An introduction to energy efficient windows

For those who are seeking to integrate green technology into their home or business, energy efficient windows are a great starting point and preliminary step.

Looking back: 2014 green building trends

The coming water shortage, solar power price drops, and performance-based building codes are among the top trends for 2014.

Oklahoma homeowner finds peace and quiet with geothermal system

Brent Gibson had long heard about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems. So when the Edmond, Oklahoma, builder decided to construct his new home – the last for he and his wife, he says – Gibson outfitted the structure with the underground system noted for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Millennials altering American dream of home ownership

Changing homebuyer demographics are altering the housing market with more emphasis on multi-family residences compared to single family homes.

You're showering wrong if you don't have one of these

Every shower wastes about 90 percent of the energy from the hot water that flows down the drain.

Evaluate your hot water distribution system's efficiency

If you have typical home plumbing you probably turn on the hot water and let it run until the water starts getting warm. That daily process multiplied by the number of people in your home times the number of homes in your community puts millions of gallons of unused water down the drain.

Fight mold with protected lumber

Severe weather, floods, leaks and substandard building practices can lead to mold growth in homes. In some cases, lumber stored outside may carry mold when it's used in the home. So a home could have mold inside the walls with no water leaks in the finished building.

Take control of shades and awnings with your phone

While insulating walls is a key factor in energy savings, shutters and sun screens can function as dynamic insulation to help make your home more comfortable and save energy.

Lakeside luxury home heats with geothermal

Builders of a custom home on the shore of a lake near Orono, Minnesota, were looking for an energy-efficient HVAC solution that also included heating for a pool. The homeowners were also concerned about keeping their utility bills in line. After all, winters in Minnesota are famously brutal. Geothermal was a good choice.

Boost your energy this holiday season

Now that it’s the holiday season again, you may be worrying about planning holiday dinners, mailing greeting cards, and buying the perfect presents—all while struggling to keep up with your normal busy routine.

Lindal’s “green package” has impressive specifications

The Lindal Cedar Homes "green package" includes advanced framing, Energy Star™ rated cedar-framed windows with energy-efficient glazing and other resource-efficient upgrades.

Don't leave your home ventilation to the weather

A home without a well-designed ventilation system is at the mercy of the weather. In such a building the air exchange or "breathing rate" through unplanned openings like cracks and windows is governed by the weather and the building's height.

Net zero ready homes use unique geothermal solution

A new net-zero-ready home development uses a cost-effective approach to deliver domestic drinking water and geothermal heating and cooling.

Kohler launches EPDs for product transparency

EPDs are developed by manufacturers based on life cycle inventories and provide quantitative, third-party-certified details of a product's projected environmental impact from cradle to grave.

Reviewing OSHA roof safety rules

For OSHA, fall prevention is a major priority because of the over 40 deaths and many more injuries that occur annually. Public safety is also a concern when construction job sites border busy roads.

Innovative radiant heating warms the floor of the Proud Green Home of St. Louis

There's nothing like stepping on a warm floor when you get out of bed or the bath. It's good to know that comfort can also be very energy efficient.

Uses for vegetative roofs blooming

Green or vegetative roofs add a touch of nature to a building and reduce the environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Making more efficient homebuilding decisions with mobile applications

In the world of home building and design, efficiency is key – both in timing and cost. Advancements in building materials technology have worked to accelerate home construction, while computer programs have simplified blueprinting, planning and allocating job responsibilities.

How to keep your wood stove clean, efficient and safe

Even modern, high-efficiency wood stoves need to be cleaned and maintained before every use.

Low-VOC paints make a difference in the air you breathe at home

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor VOC levels are 10 times greater than outdoor levels, and immediately after paint is applied VOC levels may be as much as 1,000 times higher.

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