Erik Braunitzer / Erik Braunitzer is a member of the creative writing and web strategy department for Douglas Elliman. With a background in philosophy and environmental literature, he's touched on topics varying from sustainability to green infrastructure.

An alternative power source for the future

Ryan Jongwoo Choi is an inventor that may have made a revolutionary discovery — a miniature device that generates electricity. More or less, it uses the power of flowing water to generate and store a small amount of electrical energy.

Home, sweet green home

In today's culture, going green has become more than just recycling and composting; going green has become a movement that has shaped the way people build and use resources in their businesses and homes. If you're looking to reduce your...

Going green in the bedroom

You've heard about a sustainable kitchen, and you've certainly read about ways in which to make your bath more green. But what people really aren't discussing these days are methods for transforming your own bedroom into something that meets the...

Modular homes yield for sustainability and affordability

The last thirty years have seen an explosion in technological advancements. Luckily, the ability to access information almost instantly has also led to a greater awareness of our place on the planet and the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

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