Grant will fund Passive House certified affordable housing development

Buildings that meet the PHIUS+ standard use 60 to 80 percent less energy for heating and cooling compared to comparable conventional buildings.

Masonry heater uses biomass for comfortable winter heat

An upstate New York family looking to be self reliant in their winter heating fuel settled on a masonry fireplace to keep their home comfortable.

Most efficient rooftop solar panel will be made in America

SolarCity said it has built a module with efficiency exceeding 22 percent.

Custom modular homes claim 30% energy efficiency gains

While keeping energy costs down, a quality factory-built, modular home also benefits the air quality in the home by reducing allergens and outside pollutants.

Whirlpool named to corporate sustainability index

Whirlpool Corporation has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and natural resource efficiency with inclusion on the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index.

Aeroseal technology seals leaks in the building envelope

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to spray sealant throughout the walls to block up any leaks?

Report: 90% of US homes don't have enough insulation

Based on new research, roughly 90 percent of existing U.S. homes are under insulated, wasting energy, money and decreasing comfort for homeowners.

Codes driving Zero Energy Building market growth

ZEBs bring together existing energy efficient technologies to form a high-performance building.

Spray foam insulation takes green home over the goal line

Football teams say they "must defend their house" during home games. For the Jacksonville Jaguars, that takes on a whole new meaning.

Study: 25% of New York homes are 75 years old; 7% have no wall insulation

Data from a study of 3,000 homes in New York is now available for use in identifying opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) conducted the first-of-its-kind study that compiled energy-related information...

New ventilation fans make installation easier for building professionals (video)

InVent Series ventilation fans feature FoldAway mounting ears and the EzDuct Connector, which allow for easy installation.

Affordable housing communities get new solar power option

Monthly utility costs are the second largest bill most families face, after housing expenses.

The San Bernardino County Water Conference: Drought Sends Water Conservation into High D'MAND®

Answering the question, “How do we balance our development needs with our water needs?”

Fall lawn tips to get your lawn ready for spring (video)

Many Americans believe they are pretty savvy when it comes to their lawns, how will you do?

NAHB study reveals what “green” means to home buyers

Builders and other industry professionals now have an opportunity to find out what green means to home buyers.

California cities add PACE financing for green home upgrades

HERO PACE financing enables homeowners to make energy- and water-efficiency improvements and pay for them through their property tax bill.

Report: insulated concrete forms market to grow 27.5%

North America currently dominates the market for insulated concrete forms followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

Amazing black stainless steel finishes revolutionize kitchen design

In kitchen appliances, black is the new black with the first-ever black stainless steel finishes from KitchenAid.

Time to replace your water heater? Take the quiz to find out

A new quiz from the nonprofit Propane Education & Research Council helps homeowners determine if and when it is time to pull the plug on their current water heater.

Study: homes with skylights use less energy

Homes with skylights experience lower energy costs, better indoor air quality and comfort.

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