Go green: Take a virtual home energy audit

Feb. 7, 2011

If you’d like to go green with your home, take a virtual home energy audit, courtesy of Energy 101.

Chicago-based Energy Results introduced a set of tools designed to educate homeowners about energy-saving upgrade alternatives for their homes.

The educational tools, called Energy 101, are located on the company’s website and are available free of charge.Energy101 covers a wide range of energy efficient upgrades, including lighting, heating and cooling, energy efficient appliances, water saving devices, windows, doors and skylights, home envelope solutions and more. Energy101 also give homeowners details about federal, state and local tax incentives for energy efficient upgrades.

“The introduction of Energy101 is an important extension of the educational tools already available on our website and consistent with our desire to simplify the decisions facing homeowners in their effort to improve their home’s energy performance,” said James Carlin, president. “Energy101 provides a great complement to the whole home diagnostic and personalized energy savings plan produced by our Virtual Home Energy Audit tool, giving homeowners focused research and energy saving tips for each component of their home.”

For more information, go to our Home Energy Audit Research Center.

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