Water shortage solution saves money while conserving energy

The water shortage is real in most areas of the United States.  Another shortage affecting most of us is money.

Quad threat geothermal system delivers record efficiency ratings

Like automakers, heating and air conditioning manufacturers are in a horsepower race of their own. But instead of engine output, they're looking at energy efficiency.

Survey finds what length of power outage is most frustrating

As a society, we become more “plugged-in” every day. So, now more than ever, a home without power can bring a family’s daily routine to a standstill in just a few minutes.

Control your mini-split heat pump with your smart phone

For many years, online controls have been available for many heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, minisplit heat pump owners haven’t had this option. That is changing.

Smart thermostat controls energy efficient boilers

A smart thermostat coupled to a high-efficiency boiler delivers a one-two punch.

Home on the range

The range in a home can be the source of a lot of moisture and odors in the home. A microwave over the range typically has a fan built in to the enclosure that draws air in.

Green 101 – the why of green and greener homes

You know the story…drop a pebble in a pond and watch it create a seemingly, endless ripple effect.  It always amazes me that the ripples seem to go on forever, touching so many things in their path.

Use geothermal to offset the spiking prices of fossil fuels

The change of seasons might as well be gambling season for those who rely on fossil fuels to heat and cool their homes.

Manage bathroom humidity with sensor switches

A home that’s not ventilated properly will have poor indoor air quality and excess moisture that can impact the durability of the home and the health of its inhabitants.

Mini splits growing to offer whole-home comfort solutions

Mini split heat pumps now offer multi-room capabilities for most North American climate zones.

How to get rid of pink stains in your toilet

Homeowners have asked us why there is a pink ring in their toilet bowl or evidence of the pink discoloration elsewhere and what can they do to get rid of it.

ACT D’MAND Kontrol® Systems wins 2015 PCBC Parade of Products Award

ACT D’MAND Kontrol System, a recirculating, water-saving system for residential homes, won top honors in innovation and new product solutions by the Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference (PCBC), the largest homebuilding tradeshow representing the West Coast Region it was announced. The...

Multifamily owners turning to geothermal for new construction and retrofits

As geothermal heating and cooling become more mainstream, multifamily owners are valuing the benefits of renewable energy.

Mini splits deliver style and whole-home comfort

As the technology grows from single-unit solutions to units that can support multiple rooms, mini splits are becoming more of a whole-home option.

Mini splits revolutionizing HVAC industry in the US

With the rise of mini split heat pumps in the U.S. market, manufacturers are in a race to offer the most efficient models.

The value of water

What was once a “cause” for impassioned environmentalists, water conservation is now deemed a common sense requirement for anyone with a brain.  Individual efforts of homeowners and businesses, while seemingly small, quickly accumulate saving millions of gallons of precious water.

What do you know about home IAQ?

You're probably among the people who are aware that indoor air quality (IAQ) is an issue in many homes. But according to a national survey, many lack a practical understanding of the more overt indicators of unhealthy air.

Don't miss out on these HVAC trends

Heating and cooling choices can make or break the energy efficiency, and affordability of a home.

6 natural remedies to mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are among the most unpleasant problems that you might have to deal with at home.

Create a perfect crawlspace

The best way to design a crawlspace that accentuates your building envelope and does not allow unwanted moisture into the home is to treat them as if they were miniature basement spaces.

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