Major midwest HVAC company picks up ClimateMaster geothermal

As the popularity of geothermal heating and cooling systems rises, ClimateMaster has teamed with Benoist Brothers Supply to distribute its industry leading products throughout much of the United States.

Spring is a good time to think about new exterior siding and insulation

As spring approaches with a sense of newness, scores of homeowners see the change in seasons as a chance to revitalize their homes. For many, that means literally putting on a new face by switching out aging siding for an exterior with a fresher look.

Tips to keep your plumbing working throughout the winter

Hopefully, most people probably already know that water expands as it freezes. However, many homeowners underestimate the pressure that this expansion can create.

How raised heel trusses save you money

Raised-heel trusses are engineered wood trusses fitted with a heel where the bottom chord intersects with the perimeter wall plate which raises the top chord. This additional space allows you to...

Meet PowerWise at NESEA Building Energy March 3 - 5

See the latest energy management and controls available from PowerWise at 2015 NESEA Building Energy Conference. The NESEA Building Energy is focused on renewable energy and highperformance buildings.

Annual energy savings make geothermal a smart alternative to propane

Tanks filled with gallons of propane sit outside the homes of millions of Americans. The fuel is doing more than putting warmth into those homes this winter. It’s also pumping up homeowners’ utility rates.

Where will green building go in 2015?

I was asked recently, “Where do you think green building will go in 2015?” The simple answer is, green building will be a lot more Passive.

What appliances do homeowners miss most during winter outages?

Early-winter power outages are already pockmarking the country. If a recent Harris Poll is any indication, homeowners have a pretty well defined list of household items they miss most while toughing out a power outage without a backup power solution.

Roof tile adhesive reduces installation time and labor costs

Tile Bond plays a key role in the building projects, with the polyurethane product reducing installation time and labor costs for roofing contractors.

What to do if your toilet bowl gasket is leaking

Here are some things to check for if the bowl gasket on your toilet is leaking.

The most common repairs every AC owner runs into

Improper operation of a home’s central air conditioner is one of the leading—and most expensive—repair problems that homeowners face, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Is going solar affordable for homes & small business?

A few years ago the question 'is going solar affordable for homes and small businesses?' would have seemed like a joke.

Geothermal heat pumps create greener, cleaner home with air filter

Many homeowners believe their homes are sanctuaries from all that hovers invisibly, blocked by filters in their air conditioning systems. But the reality is that most filters pose little match to what lingers in the air, be it pollen, mold, dust mites or hairspray. In fact, standard filters only trap 2 percent of particles in the air.

5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly When Doing Laundry

Between water, energy, and the effect of products on the ecosystem, doing your laundry touches upon most of the major environmental issues of our day.

Tips for preventing frozen pipes in winter

Frozen pipes on construction sites and in new homes are one of the issues builders face over the winter. Burst pipes, especially when they go undetected, can wreak havoc as they spew water into the building or erode the surrounding landscape.

Home Standby Generator Selection Made Easy

Homeowners can finally follow a simple path when searching for the right-sized and best standby generator system for their homes. Those who have endured prolonged power outages without reliable backup power solutions definitely know they don’t want to go through...

Insulation products help home achieve recognition from U.S. Department of Energy

The combination of products from several companies focused on efficiency – Dow Building Solutions among them – has helped a Michigan builder earn a prestigious award.

Under new standards, tankless water heaters are an even better option

Just in case you haven't heard, starting April 16, 2015, water heaters sold in the U.S. will have to meet new efficiency regulations.

No noise is good noise

If you have an older home with the original equipment range hood, you'll be surprised at how quiet new models can be. Fans get louder over time as components wear, and new technology has dramatically cut the noise levels.

Would you rather live in an active house?

There's another approach to high performance homes gaining ground called "Active House". This standard incorporates heating and cooling, and the standard makes it easier to incorporate larger windows and skylights into the design, and make up the loss of insulating power with larger heating and cooling capacity.

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