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Benjamin Obdyke is one of America's leading providers of high quality roof ventilation and wall moisture management building products. Their roof ventilation and moisture management products enhance the building system to maximize the performance, durability, and value of a building's most critical elements - it's outer structure.

Benjamin Obdyke's line of residential roof and wall system products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry, from the original ridge vent on a roll and the first rolled rainscreen, to the latest developments in an ever-expanding product line. All of the roof ventilation and wall moisture management products are tested and certified by independent, third party laboratories.

Benjamin Obdyke's roof ventilation and mositure management products include:

  • Ridge Vents - protects residential roofing from excess heat, moisture build-up and weather infiltration.
  • Ventilated Underlayments - protects beauty and life of wood by providing continuous airflow between roof deck and shingles.
  • Housewraps - eliminates excess moisture, preventing damaging effects of mold and rot in residential walls.
  • Flashing - self-adhering accessory that can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Rainscreens - provides continuous space for drainage and drying, eliminating the threat of trapped moisture.

Products and Services

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap™

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap™ is the newest moisture management product from Benjamin Obdyke. This product allows construction professionals to effectively eliminate excess moisture behind fiber cement, wood, and stucco claddings.  Learn more »

Cedar Breather® Ventilated Roof Underlayment

Cedar Breather® ventilated roof underlayment protects the beauty and life of wood roofing by providing a space for continuous airflow between the solid roof deck and shingles or shakes. Learn more »

Benjamin Obdyke's Ridge Vent Products

Benjamin Obdyke has been expanding its line of ridge vents to include a variety of rolled and externally baffled ridge ventilation products, improving airflow and ventilating air between the roof and attic. Learn more »

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