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AIA officials: Sustainability, high-performance design practices 'absolutely here to stay'

Organization's annual expo makes green building a key focus among worldwide attendees


Most homeowners give themselves a B in energy savings - what's your grade?

26 percent of homeowners would rather walk around in their underwear than spend money to cool down their homes in the summer

High-performance multifamily construction helping drive EEBA agenda

Annual conference and expo to highlight strategies, education sessions and networking for those focused on energy efficient and sustainable building

Simple ways to go green with your yardwork

When working in your yard this summer consider an embrace of a few SIMPLE practices that will allow us to look guilt free into the eyes of our once and future grandchildren.

Shake up home design with engineered cedar

In addition to the style of the roof, another thing to keep in mind is the service life and maintenance of the roof. Today, there's an alternative that offers a sophisticated beauty with low to zero maintenance over the long life of the roof.

Tiny houses go on tour this summer

If you're interested in building your own tiny house, you can take a peek inside one on the 84 Lumber Tiny House tour.

Test your summer time A/C IQ

How much do you really know about these devices that make summer bearable?

Reduce stormwater runoff to control pollution from your home

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land.

Does your water heater need an expansion tank?

An expansion tank is a small water tank, usually 2 to 5 gallons that is plumbed in near the water heater. What does it do? In a tank-type water heater, cold water is heated as it enters the water heater tank. The hot water expands, increasing the overall water volume and pressure inside the tank.

The Thermostat APP – Innovations In Home Temperature Control

The thermostat on your wall is the most visible part of your home’s comfort system – and also offers the easiest way to cut energy costs.

Zehnder Announces the New ComfoAir 70 Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Homes are being more tightly built than ever to prevent air leakage and promote energy efficiency. High humidity levels can encourage mold growth, and indoor pollutant levels are commonly two to five times higher than outdoors, compromising health.

Efficient radiant heating provides "comfort zones"

A 1948 house remodeled in Minnetonka, Minnesota required certain areas to be warmer than others at various times of the day. Creating warm “comfort zones” in some parts of the house reduced the heat in other areas.

Sub-floor Adhesives Prevent Squeaky Floors

The success of your flooring installation will be determined by the techniques you employ when installing your sub-flooring.

Passive House certified wall assemblies form 11 new prefab home designs

In the factory, panelized walls, floors and other assemblies are fabricated in detail in a controlled environment.

This is what your house will look like in 2021

As technology progresses, more and more things around the house will connect to the Internet.

The journey begins!

Welcome to a new blog here on Proud Green Home! I’m Dave Sweet, and I invite you to read along, contribute, and learn along with my wife and me as we design and build an eco-friendly home that achieves a balance between low environmental impact and genuine comfort and ease of living.

Green Gab Podcast - Episode 3 | Water Conservation

Only .00001% of all the water on the earth is available for drinking in any given day. Over a billion people do not have access to clean drinking water a day. Gab with us about easy steps you can take to save water for you, your community and the world.

PHIUS launches multifamily resource center

Multifamily developers who want more information about the design, financing, and execution of PHIUS+ certified projects have a new place to go.

Veterans housing gets solar water heater system

The Six received LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its many sustainable features, including a 16-collector solar hot water system.

How does your city rank on the sweatiest cities list?

Sweating in public is a concern for nearly half of all Americans and where you live could be a factor in the amount that you sweat.

Installers love installation ease of manufactured stone (video)

ProVia is eating its own cooking, so to speak, installing the new Terra Cut manufactured stone on its new facility in southeast Ohio.

A high performance thermal envelope starts at the foundation

To ensure the Proud Green Home of Louisville performs according to plan, it's being wrapped in insulation. The foundation incorporates foam forms, and most of the walls are insulated concrete forms as well. Builder Sy Safi of UberGreen Spaces &...

Would you make a sandwich on your toilet seat? It may be cleaner than your kitchen

Our homes can be riddled with hidden germs, leading to illnesses and lots of discomfort.

WiFi water heater controller gives homeowners control (video)

Controlling and maintaining the home’s water heater just got infinitely easier, more convenient - and smarter.

Caulking Tips for Improved Home Envelopes

Sealing the holes in your home’s building envelope will help to reduce air leakage. Properly sealing bathroom, kitchen and other plumbing features will prevent damage from moisture as well as the formation of mold and mildew.

Consider These Tips Before Purchasing a New AC

If you do plan on purchasing a new home air conditioning system this summer, here are a few critical things to keep in mind.

App designed to give insulation contractors more control on jobsite

Technology from Icynene provides technical services support to growing network of licensed installers across the United States.

Find out the secrets to living large in a tiny house

Could your family really live in a home smaller than many travel trailers?

Is gas or electric right for your underfloor radiant heating?

Many people building their dream home or renovating a property choose underfloor heating as a source of heat.

Spray foam roofing system delivers Cool Roof performance

Cool roofs that reflect the sun's energy can significantly reduce the heating load for residential and commercial buildings.

Using your phone to save energy

Whether you call it the smart home, the connected home or the Internet of Things, technology is changing the way we interact with the products in our homes.

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Radiant Heating Systems Offer a Range of Efficiencies

With the options of radiant heating systems on the market it is important to know their differences in heating comfort and energy efficiency. This white paper takes a look at some of those differences and identifies which radiant heating systems should be considered for your home.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: STEP Warmfloor

Build Your Home with a High-Performance Thermal Envelope for Improved Energy Efficiency and Comfort

With today's green building technology, it's easy to think that all it takes to achieve a high-performance home is to choose the right products. This white paper reveals the importance of the thermal envelope and how windows, cladding, and air sealing can work together to improve the performance of your home.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Ply Gem

Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Heater for Residential Applications

Heating water for bathing, washing, cooking and other uses is typically the second largest consumer of energy in a home, but most homeowners purchase only a few water heaters in their lifetime. This special report reviews some of the key considerations that go into selecting a water heater for use in a residential situation.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Bradford White Water Heaters

Manage the Danger of Lead in Your Water

More than 2,000 drinking water systems in the U.S. are contaminated with lead to a level that could present risks to consumers, an investigation by USA Today has found. This white paper looks at the dangers of lead in your water and how you can limit your exposure to it with water filtration.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Environmental Water Systems

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