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Our audience, of which you are a welcomed member, is made up of professionals, such as homebuilders, remodelers, architects, specifiers, landscape architects, designers, other industry pros and homeowners who are interested and passionate about adding green elements to their homes.

The information we provide on ProudGreenHome.com is high quality, earnest, objective, useful and inspiring.

Our parent company is Sustainable Community Media. The news, information and insights created by ProudGreenHome.com creates an engaged online community, where the greatest efficiencies and sustainability are enjoyed by all.

The Mission

Yes, we have a mission. A very clear and concise mission. And that mission is to publish credible and useful online news and information that enables an audience of homebuilders, remodelers, architects, developers, product suppliers, homeowners and others to create more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable homes.

The Vision

Respect the earth.

Respect one another.

Inspire homes that honor the human experience.

Bob Fincher
Publisher / CEO

Bob is the mastermind behind Sustainable Community Media and ProudGreenHome.com, although he'll never admit to it. So we just call him the publisher and CEO.

Bob is as well known for his love of his alma mater, THE Ohio State University, as he is promoting all things green. (Bob insists on capitalizing "THE")

But a little about Bob. He was one of the four founding owners of Networld Media Group, which was where ProudGreenHome originated. He has 23 years of experience in distributing a range of products for the homebuilding and remodeling industries, and he has 13 years of experience in web development and online publishing. In other words, this guy knows what he's doing. He's also the co-founder of Sustainable Community Media, the parent company of ProudGreenHome.com.

Bob can be reached at bob@proudgreenhome.com.

Rawson Haverty
Board of Advisors

As one of the co-founders of Serenbe, Rawson has a deep interest in sustainable living. Serenbe is a 1,000-plus acre community near Atlanta which offers its residents the ability to live in energy efficient homes and participate in their community with a focus on well being, balanced growth, sustainability, green building, organic farming, arts and culture, and being environmentally wise. In Serenbe, there are private homes, unique shops, commercial space and an equestrian center, as well as the Inn at Serenbe and Serenbe Farms.

Rawson is a co-founder of Sustainable Community Media and a key consultant to ProudGreenHome.com, offering insight on principles of sustainability. He has a lifelong dedication to sustainability and is involved in the strategic direction of communication concepts and corporate sustainability for both Sustainable Community Media and ProudGreenHome.com.

Chip Dumstorf
Partner / Chief Creative Office

Creative director, media designer, graphics sensei, marketer and chief devil's advocate, Chip has been disrupting and designing for the digital world for more than half of his 20-year career. Known for original thinking, sage strategy, and targeted visual communications that deliver clear results for clients who've included Toyota, Brown-Forman, Humana and Norton Health Care. He is also a talented broadcast director, collecting little golden trophies for TV spots, music videos, photography and long form moving pictures.

Chip is a co-founder of Sustainable Community Media and he leads ProudGreenHome.com and Sustainable Community Media's efforts in creative endeavors, including interactive and rich media.

Chip can be reached at chip@bisig.com.

Gary Wollenhaupt
Editorial Director

Gary Wollenhaupt is an experienced writer and editor, with a background as a daily newspaper reporter as well as corporate and agency public relations and marketing. He is constantly looking for affordable green upgrades to make to his home in eastern Kentucky.

Gary can be reached at gary@proudgreenhome.com

Wanda Bastert
Director of Business Development

Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, then moving to the city of Dallas to begin her career, Wanda has a unique perspective on the contrasts between the slow, simple but hard-working life on a farm and the fast-paced life and conveniences of modern, urban living and technological advancement.  

Wanda started her career in Marketing and Business Development for commercial construction and real estate firms and then, most recently, for publishing/advertising firms. With a degree in Interior Design and an interest in all things related to architecture, design and construction, Wanda feels fortunate to have found an opportunity to combine all of these interests to help advance the education of professionals and consumers interested in energy efficient, sustainable, "green" products and systems for commercial buildings, residential homes and sustainable living.

Wanda can be reached at wanda@sustainablecommunitymedia.com.

Jonathan Wissing
Operations and Client Performance Manager

Growing up in Louisville, Ky., Jonathan was instilled with a profound respect for the environment while involved with eco-friendly clubs throughout his education since middle school. Seeing the direct impact of everyday life on the environment, he wanted to encourage others to explore alternative behaviors and habits that would minimize their footprint.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business with a concentration in Marketing, Jonathan wanted to apply his education in a meaningful way that would enrich his personal and professional life. Sharing an affinity for the environment, Jonathan knew that ProudGreenHome.com presented the perfect opportunity. He is excited to be on the Sustainable Community Media and ProudGreenHome.com team, working to improve the marketing performance for all clients while giving back to the environment through the communication and education of sustainable lifestyles.

Jonathan can be reached at jonathan@proudgreenhome.com


We're always interested in hearing from you if respect is your personal philosophy. And if service to others and integrity are among your core values. If you are passionate about being involved with work that makes a big positive difference in the world and you're committed to excellence and being the best, then please send your resume to bob@proudgreenhome.com because we'd love to hear from you.





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