You can replace your bathroom fan

Like all mechanical things, bathrooms fans wear out eventually. When the motor bearings start wear, an aging bath fan can sound like you're being invaded by screeching ghosts. And nobody wants to hear that.

InVision Zero Home proves energy efficiency is affordable

The InVision Zero Home project is about “envisioning” net-zero homes "in” neighborhoods across around the country.

Don't miss these 2016 home design trends (Photos)

From smart home technology to changes that open floor plan living brings, the 2016 home is adapting to on-the-go families and Millennials.

Energy recovery ventilators keep high performance homes comfortable

As building codes call for tighter homes, continuous ventilation helps keeps occupants comfortable and saves energy.

Using Point-of-Use Heaters in House Expansions

When adding to your property, you may run into issues like building restrictions or design flaws. A well designed water system can help save money during construction and use energy efficiently.

First net zero townhome complex meets its energy use goals

The zHome was the first net zero energy townhome complex in the United States, and two years of real data shows the homes actually produce as much energy as they use

Use a layered approach to waterproofing block foundations

For many years, it was thought a simple layer of spray-on or roll-on membrane was enough to make a masonry block foundation waterproof. We've learned over the years that that's simply not the case.

Roll on unexpected property value

Residential property value can be a fairly dry subject, but a little wet paint can put more green in your pockets.

Recirculation pumps deliver hot water on demand

Recirculation pumps can slash wasted water and energy, and also deliver hot water right when home occupants want it.

Revitalize Home serves as benchmark for retrofitting and energy efficiency

Dow Building Solutions and Cobblestone Homes constructed the Revitalize Home as a means for builders, contractors, remodelers and homeowners alike to better understand the opportunities for retrofitting homes for energy efficiency.

Range hoods with style

Sure, a range hood is an important part of your home's ventilation system. It keeps kitchen odors, moisture and smoke under control to let you enjoy cooking without regrets. But a range hood may also be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Win the war against water in your walls

Experienced builders will remember the days when we didn't worry so much about mold and rot caused by water. That's because the homes had so much air leakage that the water could dry up before it caused damage.

Home of the future, today

Confession of a girl geek at heart - I grew up watching the Jetsons and loved it. Guess what? That “home of the future,” the home of the Jetsons, is here now.

Making consumers see green

Selling sustainable homes, buildings a matter of properly articulating the value of green building, Greenbuild presenters say.

Preventing Mold: A home inspector's perspective

Once you get mold in your home, it can cause cosmetic damage, stains to furniture and drywall and reduce the quality of indoor air. Worse still, it can cause rot in wood and this may compromise the structure of the home. As with all things, prevention is the best cure, so here are some ways to stop moisture from collecting in the first place.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Accessory Creates Continuous Insulation Aroung Window or Door

The Fox Buck is a fully integrated, continuous insulation window and door buck for residential and commercial applications. When installed properly, the concrete barrier protection is continuous around the entire opening.

Residential green home building will have higher prominence at Greenbuild 2015

Greenbuild will feature a variety of residential offerings at the 2015 event.

Toilet washlets save water and create a better bathroom break (infographic)

Washlets reinvent the humble toilet seat as a warm water personal cleansing system.

Moisture management and mold resistance

Mold in a home can make its inhabitants uncomfortable and increases the risk of respiratory illness. Aside from its health effects, mold can severely damage structures if allowed to multiply unabated. The key to controlling mold starts with prevention

How to spot ventilation problems in your home

Do you have fog or condensation in your bathroom windows and mirrors, even when the fan is running? It may be sign that the air in the room is cold, or you don't have enough airflow in the bathroom.

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