Who makes the rules?

When we at Broan-NuTone design and market ventilation systems, one of our guiding factor is the ASHRAE 62.2 residential ventilation standard.

Lindal Cedar Homes' process

The entire process of a Lindal home, from forest to completion at the building site is a proven, well-orchestrated endeavor. Over 200 Lindal employees are hands-on from planning, designing, development, assembling and...

S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 15: A Troubled Summer... the Deadlines Begin! (Part 2)

A learning opportunity about the simplicity of a wastewater system upgrade project.

STEP Warmfloor® introduces new element resistant to water and chemicals

One of the traits of STEP Warmfloor that enables product enhancement is simply listening to distributors, contractors and end-users. Feedback is paramount for product improvement...

How to find green and energy efficient home appliances

If you recycle, if you watch your water consumption, if you carry your own bag to the grocery store and you minimize your purchases of plastics, you’re putting in a lot of time and energy to watch your impact on the environment. That’s why it should bother you when your appliances don’t live up to the standards you set.

Metal Roofing: It starts with the finish

Metal roofing is widely recognized for its sustainability, energy efficiency, and beauty. All of these things add up to a roofing system which increases a home’s value and comfort and protects the owners from...

The FLC recognizes standout achievement in technology commercialization

ClimateMaster continues to earn praise for its innovation within the heating and cooling industry. The latest accolade comes from the Federal Laboratory Consortium.

Questions about insulation? Knauf Insulation has the answers

Choosing the right insulation product and installing it correctly are critical to having a safe and comfortable home, so Knauf Insulation helps homeowners, engineers, code officials, builders and specifiers understand the features of...

Green up your garage

Garage shelves and corners tend to be magnets for household and auto care necessities. Batteries of all shapes and sizes for cars, flashlights, ATVs, motorcycles and lawnmowers accumulate with no real destination.

Renewable natural resources

One of the foundations to success for Lindal Cedar Homes is their insistence of using renewable, premium-grade cedar. To further enhance this quality cedar, it is...

Is my exhaust fan working?

If you've lived in your house for a decade or more, your ventilation fans have given you hundreds of hours of service. Like any mechanical device, the bathroom fan will eventually wear out.

Why Proud Green Home St. Louis?

When Hibbs Homes and Verdatek Solutions had an opportunity to team up with Proud Green Home to build a high performance showcase home in the St. Louis area we immediately knew which upcoming project would be an ideal fit.

Choices in Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are increasingly popping up in neighborhoods and on homes across America. The last 15 years have seen metal’s share of the residential roofing market increase from 2% to over 10%...

S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 15: A Troubled Summer... the Deadlines Begin! (Part 1)

A learning opportunity about the simplicity of a wastewater system upgrade project.

Add a home standby generator to your next remodeling project

Only about three percent of all homes in the country have a standby generator installed, yet power outages cost Americans $150 billion annually, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009...

Turning on the HVAC during construction is a good idea

The rising costs of gas and construction materials, as well as increased competition mean that small to medium construction companies have to work hard to keep costs to a minimum. One of the ways to do this is to...

Innovation Awards recognize home improvement companies

The annual Innovation Awards edition of the Home Improvement Executive was just published, naming Fluidmaster as the Gold Medal (highest level) recipient for the...

It's cool to conserve energy! Save this summer with these pro tips

It may be late July, but for much of the country there is plenty of warm weather to come, which means that you’ll be relying on your air conditioner to keep it cool.

New STEP® Touch Thermostat provides ease and accurate control of STEP Warmfloor heating systems

Leave it to STEP Warmfloor to design an easy-to-install, classy, new thermostat to seamlessly control any and all STEP systems including...

The Independent Dealer of Lindal Cedar Homes

A cornerstone to Lindal Cedar Homes is the independent dealer. Lindal prides itself with the network of these highly experienced, highly trained professionals. The independent dealer lives in your region, and knows...

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