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New Premium Appliance Lines Designed For Smaller Kitchens

In a Tiny House, a smaller traditional home, or a multifamily setting, kitchen space may be at a premium, and finding high quality appliances that fit can be challenging.


Whole home ventilation strategies for high performing homes (video)

As homebuilders learn to construct tight envelopes, ventilation becomes a bigger part of building a comfortable, high performing home.

DOE Begins Campaign to Create Consumer Interest in Net Zero Homes

In recent newsletter, Sam Rashkin, chief architect of Building Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, reviewed the campaign and its components.

Can we design buildings that actually give something back to the environment?

Here is an interview with Clive Pohl, a principal of the Lexington architecture firm Pohl Rosa Pohl. He is a proponent of “Natural Capital Accounting,” a method of measuring and assigning values to the world’s natural assets as a way to put a price on environmental destruction.

Study: Wood Windows are Cooler than Glass

Windows made of transparent wood could provide more even and consistent natural lighting and better energy efficiency than glass.

Production Home Builder Targets Green Building to Buyer Understanding

Offering a home that exceeds the minimum standard, no matter how stringent that might be, is one way a builder a can differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace.

What should I do with a flooded water heater?

With the devastating floods in West Virginia and other states, many homeowners are facing property losses and a daunting clean up.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Freezer

While not everyone needs a standalone freezer, there are plenty of situations where it’s indispensable.

High tech pipes improve water use efficiency

For builders who want to get the most out of a plumbing system, the choice of piping material has a long-term impact on the project.

3 Cool Products I Saw at the Passive House Conference

Last month I attended the conference of the North American Passive House Network in New York City. Here are the three products that most caught my eye at the NAPHN passive house conference.

Housewrap battles heat loss in Southwest climate zones

At the EEBA Local Toolbox builder conference in Phoenix, the unique requirements of building in the Southwest climate zones were literally a hot topic on a day that topped 108 degrees. One of the solutions for a tight thermal envelope...

Whatever shade of green, ask questions to learn and profit!

There’s an old saying “knowledge is power”. That’s certainly true when building a home when you want to achieve a balance between greatest energy efficiency and greatest comfort!

First home certified under Canada's Net Zero Energy program

Reid's Heritage Homes was the first builder in Canada to have a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home qualified under the program.

EEBA: Homebuilders Dive into Water/Energy Relationships

The relationship between water usage and energy usage has been understood for about the past 10 years, but homebuilders are still struggling with techniques to reduce water use.

Busting 3 myths about ICF construction

Insulated concrete forms are one of the fastest growing construction methods in the country. But there are still some misconceptions about this proven method. Here's a look at three aspects of the real ICF story.

Inexpensive and effective ways to cool a home

While spending a lot of money securing a home’s building envelope is a very effective way to use less energy, we also need to be cognizant of our energy usage. One effective way to cut costs is to find inexpensive ways to keep your home cool in the summer to minimize HVAC usage.

Sustainable exterior options wrap the Proud Green Home of Louisville

At Su Verde (Italian for ‘About Green’), sustainably made exterior products are part of the home's green story, and will help it earn multiple high performance home certifications.

High performance sheathing solves air sealing challenges

ZIP System sheathing helps this home beat Passive House standards.

How on-demand pumps in new residential construction can pay for themselves

During the past 6-7 years, I have investigated on-demand pumps (IAPMO certified). I gathered large amounts of wasted water, energy and time data - with these pumps installed (and without) from homeowners all over the USA.

Tips For Financing a Residential Solar System (video)

After you’ve made the decision to go solar, the next step is figuring out how to pay for it.

Low-Voltage Radiant Heating System is something for Chickens to Crow About

Ingenuity was displayed at the sixth annual Sustainable Backyard Tour in St. Louis City and County. Among the nearly 50 participants’ representations of eco-friendly yards and gardens was an innovative application of STEP Warmfloor’s electric radiant heat for two efficient, eco-friendly applications.

UN Climate Change Signature Ceremony

As a sustainability professional in Architecture based in New York City, I am adamant that my profession has a huge burden to dispel many of the adversary effects of climate change.

Reclaimed Red Pine Reshaped for Floors and Woodwork (video)

After 124 years in this factory, these timbers and planks will begin a new life.

Not What We Sell – But How We Sell It

While I have gained some education in how we build and renovate our homes, the real education is what I have learned sitting across from my clients for 25 years.

Sleek Outdoor Deck Style for Secure Lounging

From beautiful beaches to arid mountain ranges, sunny California enjoys a range of climates well-suited to outdoor living.

Busted: 5 Common Myths About Residential Solar

In 42 of America’s 50 largest cities, financing a residential solar energy system actually costs less than purchasing electricity from a customer’s local utility.

Homebuilding harmony and your architect

When my wife and I started sharing our journey to build an eco-friendly home we said our intent was to achieve a balance between comfort and being environmentally friendly. We’ve had to make decisions about how much to alter the land to accommodate our eco-friendly home.

Award-winning builder sells the value of high performance homes

Many green homebuilders face the challenge of convincing buyers of the value of high performance.

Community destroyed by wind now using wind to power it

It was the most intense tornado season the region had seen in 50 years and the city of Greensburg, Kansas, saw the worst of it.

Look at ICF total cost for wall construction decisions

The growth of insulated concrete form construction for both walls and foundations reflects homebuilders' interest in delivering greater value to homebuyers while keeping construction costs in check.

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Aeroseal Cuts Heating and Cooling Energy Usage in Half for Virginia Townhouse

Aerosol-based duct sealing technology plays key role in helping turn 40 year old “eyesore” into neighborhood model of comfort and energy efficiency.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Aeroseal

How to Use Engineered Slate Roofing for Stylish Performance in a Green Home

Natural slate has been a favorite roofing material, but building with it is often a costly undertaking. Fortunately engineered slate provides a cost-effective and attractive alternative to natural slate. This white paper, sponsored by Ply Gem, explores some of the advantages that come from using engineered slate in your home project.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Ply Gem

Homeowners in Milton Ontario Feel Warm All Over After Aeroseal Solves Leaky Duct Problems

An eight year old Milton, Ontario house had everything a young couple was looking for in a new home – and one thing they were surprised to find. No matter how high they turned up the furnace, they were unable to adequately heat the upstairs. It didn’t take long for the HVAC pros to diagnose the problem – leaky ducts.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Aeroseal

Boston Housing Authority Specifies the Use of Aeroseal in Apartment Building Renovation

In 2010, Boston first announced plans to renovate the Heritage Apartments, a section 8 housing structure in East Boston. A preliminary inspection found substantial leakage in each of the buildings' exhaust shafts. Engineers on the project were familiar with Aeroseal, a duct sealing technology that works from the inside of ductwork to seal leaks.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Aeroseal

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