ve gone from simple insulated stud walls to advanced framing in just a few years.

Winter home improvement projects that won't leave you cold

Often, when we think of home improvement projects we are drawn to the exterior of our homes – painting, siding, windows and landscaping. But, what can we do when the mercury drops and being outside, well, just hurts?

Green Gab Podcast | Foodies rejoice, energy efficient appliances are it!

Gabbing about food and appliances with Joan Hart of Autco Home. She inspires and educates us in the world of resource efficient appliances.

Smart controls manage hot water energy use for multifamily units

Regardless of whether a building has a tank or tankless water heater, the water in the lines between the water heater and the fixture loses heat

Plywood or OSB?

Both OSB and plywood are made by gluing and pressing wood together, although the process of doing so differs considerably.

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The Future of Water Conservation

Conserving water means using what is necessary and no more .Waiting for tap water to become hot is not only a waste of water but an inconvenience as well. However, there are products available that provide homeowners with hot water on demand. This white paper looks at some of the ways homeowners can conserve water and save money.

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Sponsor: ACT D'MAND Systems

Coastal Builder Uses Next Generation Roof Decks to Help Fortify Homes Against Storms

When General Contractor John Price moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, he noticed significant rainfall as a crucial jobsite variable year-round. To provide added protection beyond that of traditional oriented strand board (OSB) and felt roof deck assemblies, he uses ZIP System® roof sheathing and tape to build a more resilient sealed roof deck.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Huber Engineered Woods

DC Current Applications Emerging in an AC Environment as Renewable Energies Grow

Most of us don’t realize that the majority of our energy-efficient equipment we use daily in our homes and businesses runs on direct current. But, the power coming in to our buildings is alternating current. This conversion results in lost energy. A solution to prevent this amount of lost energy is achieved by integrating dedicated DC systems.

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Sponsor: STEP Warmfloor

Coordinate Your Home's Style with Exterior Design

Designing the exterior look and feel of a home can be a daunting task. However, working with a company that can serve as a single source for all the necessary exterior elements, ranging from vinyl siding to trim, can help you create a beautiful, customized home exterior that is also energy efficient and easy to maintain.

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Sponsor: Ply Gem

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