Sean Canning / Sean is a California Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional. He owns 10|70architecture and specializes in process-based modern and contemporary architecture. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Project Management from San Diego State University. He has multiple certifications from the Building Performance Institute and was named the 2011 chair of the USGBC Emerging Professionals Committee.

Keep home temperature steady with passive solar techniques

Imagine if your home varied temperature by less than one degree Fahrenheit a day with no help from a heater or air conditioner. That is typical of a passive home design. Passive design should not be confused with net zero design, which focuses on a zero degree plus/minus in terms of energy usage as a metric exclusively.

3 sustainable trends in flooring

As a California architect in his late 20's, I stay on the cutting edge of green design to provide more value to my clients than my competition. Here are some flooring trends that are also green: Does your home/building sit...

Green design in the garden state

As an architect from the NY area — now designing green buildings in a very sustainable-progressive Southern California. Looking back to the east coast, there are three key components to green design in that climate: Reduce energy usage. Utilize an...

Is your crawl space making your home unhealthy?

Maintaining a suitable indoor air quality is critical to sustainable design and occupant health. One largely overlooked area that can be critical to the indoor air quality are crawl spaces.

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