Insulation products help home achieve recognition from U.S. Department of Energy

The combination of products from several companies focused on efficiency – Dow Building Solutions among them – has helped a Michigan builder earn a prestigious award.

Under new standards, tankless water heaters are an even better option

Just in case you haven't heard, starting April 16, 2015, water heaters sold in the U.S. will have to meet new efficiency regulations.

No noise is good noise

If you have an older home with the original equipment range hood, you'll be surprised at how quiet new models can be. Fans get louder over time as components wear, and new technology has dramatically cut the noise levels.

Fight indoor air pollutants with ventilation

The best way to find indoor air pollution is to keep contaminants from entering the home in the first place. That's called source control. But next best thing you can do is to have appropriate ventilation to exhaust the polluted...

Would you rather live in an active house?

There's another approach to high performance homes gaining ground called "Active House". This standard incorporates heating and cooling, and the standard makes it easier to incorporate larger windows and skylights into the design, and make up the loss of insulating power with larger heating and cooling capacity.

Oklahoma residential development will feature geothermal in every home

Oklahoma-based builder McAlister Construction Inc.'s residential development project will exclusively feature geothermal-based heating and cooling.

New rainscreen product protects your home from moisture, no matter the siding

Managing exterior moisture can be a challenge for any home construction project.

Avoiding roofing pitfalls

Whether you are a professional roofer or a DIY enthusiast building a garden shed, here are a few simple steps to reduce call backs and ensure a quality roof that will last for years.

Pella unveils Insynctive smart home technology

As the demand for smart and connected devices grows, Pella Windows and Doors introduced a family of smart products for windows and doors designed to deliver security, comfort and convenience.

How to maintain a green garden free of chemicals

Here are some things that you can do to keep your garden healthy, green and free of chemicals.

High performance folding glass walls bring the outdoors into your home

For home that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living, folding glass walls create an easy-to-use solution that can fit into any style.

Proud Green Home of St Louis open house scheduled

The Proud Green Home of St. Louis will host an open house with separate events for building professionals and consumers on Feb. 20 and 21, 2015 at the home outside of St. Louis.

Spray sealant creates a complete barrier against the elements

The shell of a building is its protective shield, or armor, if you will. Sometimes, that armor develops chinks that can leave the interior vulnerable to air leaks and moisture.

Hi tech fan solutions

Like any thing else you buy for your kitchen, the more you pay the better performance and features you'll find. Your range hood is no different. We'll look at some of the latest innovations and gadgets in the market today.

Modern design shapes award-winning high performance home

A high performance home that incorporates three of the top green building certifications generates more energy than it uses.

Prepping a residential roof for solar PV

The roofing industry continues to see rooftops used as platforms for roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems and this is especially true in residential construction

Is your home ready for the Internet of Things? The latest from 2015 CES

As smart home technology matures, more products are coming to market that put homeowners in control of lights, appliances and home comfort.

Palm trees don't like cold temperatures

Sometimes it is assumed that there would be not damage to a palm tree unless there is a hard frost, but in actuality palm trees can sustain chilling damage with temperatures in the 50’s. This type of injury occurs when the weather changes rapidly.

Steps to maintain your toilet's fill valve

Fluidmaster fill valves are made to deliver years of flawless flushes. Here are some simple steps you can perform to maintain your Fluidmaster toilet fill valve which will keep it in tip top working condition.

New Year's resolutions for your home

Instead of promising yourself to cut back on the caffeine, eat better or exercise more, maybe this is the year to make a New Year’s resolution for your home rather than for yourself.

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