Informal research reveals the most wanted green home features.

Micro homes give Nashville's homeless a head start

A half-dozen hand built tiny houses are the first step in the vision to build a village of micro homes to house Nashville's homeless population.

A Guide to Home Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Every home needs ventilation to exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. That’s due to moisture, mold, and chemicals from carpets, clothing, paint, cabinets and other common items. This guide includes everything you need to know about the air in your home and the benefits of proper ventilation.

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Geothermal Day is getting closer!

National Geothermal Day is coming on October 20, 2015! Are you ready? The goal for the day is to raise awareness about geothermal heating and cooling, the other kind of renewable energy.

Green home building focus turning to water conservation

As kitchen and bath trends develop, plumbing fixtures and equipment evolve to deliver style while saving water.

Foundations of Performance: Below Grade Insulation

Insulation is a must when combating cold air, moisture and other potential hazards that can befall an unprotected foundation. This white paper takes a look at some methods for insulating the three most common types of foundations – basements, slabs and crawl spaces.

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ACT D’MAND® Structured Plumbing® applied to Habitat for Humanity homes

For over 15 years, Habitat for Humanity Homes in Southern California has been installing the ACT D’MAND KONTROL® Systems for the efficient water conservation and energy saving measures it provides.

How to find a green apartment to rent

Regardless of where you live, you may want to find a green apartment that you can rent if you're a really eco-conscious consumer.

Professional plumbers NAECA update

Under the new federally mandated water heater efficiency regulations, many residential and some light-duty commercial water heaters have changed.

Whole house ventilation – what does it mean?

As mechanical ventilation becomes a larger part of the high performance home building strategies, you'll hear a lot of talk about whole-house fan, whole-house comfort systems and so on. What does it all mean?

Entry doors are often at a loss for energy efficiency

Even with your entry door shut its materials and expansive seams can be leading reasons for your energy bills to much higher than needed. Fortunately, entry doors have come a long way over the past decade.

Production builder uses green demonstration homes for R&D

KB Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the United States, uses its high performance demonstration homes to refine the building practices and technologies that find their way into production homes.

White House reveals clean energy commitments

President Obama unveiled a set of impressive private and public sector commitments aimed at accelerating the nation’s transition to a cleaner and more productive energy economy.

The Door County BarnHouse: Galvalume and Corn-crib Siding

Alchemy Architect’s most recently completed project was a renovation in Door County, WI. It was converted from “builder” to “architecture”, the Door County Barnhouse underwent a transformation taking a cue from the local farmhouse aesthetic.

Modern home tours show off architectural inspiration and cool houses

Los Angeles residents can explore that cool house down the block.

Comparing air ionizers and a natural approach to indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is an important health consideration for homeowners. With several options claiming to provide clean and healthy air choosing the right approach can be confusing.

USGBC names LEED for Homes Award winners

The LEED for Homes Awards recognize projects, developers and homebuilders that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in residential green building.

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Materials Into Your Decor

Those of us with a flair for furnishing and an eye towards the environment often find the two clashing.

Southwest’s limited water resources impacted by river contamination

Just when you think the negative impact of the severe drought in our nation’s southwest region can’t get any worse, it does.

MID-MOD MESS – Energy (In)Efficiency in Mid-Century Modern

Mid 20th-century modern homes have some of the coolest design out there but they are a train wreck in terms of energy efficiency.

Ready to live green? The greenest home in Seattle is on the market

The first speculative Emerald Star certified home in Seattle goes net zero energy with solar panels and innovative building science.

Why can't I install a water heater myself?

Why can't I just go to the big home store and get a new water heater? Aren't they pretty much all the same?

Google enters home solar space with Project Sunroof tool

Google is focusing its data and mapping prowess on the home solar power market with the launch of Project Sunroof to provide homeowners with custom solar information.

Tips for clean cooking

Back in 2013, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted groundbreaking research into kitchen pollution and how range hoods perform in removing pollutants.

Reduce Your AC Load Without Breaking a Sweat

As we discussed last time, air conditioning has had an amazing ripple effect with its impact on where and how we live and work. Air conditioning also places a tremendous load on our electric systems. So what to do?

The green side of vinyl siding

Builders and remodelers have long forgotten the notion that vinyl siding is “plastic”, and therefore bad for the environment.

Historic hotel renovation uses VRF HVAC technology that can handle Chicago winters

One of the major challenges in renovating the historic Chicago Motor Club was selecting an HVAC system that could withstand Chicago's winters and preserve the historic character of the building.

Wounded Marine receives energy efficient home with geothermal heating and cooling

The Gary Sinise Foundation recently used a geothermal heating and cooling system in a home it constructed in Duluth, Minn., for a wounded Marine.

Easy home maintenance tips that can save you money

Proper maintenance of the home and appliances will prevent costly repairs or replacements and will add to the efficiency with which your home runs. Here are a few items to keep an eye on that may be slipping under your home-maintenance radar.

Net zero questions answered

There are lots of questions surrounding green home certification programs, but there's one answer that may be better than all the others.

6 Signs of an Aging Roof

Even with the best level of care, there will come a time when a roof will have to be replaced.

Make the first impression count with improved air quality

If you’ve ever rented out or sold a property (or gone on a job interview, met your date’s parents, etc. etc.) you know first impressions count. That’s one of those old sayings that live on as absolutes.

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Latest Energy Star Home version streamlines certification

Certifying a home to meet Energy Star requirements, the first step in earning the Zero Energy Ready Home label, is easier with the latest updates.

Choosing paint colors is now a snap

Consumers and professionals make confident and efficient paint color selections with ColorSnap, an integrated color selection system from Sherwin Williams.

New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

Air-source heat pumps have had a reputation for not being able to provide enough heat for cold weather climates, but a new model can handle long-term sub-zero temperatures.

California apartments falling short of water reduction targets

While residents of California apartment buildings are using less water, it's not enough to meet the required reductions.

Phase 2 of LEED apartment complex breaks ground in Boston

With 129 new apartments completed, construction begins on 40 additional apartments as part of the phase-two redevelopment effort at the Boston Housing Authority's Old Colony public housing development.

California sustainability circles save water and energy use

Hundreds of organizations participated in a unique education and action plan program yielding an average of $316,000 in projected annual recurring cost savings.

All electric Tesla Model S P85D is the best vehicle tested – ever

Driving an electric vehicle doesn't have to mean compromising on performance, at least with the Tesla Model S P85D version.

Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease highlights role of ducts in indoor air quality

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease in New York City has contributed to an increased interest among building professionals in the role that duct leakage plays in the spread of the disease.

High-tech windows block heat but allow light into home interiors

Window manufacturers have struggled with designs that reduce solar heat gain but also allow visible light into the interior of a home or building.

New wall system cuts lumber content and boosts performance

Builders can shift costs in a building design to where it delivers the most performance with a new wall system from BASF.

Electric meter technology reduces cost of solar power installation

Renewable Meter Adapters technology significantly reduces the cost for many customers installing residential rooftop solar.

Polystyrene foam insulation certified for recycled content

Dow's STYROFOAM extruded polystyrene foam insulation products in North America have received validation from UL Environment that they contain 20 percent pre-consumer recycled content on average.

New spray foam insulation formula shortens building occupancy times

Most spray foam applications require the home to be unoccupied for 24 hours to allow VOCs to dissipate, which can slow construction times.

First multi-story building certified to Passive House Plus with renewable energy

A new apartment building in Innsbruck, Austria was the first of its kind to be certified as a Passive House Plus building.

Energy Star ventilation fan perfect for remodeling

Whether in new construction or a renovation taking place in a home or hotel, it's easier to install or replace a ventilation fan from below the ceiling.

Whirlpool, Kohler focus on water use at the ReNEWW House

The next phase for the ReNEWW House is to add net-zero water use in addition to net-zero energy use.

New NGBS incentives available across the nation

Homes built to the National Green Building Standard from Home Innovation Research Labs are eligible for a variety of incentives for green building certifications.

New Denver developments feature smaller, high performance homes

Homebuilders are responding to interest in the marketplace for smaller yet still high quality, high performance homes.

How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Home buyers want to feel they’re getting something special at good value, and sellers want the highest possible return on investment.

High efficiency boiler delivers residential hydronic heating

For residential projects using hydronic heating, a new 95% AFUE boiler offers flexible functionality.

LG And Borrego Solar collaborate on commercial solar installations

To keep up with demand for commercial solar power projects LG Electronics USA and Borrego Solar Systems Inc. have expanded their collaboration.

High power electric vehicle charger designed for home and workplace

A new electric vehicle charging station designed to be easier to install and charge vehicles faster has hit the market.

New line of high performance windows offers Passive House option

A new entrant in the high-performance window markets is bringing a European flair to the U.S. market.

Grant program funds small farm improvements for sustainable food chain improvements

Local growers can apply for funding to improve the sustainable food supply chain through Greener Fields Together.

Integrity Windows continues partnership with Make It Right Foundation

The Make it Right Foundation will continue to use high-performance windows on sustainable homes it builds in New Orleans and other locations across the United States.

Hot tips for staying cool in the summer heat

Each year, homeowners in the U.S. spend $11 billion on energy costs. Wouldn't it be great to reduce your share of that?

Smart home market set to boom by 2020

The smart home market is forecast to be a $58.68 billion industry by 2020, with a 17% annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020.

Add square footage to a bathroom in less than an hour

Improve the flow of your bathroom and add some space simply by upgrading a swinging door to a wall mount sliding door.

Minimalist green roof adapts to almost any building

A minimalist green roof strips away unnecessary elements and focuses on what needs to be there to achieve its desired goals from aesthetics to stormwater management.

You'll never guess where this green home is being built

Here's a new take on a green home – the green is from the football field of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Find the path to building sustainability with continuous insulation

To help building professionals understand the value of continuous insulation, Boral launched the “Continuous Insulation and the Path to Sustainability” podcast.

Marvin Windows honors Architects Challenge winners

Marvin Windows and Doors has announced the winners of its seventh annual Architects Challenge, the first year the company has honored projects in various segments.

Independent insulation installers can now choose Demilec spray foam

Insulate America, a cooperative group of locally owned, independent insulation contractors for residential and commercial construction, has selected Demilec as a preferred supplier.

Dow wins prestigious David Weekley Homes partner award for 11th time

An award-winning company itself, David Weekley Homes has been evaluating suppliers for over a decade and honoring the best in class with its prestigious award.

Solar industry applauds EPA’s clean power plan

Calling President Obama’s signature climate change policy both “historic” and “critically needed,” the solar industry issued its strong support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.

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