New system makes radiant floor heating easier than ever (video)

A new residential radiant heat system offers a full system approach compared to the traditional component-by-component method. To make radiant heating easier for homeowners and building professionals, Warmboard Inc. launched the Total Warmth System, a newly designed system includes Warmsource,...

How does hydronic radiant floor heating work?

Radiant heating using water as the medium to transfer heat is referred to as hydronic radiant heating. Radiant heat provides even temperatures with less effort and, therefore, less expense, than other types of heating.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors announces partnership with Warmboard Inc.

Partnership to include event series, education and product integration in Carlisle showrooms Stoddard, N.H., August 12, 2013 – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, the epic wide plank floor company, has announced a partnership with Warmboard, Inc., the Monterey Bay, Calif.-based supplier...

Radiant floor heating can combat allergy triggers

People affected by allergies feel like the spring of 2013 was worse than ever before. Early blooming trees and flowers created an abundance of air-born pollen.

Attributes of Hydronic Radiant Heating

This white paper describes the attributes of radiant heating and details critical points when considering radiant heat flooring for new and existing homes.

Warmboard Installation

See how simple Warmboard radiant heating panels are to install and how the panels can be sawn with a Skilsaw and nailed or screwed directly to your floor joists just like any conventional subfloor. The same labor that would ordinarily...

Warmboard Radiant Heating Comparison

In November 2011, we conducted a series of experiments to compare the performance of Warmboard to other radiant products. In each test, both panels experienced the same water temperature and the same air temperature. The results speak for themselves.

Radiant Versatility from Warmboard, Inc.

Warmboard, Inc. manufactures the most energy-efficient radiant heating panels on the market. Download this white paper to see some of the highlights of Warmboard and the benefits of their radiant heating products.

How to Build a Home Like a Car That Gets Over 100 MPG

Energy efficiency is, and has always been, one of the key reasons for building a radiant floor heated home. Given the rapidly escalating cost of energy, the efficiency of radiant has never been more important. Download this white paper to learn how you can save thousands on fuel every year.

Radiant Heat: Conductivity is King, Not Mass

Conductivity is the property of a material that allows heat to flow through it. Yet concrete is an inherently mediocre conductor. Aluminum is 240 times as conductive as concrete! Download this white paper to learn more about Warmboard and the benefits of radiant heating.

"Fast Radiant" Demystified

One of the most significant benefits of Warmboard is its ability to quickly adjust to temperature changes and keep a conditioned space at the desired comfortable temperature. Download this white paper to learn how Warmboard radiant heating performs this simple function so well.

The Interface of Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps and Warmboard

For many homes, electricity is a feasible fuel source for heating water in a radiant floor heating system. Investing in a ground source geothermal heat pump can be a practical solution for those who want low energy bills, low energy...

Go Green with Warmboard

While you might recognize Warmboard by its color, this is not the only "green" and sustainable part of Warmboard. This white paper explains how Warmboard produce efficient, healthy products and are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment.

Heat Loss and Mechanical Designs

Warmboard has expanded their design services to better assist customers and offer complete Heat Loss and Mechanical designs. This white paper explains how Warmboard's professionally engineered drawings will specify and size all the necessary mechanical and electrical components needed for a complete radiant floor heating system.

Warmboard: Superior Radiant Technology

A radiant panel works by conducting heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor, which releases that heat into your home. Download this white paper to learn how Warmboard was engineered to take maximum advantage of the laws of thermodynamics.

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