Geothermal: the single best thing you can do for your house

People ask me what's the one best thing I can do for my house, and I believe that putting in a geothermal unit is the best thing you can do.

Visualize how door glass customization can compliment your home

Not sure what kind of glass compliments your home and fits your taste at the same time? This simple interface allows users to upload a photo of their home and test different door glass products.

Benefits of geothermal HVAC in commercial applications – Part 2

With geothermal in commercial scale buildings, there are economies of scale that make it more efficient than in single-family dwellings.

Engineered slate roofing is a cost effective option that offers durability and natural appearance

The roof of a home provides protection from moisture and can add valuable visual interest to a home.

Eliminate laundry odors

Ever wonder how to fix “stinky” smelling towels or those horrible sweaty gym clothes? Here is a quick, cheap fix so solve your problem.

Remote research post at South Pole puts radiant heating elements to the maximum test

The IRIS/PASSCAL and UNAVCO Facilities designed and built a reliable power and communication system for autonomous polar station operation. Radiant heating elements were used to provide reliable, even and consistent heat for the functionality of the equipment’s batteries.

How do you know what size water heater your home needs?

When you walk into the plumbing aisle at the big box store, water heaters are sold by the capacity of the tank in most cases. But this isn't always the most important number.

Green inspiration for your health and comfort

One of my goals with green education is inspiring people to take action, and contribute to their life being better! In this podcast, we gab about off-gassing, which is when VOC’s are released from things in your home (or building) like carpet, flooring, adhesives, furniture and more.

Authentic design for architectural style

ODL is excited to introduce Spotlights™ Door Glass, a product that allows a homeowner to accentuate their doors with glass that complements the architectural style of the home.

Benefits of geothermal HVAC in commercial applications – Part 1

Geothermal technology is a perfect solution for commercial, residential and multi-unit buildings.

Health issues put spotlight on poor indoor air quality

Although people may feel healthy despite exposure to pollution, Lyme disease or other illnesses can act as a trigger, significantly degrading health.

Use stone veneer to instantly boost a home's curb appeal

Adding stone veneer to your home is an easy project that instantly boosts a home’s appearance and value.

Geothermal as part of the high performance home system

In a high performance home, the tight building envelope and the geothermal HVAC function as part of a system.

Melting ice off OSB

One of our readers recently posed an interesting question that is probably affecting most of you at this time of the year.

Deep energy retrofits made affordable with California's PACE Program

Property assessed clean energy (PACE) is a means of finance energy-saving home improvement projects in California through property tax bills, making it affordable to many homeowners. Air sealing a home can, however, cause air quality issues to arise, increasing the importance of mechanical ventilation.

Benefits of geothermal radiant heat

As homeowners and builders look for greater comfort and efficiency, radiant heating is becoming more popular.

Water heater options for radiant heating

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house. When radiant heating is located in the floor, it is often called radiant floor heating or simply floor heating.

Water spots driving you crazy? Here’s how to get rid of them

We all know that various types of air filters are available to help alleviate the issue of dust particles and allergens to provide a healthier breathing environment and less dust on the furniture. Water – like air – also leaves something behind, as it contains naturally found minerals that will leave a residue when left to dry on its own.

On-site wood panel storage guidelines

The APA Engineered Wood Association provides comprehensive guidelines for the storage of wood panels on site. Correct on-site storage will allow plywood and OSB wood panels to acclimatize to conditions on the building site and prevent a plethora of framing...

Hoodle – find your place

Cindi Rhinehart and partner Ron Williams have built to help you find your place – to build a home.  Hoodle is aggregating subdivisions to build a home and builders to build them.

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