UV Water Filtration: What's it all about?

If you have your own well water system or a non-potable water source, a safeguard against possible viruses is...

Range hood options

When you're whipping up a family favorite, the aroma helps everyone's tastebuds get ready. But the same lingering smell after the meal is an odor. What's the difference between and aroma and an odor? An aroma is a smell you...

Climate Change Isn't Coming... It's Here

As an Architect and Activist, I felt the heat of the flames surrounding the hot topic of Climate Change at the 2014 Social Good Summit.

National Preparedness Month: Prepare now for future emergencies

It’s a really important time each year for us in the backup power industry because we know the impact a power outage can cause an unprepared family.

Environmentally intelligent site plan

A home is usually the largest financial purchase for us. It is important to fully learn all of the attributes and possible detriments of a building site before building a home...

Thermal imaging cameras highlight energy lost in homes as hot water goes down the drain

Thermal imaging cameras have long been a tool used by home performance contractors. But every day, energy leaves the house in an often overlooked way, in the hot water going down the drain.

How to fix a toilet leak after you've installed a bowl gasket

I installed a toilet bowl gasket, but now it leaks when I flush it. What is causing the leak?

Easy installation comes with STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating

STEP Warmfloor radiant heating systems use a very thin (3/16”), flexible flat heating element that can be stapled or nailed through as well as cut to length on the job site.

Nature's Insulators: Benefits of brick exteriors

Let’s face it: green is the new black. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their sustainable footprint, which requires product manufacturers to take the environmental impact of their products seriously.

North Carolina homeowner cuts bills in half with geothermal heat pump

Chad Harrell was adamant. His new home would feature a geothermal heat pump system...

Resource management

Lindal Cedar Homes’ environmental philosophy has never been one to “take”. Its philosophy is to use and replace. Western red cedar is the choice of wood used in Lindal homes, using smaller logs to maintain quality, not “old growth”.

Can you spell HEPA?

When researching ventilation and indoor air quality, you'll come across the HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Air, which removes at least...

Old building habits die hard

A builder called today upset that he had been supplied OSB that was the wrong size. They measured 47 7/8” x 95 7/8” and should be 48”x96”. This “manufacturing defect” was going to cost him a lot of money to correct...

Designing and building sustainable homes for 69 years

Lindal Cedar Homes has built over 50,000 homes worldwide, including Europe, Japan, The Caribbean, and North America. As the company grew two things were never compromised...

STEP Warmfloor® installations go way beyond comfort

For most of us comfort is among the top reasons in determining a heating source for a home or business. There are other reason, of course, such as...

School indoor air quality pollution

Now that most U.S. elementary and secondary students are back in the books, it’s a good time for parents to ask not only what their children are reading and writing, but also what they’re breathing.

Keep your home pest free in the spring season

Pest control professionals believe that the spring season is the right time to start the pest cleaning process.

Brick: An old way to a better tomorrow

Since early mankind moved out of caves and into communities, brick was a desired construction material. With readily available materials, a simple manufacturing process and durable and sustainable results, brick prominence was easy to understand.

Spot ventilation standards

How much ventilation does your home need? There's no need to guess. Building professionals know the guiding standard for residential ventilation design is...

Geothermal helps Montana ranch go off the grid

ClimateMaster uses innovation to help consumers take their homes “off the grid,” a move that provides self-sufficiency that drives down energy costs.

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