Screen doors provide valuable air transfer in your home

Good insulated windows and quality doors and screens are important factors. Making sure your home is secure with well-fitted insulated windows and doors can offer effective environmental control.

Installation flexibility is driving mini split adoption

As the ductless HVAC market is predicted to grow to more than $9 billion by 2020, more building professionals are seeing the value for their projects.

Mini splits offer flexibility and efficiency options

Mini split systems offer options for tough HVAC situations, such as a historic home or a retrofit situation.

IBS video: High performance windows are key to Passive House performance

With more homes being built to Passive House and other standards, builders have new options for high performance windows available in custom options.

IBS video: Builders must be educated to meet demands for smart homes

As technology reaches further into homes, building professionals will have to be educated to select and integrate the right products for the job.

IBS video: New Passive House window available in custom options

There's a new option for Passive House and Energy Star windows on the market.

IBS video: Innovative products revolutionze waste water treatment

Clean water is more in demand than ever, and fortunately there are some easy-to-use technologies that make managing water easier.

IBS video: Water shortages driving growth of treatment options

As the shortage of clean water continues, the drive to be able to reuse water is leading to innovations in the market.

IBS Video: new concrete joint manages storm water runoff

Storm water management gets easier with a new alternative to permeable concrete solutions.

Bio membrane treatment recycles waste water for other uses

Wastewater can be cleaned so thoroughly it can be recycled for other, non-potable uses.

Geothermal gains ground in residential construction

Enthusiasm for geothermal heating and cooling is gaining ground among builders, contractors and homebuyers alike.

Manufacturer support is the key to geothermal success for contractors

Designing and installing a geothermal system requires a new set of skills from HVAC contractors.

Colgate Super Bowl ad focuses on saving water instead of pushing toothpaste (video)

Everyone can take small steps to reduce water use, usually with only a few small changes to daily habits.

New Hampshire home contains dynamic energy efficiency features under one roof

When Norbert and Robin were envisioning a retirement home, they aspired to live in a high-performance home, powered by renewable energy. This would help protect them from unpredictable energy costs in the future.

Contractors should find the best partners for geothermal heating and cooling success

The secret to a building professional's success is finding the right partners for geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Contractors can tap manufacturers to add geothermal to their tool kit

With a growing interest in comfortable home heating, builders and contractors can add geothermal heating and cooling to their offerings for demanding homebuyers.

S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Volume 17: Out of Sight, Top of Mind

Trickling filter systems sometimes bring high maintenance, high energy bills, and a mess in homeowners’ yards.

Subfloor adhesive reduces squeaks and boosts durability

Residential builders and remodelers who have experienced the pain of job delays or callbacks for squeaky subfloors will soon have access to a combination of subfloor products to combat squeaks.

Foundation insulation strategies reduce moisture movement and energy loss

Home insulation strategies should include protecting below-grade walls and foundations from potential moisture damage and energy loss.

Continuous wall insulation fights off moisture and energy loss

By including continuous exterior insulation in a wall assembly, builders can deliver a better performing home.

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