How to remodel your home for better energy efficiency

How would you like to remodel your home and save up to 25 percent on your heating and cooling costs with one step? It's not a trick question – it's entirely possible with continuous insulation.

Lighting, lighting on the wall – which is prettiest of them all?

Trying to find the right light bulb is a mind-bender on the order of finishing a Rubik’s cube.

Get in the zone with mini splits

A traditional HVAC system, like those found in many homes, often isn't the most efficient and comfortable way to heat your home.

Sammy the Star™ ENERGY STAR educational program introduces environmental stewardship to elementary students

Third graders at Centreville Elementary School, Fairfax, VA were introduced to “Sammy the Star™” in an informative presentation on renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and the importance of the ENERGY STAR logo.

3 things architects need to know about foundation waterproofing

When architects don't specify products, builders will use their favorite products and sub contractors to get the job done. For some aspects of the building, that's just fine. For other critical aspects it could lead to failures and client dissatisfaction.

Enjoy opening your vacation home with better air

Many homeowners looking forward to enjoying their vacation home also dread arriving. At first, the air will seem heavy and there might be an unpleasant odor.

Benefits of insulated house wraps vs. other insulation methods

Most builders are very familiar with the concept of a house wrap. It's a water-resistive barrier that goes on top of the sheathing in a wood-frame home. Then the exterior cladding goes on top of the house wrap.

Is it time to go tankless?

Traditional gas-powered tank water heaters continue to be one of the most popular options for home water heating. But today, there are other options available such as tankless water heaters.

How ductwork in attics costs you more

Are you building in a warm climate? If your residential build occurs in building science climate zones one, two or even three, you may want to reconsider placing the ductwork for your air conditioning units in the attic, even if the attic is ventilated.

Win the battle for a dry basement

Unfortunately, below-grade waterproofing is all too often a case of out of sight, out of mind. It's not something homeowners, or even building professionals spend much time thinking about. But a wet basement can lead to a whole host of problems.

Get on board for Geothermal Day!

To help spread the word, Bosch Thermotechnology is sponsoring Geothermal on October 20, 2015. Why choose geothermal for your home?

Systems built home expert Michael Harris to contribute expert insights

Noted systems-built home expert Michael Harris has joined as an Approved Contributing Expert.

Alchemy Oxidized Iron Paint

Projects like the Arado weeHouse or the Johnson Creek weeHouse are known for their oxidized exteriors which appear reminiscent of weathering steel.

Upgrade re-siding projects to stop thermal bridging

If you're considering a deep green remodeling or renovation of an existing home, be sure to include continuous insulation in your plan.

My water heater warranty is up. What should I do?

My old water heater just went past the warranty period. It seems to work OK right now, but I've read about new energy efficient models. And I want to avoid a disaster if it should start leaking all over the floor. Do I need a new water heater?

Duct-free HVAC delivers design flexibility

It may not be obvious, but HVAC design can really influence the look, feel and comfort of your home.

Where there's smoke, remediation needs to follow... quickly!

The year 2015 will be remembered for high winds and raging wildfires in the western United States. Wherever they may originate, smoke damage and odors should be dealt with quickly.

Use solar power in your garden

Products that use energy from the sun are transforming the world of gardening just as they are doing in other industries.

Vinyl Siding: The number one choice of home cladding

There are clear, substantiated facts that support the decision of American builders, remodelers and homeowners to use American-made vinyl siding, making it the number one choice for the past 20 years.

Do you know the benefits of continuous insulation?

A blanket of continuous exterior insulation over the walls and studs reduces thermal bridging. This keeps the inside air in the house and outside air out, helping homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

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