Super efficient homes vs. code built homes

When building a new home, design and material selection greatly impact the operating costs for decades. Is it financially savvy to construct a super efficient home over a code-built home because of the reduction in operating costs?

Know your water heater numbers

It can be confusing to shop for a water heater. Most people want the most efficient unit, but don't want to pay more than they have to. So here are some things to keep in mind when you're looking for a water heater.

Duct leakage costs you twice

Duct leaks are insidious and are one of the three biggest energy wasters in most homes. While leaks cost you through the loss of conditioned air, when these duct leaks cause negative indoor pressure, unconditioned air will be pulled in from outside and you will waste even more energy keeping your home comfortable.

Radiant heat installed in NextHome testing house

NextHome is a functional demo house in Detroit, Michigan. It is part smart home, part distributed generation and part direct current (DC) that operates as a “living lab” within NextEnergy’s testing and validation platforms.

Women and green homes

I’m hearing a resounding theme among women I work with, volunteer with and soul search with – women asking for more. Asking for more in business, community and in their homes.

Siding innovations improve look, performance of your home

As technology changes, better products become available. Home siding has had many innovations that give homeowners renewed options for the improvement of their homes.

Are recirculating range hoods good enough?

If you're involved in a kitchen renovation, the range hood design can present some challenges. Depending on the situation, it may simply be impossible to construct a vent to the outside of the home. A recirculating range hood might be a good option.

Climate talks mean game on for green building

The Paris Agreement draws a sharp line in the sand for anyone building, developing or investing in the built environment - create carbon-neutral homes and buildings, or be left behind.

Singing in the shower just got easier

Do you like singing in the shower? A recent study found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones and mobile devices in the bathroom, primarily for streaming music or listening to the news.

Radiant heating and hot water in one package

Radiant heating, usually in the floor, provides even heat that helps keep the chill of winter away. It's different than forced air heating, with hot air blowing through ducts that leave warm spots and cold spots in the house.

New York City leads on geothermal adoption

The New York City Council passed the geothermal energy bill on Dec. 7, 2015, and sent it to Mayor De Blasio for signing. This bill requires New York City to identify and implement geothermal heat pump installations in all its new construction and retrofits when it is shown that doing so would be cost effective.

Heat exchangers explained

The core of heat recovery is the heat exchanger. There are various types of heat exchangers available including cross-flow, counter-flow (includes rotary/wheel) and cross-counter-flow.

OSHA's Top Ten Citations

While not an exhaustive list, knowing where jobsites most often fail can help you to be more aware of your own work conditions. Here are OSHA’s Top Ten Citations.

Put ice dam build-up at bay with low-voltage radiant heat

Residents in the northern half of the United States often see significant ice build-up on their roof’s edges in the winter months. Here is a heating solution to prevent snow buildup and ice damming on roofs, valleys, eaves, and gutters.

Reduced carbon emissions added benefit to water saving pump

ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems, a California-based manufacturer of their patented recirculating water pump for residential homes designed to reduce up to 10,000 gallons of water per year per home, saves much more than water according to the US Department of...

Kitchen remodeling on a budget: 7 tips for the WOW factor

Every family should have a kitchen that is not only functional but beautiful and filled with warmth.

Winter home ventilation considerations for cold climates

With the cold temperatures of winter descending upon most areas of the United States, there is a desire to keep as much heat as possible in the home. Ventilation systems can sometimes make it difficult to retain the heat in the home.

Protect your home with impact resistant glass

When factoring environmental risks into home purchasing and home building, protecting the building envelope is a top priority. Keeping what’s inside safe is integral.

Why you should upgrade to an energy-efficient forced-air furnace

If the Holy Grail of furnace manufacturers is to wring every last BTU of heat out of the fuel that feeds the products they make, they are pretty close.

Tips to make the best use of your range hood

Do you know why it's important to use the range hood if you have one, and why it's important to have one that's properly sized and installed?

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