Resilient Energy Star residence wins design award

Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’s most important examples of sustainable design, while also helping develop public awareness about companies that provide the best in ecological and sustainable design.


NASCAR race track goes solar powered

By tapping into solar power, Charlotte Motor Speedway will save more than 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel throughout the 10 Days of NASCAR Thunder.

See the top 10 most common causes of allergies

For the 50 million Americans that suffer from nasal allergies, spring means runny noses, watery eyes, and other irritating symptoms caused by indoor and outdoor allergens.

2016 Marvin Architects Challenge winners named

A 4,000-square-foot vacation home that uses floor-to-ceiling windows to blend exterior and interior living won the Best in Show award

Paradise Found named 2016 Color of the Year

The serious, aloe green was inspired by consumers’ search for security, protection, privacy and resilience in an uncertain world.

Home Energy Savings: The Rules They Are a Changing

What is the single most effective thing you can do to save on the cost of heating and cooling your home? Recent reports cited by the U.S. Department of Energy found the single most effective means of conserving home energy for the majority of U.S. homeowners today is air duct sealing.

How to mix radiant and forced air heating and cooling

Many homeowners would like the comfort and efficiency of a radiant heating system, but are unfamiliar with how it could integrate with a forced air system.

Creating the Perfectly Heated Home Gym

If you decide to create your own home gym there are a few essentials whether you are in to it weight loss, cardio fitness or strength training.

Plants and landscaping for restoration

It's a bit crowded today in studio on the Green Gab! Marla Esser just announced to our listeners the she has a new co-host. I, Tony Pratte, am excited and honored to lend my voice to this fun, new show.

Summer's hottest and most energy-efficient home cooling systems

Many people might be surprised to learn mini-split systems are a smart home improvement investment that is both energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Create a dream entryway

Creating beautiful entryways can be as simple as an update to or the addition of door glass.

A master planned community battles California's drought with aggressive water conservation methods

One new master planned community uses drought resistance measures, home and irrigation technologies and landscaping efforts to reduce water usage below state requirements.

New home automation switch connects with Nest thermostat

As homeowners integrate more smart products, manufacturers are making sure different components can talk to each other.

Study: Adding insulation to existing homes could save 37 billion kwh

The study quantifies energy savings, pollution reductions and public health improvements if all the under-insulated homes in the U.S. were brought to 2012 code.

Do you live in a water wise city?

Residents in more than 4,100 cities pledged to save over 1.9 billion gallons of water over the next year.

Ten Most Common Code Violations - Part Two

Knowing what to look out for will help you to pass your building inspection with flying colors. Failing an inspection can be costly and time consuming and can eat into already tight profit margins. Here are some of the most common reasons building fall short of code expectations.

Is a tank or tankless water heater right for your home?

With changes in the efficiency regulations for home water heaters, more people are considering a tankless water heater.

Stop air infiltration no matter what the climate

Stopping air infiltration is paramount to lowering energy bills and improving indoor air quality and comfort.

Tame the water and energy-wasting monster in your home

Homeowners, contractors and plumbers are making an eco-friendly change, and fast.

Growing a healthy banana tree with the help of radiant heat

Check out the safe, self-regulating, low-voltage radiant heat options to warm your home, greenhouse, banana or palm trees.

Solar energy and giving back to everyday heroes

Gabbing Green today about solar energy and giving back to some everyday heroes. On this podcast I welcome, Krissy Truesdale. She is a remarkable young lady that founded, Solar for our Superheroes.

New prefab home models offer customization and performance

California prefab home manufacturer Blu Homes launched a revised product line that features tiny homes as well as updates to existing models.

How to use radiant heating in different climate zones

You can incorporate radiant heating into many types of HVAC systems, depending on where the home is located.

Conservation and technology products win PCBC Parade of Products honors

The building industry's shift to embrace green products is reflected in the winners of the 2016 PCBC Parade of products show.

Iowans Know Cold, and How to Step into Warmth

We all know what it’s like to step on a cold bathroom floor in the morning. A couple from Iowa addressed that stark wake-up feeling while building their custom-built home with radiant-heated floors.

Are you ready to buy a prefab green home like you buy a car?

A Silicon Valley startup hopes to use technology to bring affordable, sustainable homes to market that can be ordered online and shipped to a prepared site.

Ten Most Common Code Violations - Part One

Failing a building inspection is a frustrating and costly experience for most contractors. You may have to go back and make adjustments or redo some aspects of the build and your scheduling will be compromised. Knowing the most common code violations and how to avoid them can save you time and money.

Smart home confusion: What do we really want our homes to do?

There is some confusion about what smart home technology can do now, and what it may be able to do in the future.

Fiber cement moving from siding to backyard decks

A technology once used exclusively for home siding is making its way to backyard decks.

Caribbean affordable housing project succeeds with SIPs

An affordable housing project in the Caribbean relied on innovative SIPs to meet the demands of the project and local building conditions.

Geothermal: the single best thing you can do for your house

People ask me what's the one best thing I can do for my house, and I believe that putting in a geothermal unit is the best thing you can do.

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Pavement, Permeability, and the Hydrologic Cycle

Why is pavement a water problem, and what does permeability have to do with urban or municipal planning? The answers have to do with water that falls from the sky and where it goes. This white paper takes a look at stormwater runoff, how it affects the environment, and identifies some products that are helping to address this issue.

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Sponsor: Bio-Microbics

An Exploration of Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Water has always been a primary focus as homeowners and builders seek greater energy efficiencies and less waste. Hot water recirculation systems are quickly becoming more common in single family residential construction, scaling from long-standing practices in commercial and multifamily construction that have demonstrated its value.

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Sponsor: Taco Comfort Solutions

Alabama Power's Pilot Program Promotes Benefits of Residential Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Alabama Power, one of four utilities operated by Southern Company, is working with Eemax, a brand of Rheem and a manufacturer of electric tankless water heaters, to promote the efficiencies and reliabilities of electric tankless water heaters (ETWH) for new construction homes.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: EcoSmart Green Energy Products

Factors to Consider in Choosing Windows for Your Home

The windows in a home play crucial dual roles: architectural style and performance. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a window for your new or remodeled home. This white paper provides an overview of the window options that homeowners should consider when choosing windows for their home.

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Sponsor: Ply Gem

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