Your introduction to thermal bridging

Have you ever sat next to an old style aluminum window on a cold day? Or sat on cold metal bleachers at a fall football game? You've experienced thermal bridging. Basically, heat moves from warm areas or materials to cold areas or materials. Like in and out of a home.

Systems Built Home: Amazing design features for amazing homeowners

Young newlyweds Mike and Brenda build their Classic gambrel style Lindal Cedar Home in New Mystic, Connecticut 1974. A decade later as their family grew they, they enlarged the 1100 square foot home by 800 square feet.


Informal research reveals the most wanted green home features.

Geothermal Day is getting closer!

National Geothermal Day is coming on October 20, 2015! Are you ready? The goal for the day is to raise awareness about geothermal heating and cooling, the other kind of renewable energy.

ACT D’MAND® Structured Plumbing® applied to Habitat for Humanity homes

For over 15 years, Habitat for Humanity Homes in Southern California has been installing the ACT D’MAND KONTROL® Systems for the efficient water conservation and energy saving measures it provides.

How to find a green apartment to rent

Regardless of where you live, you may want to find a green apartment that you can rent if you're a really eco-conscious consumer.

Professional plumbers NAECA update

Under the new federally mandated water heater efficiency regulations, many residential and some light-duty commercial water heaters have changed.

Whole house ventilation – what does it mean?

As mechanical ventilation becomes a larger part of the high performance home building strategies, you'll hear a lot of talk about whole-house fan, whole-house comfort systems and so on. What does it all mean?

Entry doors are often at a loss for energy efficiency

Even with your entry door shut its materials and expansive seams can be leading reasons for your energy bills to much higher than needed. Fortunately, entry doors have come a long way over the past decade.

The Door County BarnHouse: Galvalume and Corn-crib Siding

Alchemy Architect’s most recently completed project was a renovation in Door County, WI. It was converted from “builder” to “architecture”, the Door County Barnhouse underwent a transformation taking a cue from the local farmhouse aesthetic.

Comparing air ionizers and a natural approach to indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is an important health consideration for homeowners. With several options claiming to provide clean and healthy air choosing the right approach can be confusing.

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Materials Into Your Decor

Those of us with a flair for furnishing and an eye towards the environment often find the two clashing.

Southwest’s limited water resources impacted by river contamination

Just when you think the negative impact of the severe drought in our nation’s southwest region can’t get any worse, it does.

MID-MOD MESS – Energy (In)Efficiency in Mid-Century Modern

Mid 20th-century modern homes have some of the coolest design out there but they are a train wreck in terms of energy efficiency.

Why can't I install a water heater myself?

Why can't I just go to the big home store and get a new water heater? Aren't they pretty much all the same?

Tips for clean cooking

Back in 2013, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted groundbreaking research into kitchen pollution and how range hoods perform in removing pollutants.

The green side of vinyl siding

Builders and remodelers have long forgotten the notion that vinyl siding is “plastic”, and therefore bad for the environment.

Reduce Your AC Load Without Breaking a Sweat

As we discussed last time, air conditioning has had an amazing ripple effect with its impact on where and how we live and work. Air conditioning also places a tremendous load on our electric systems. So what to do?

Net zero questions answered

There are lots of questions surrounding green home certification programs, but there's one answer that may be better than all the others.

Wounded Marine receives energy efficient home with geothermal heating and cooling

The Gary Sinise Foundation recently used a geothermal heating and cooling system in a home it constructed in Duluth, Minn., for a wounded Marine.

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