Luis Imery / Luis Imery, through his business the Imery Group, is a full service construction, home energy performance, green certification and real estate group specializing in infusing sustainability in every facet of the real estate cycle. Its construction division has become pioneers in the Athens, GA area in green building of speculative, custom and design-built construction. Just in 2011 they have over 110 units slated for green certification under the EarthCraft program.
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Keep your house cool with a light-colored exterior

Here in the South, summertime means hot, humid weather. Sweat beads on your brow just from checking the mail or taking the dog around the block.

The importance of building envelope tightness

Do you have unwanted drafts in your home? Does it seem like the big bad wolf is outside huffing, puffing and trying to blow your house down? This could be caused by a leaky building envelope. Having a tight building...

Use non-rot materials in a home

The outside of a home can go through a lot of weather, especially as it gets older. Rot can be a major problem in homes old and new.

Covering ducts during construction

HVAC equipment is generally installed early in the construction cycle of a home. At the very least, before the drywall is put up. One thing that builders should be mindful of is protecting the duct system as well as the integrity of the air handler and coil in your HVAC system during construction.

How to install a drip edge on your roof

In many municipalities around the country, metal drip edge flashing is not required by code. However, I would highly suggest going above and beyond code on this building aspect.

Why is my soffit and fascia board rotting

In many municipalities around the country, metal drip edge flashing is not required by code. However, I would highly suggest going above and beyond code on this building aspect.

Gravel and vapor barrier under slab

Are you planning to break ground on a new project soon and begin laying the slab? Don't forget to properly protect your future home from water and air intrusions through your slab. Concrete, although very solid, is also slightly porous. The tiny pores in your slab can wick moisture from the ground into your home.

Jumper ducts

The HVAC system in any home or building must be balanced between supply and return. A balanced system refers to one that draws in and puts out equal amounts of air and creates uniform pressure throughout the building envelope.

Advanced framing techniques

Conservation is one of the cornerstones of green building. There are many ways in which our field of development helps to preserve and conserve our natural resources, environment and habitats.

Details of slab edge insulation

When it comes to home insulation, you want to make sure that every nook, cranny, seam and gap is filled. Proper insulation will insure that the conditioned air you pay for stays inside your house where it belongs. One place where insulating can sometimes be neglected is around the slab edge of your home.

Panelized wall framing

Have you ever had the problem of building too fast? I didn't think so! Panelized wall framing can be a great technique to get homes up quick and reduce waste at the same time. Panelized wall frames are engineered and preassembled in a warehouse and delivered to your site.

Do you think you have a leaky home?

If your house was a balloon, would it inflate like a proud red balloon on a child's birthday? Or would it spit and fizzle, full of holes? If you have ever wondered just how tight your home is, you should...

The value of green home construction

Home owners and potential home buyers are becoming more aware of the need for green home construction but the cost of going green is still a strong factor. With my experience in Georgia, I definitely see a big increase on...

The importance of knowing your climate zone

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet a great group of colleges in Austin, TX. What brought us together was the 2012 RESNET Conference that is taking place now between February 27th and 29th.

Become more energy efficient at home

Ways to be more energy efficient at home: Reduce the home's infiltration rate: Depending on your climate zone it might be possible that 50 percent of your utility bill goes into paying for heating or cooling your home. The most effective way to get most "bang for your buck" is to reduce the amount of air leakage in your homes.

Tips for a clean building site

Our goal when we embark into any new construction project, especially when building a new home, is to first reduce the amount of materials that get deliver to the job site. Basically, we try to have on hand what we will actually use.

Save water and give a great gift

I believe that the ideal inexpensive green gift is a shower timer. This is a sand clock that you can flip over to monitor the length of your showers.

The savings of living in a green home

For this post I will briefly mention the benefits of living in a green home, but will focus in particular in the one that I have found matters the most. Unfortunately we are still a long way from making a...

Common pitfalls in the installation of fiberglass batt insulation

In the last three months my company has been extremely busy with insulation inspections for multi-family and single-family projects as they go through a green certification process for EarthCraft House or EarthCraft Multifamily. What I have seen out in the field varies greatly. Fiberglass batt insulation is a good product when install properly.

Seal building envelope first

With rising energy costs, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their home more energy efficient. Net zero is the ideal, with a home producing as much energy as it uses.

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