New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

Air-source heat pumps have had a reputation for not being able to provide enough heat for cold weather climates, but a new model can handle long-term sub-zero temperatures.

California apartments falling short of water reduction targets

While residents of California apartment buildings are using less water, it's not enough to meet the required reductions.

Phase 2 of LEED apartment complex breaks ground in Boston

With 129 new apartments completed, construction begins on 40 additional apartments as part of the phase-two redevelopment effort at the Boston Housing Authority's Old Colony public housing development.

California sustainability circles save water and energy use

Hundreds of organizations participated in a unique education and action plan program yielding an average of $316,000 in projected annual recurring cost savings.

All electric Tesla Model S P85D is the best vehicle tested – ever

Driving an electric vehicle doesn't have to mean compromising on performance, at least with the Tesla Model S P85D version.

Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease highlights role of ducts in indoor air quality

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease in New York City has contributed to an increased interest among building professionals in the role that duct leakage plays in the spread of the disease.

High-tech windows block heat but allow light into home interiors

Window manufacturers have struggled with designs that reduce solar heat gain but also allow visible light into the interior of a home or building.

New wall system cuts lumber content and boosts performance

Builders can shift costs in a building design to where it delivers the most performance with a new wall system from BASF.

Electric meter technology reduces cost of solar power installation

Renewable Meter Adapters technology significantly reduces the cost for many customers installing residential rooftop solar.

Polystyrene foam insulation certified for recycled content

Dow's STYROFOAM extruded polystyrene foam insulation products in North America have received validation from UL Environment that they contain 20 percent pre-consumer recycled content on average.

New spray foam insulation formula shortens building occupancy times

Most spray foam applications require the home to be unoccupied for 24 hours to allow VOCs to dissipate, which can slow construction times.

First multi-story building certified to Passive House Plus with renewable energy

A new apartment building in Innsbruck, Austria was the first of its kind to be certified as a Passive House Plus building.

Energy Star ventilation fan perfect for remodeling

Whether in new construction or a renovation taking place in a home or hotel, it's easier to install or replace a ventilation fan from below the ceiling.

Whirlpool, Kohler focus on water use at the ReNEWW House

The next phase for the ReNEWW House is to add net-zero water use in addition to net-zero energy use.

New NGBS incentives available across the nation

Homes built to the National Green Building Standard from Home Innovation Research Labs are eligible for a variety of incentives for green building certifications.

New Denver developments feature smaller, high performance homes

Homebuilders are responding to interest in the marketplace for smaller yet still high quality, high performance homes.

How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Home buyers want to feel they’re getting something special at good value, and sellers want the highest possible return on investment.

High efficiency boiler delivers residential hydronic heating

For residential projects using hydronic heating, a new 95% AFUE boiler offers flexible functionality.

LG And Borrego Solar collaborate on commercial solar installations

To keep up with demand for commercial solar power projects LG Electronics USA and Borrego Solar Systems Inc. have expanded their collaboration.

High power electric vehicle charger designed for home and workplace

A new electric vehicle charging station designed to be easier to install and charge vehicles faster has hit the market.

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