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6233.pngOpen Cell Spray Foam Insulation
by Rhino Linings

BioBased 501w® is a water blown, two-part, open cell, energy-saving polyurethane spray foam. BioBased 501w open cell insulation is...

6021.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems in Central Missouri and Lake of the Ozarks
by Climate Control Heating & Cooling

GeoComfort Geothermal systems are built in the heart of America with stringent quality control systems and the most comprehensive testing...

6697.pngAquasana Glass Water Bottles are a Stylish and Environmentally Safe Choice
by Aquasana, Inc.

High quality borosilicate glass is lightweight and shatter resistant – designed to go wherever you go! Lead-free, cadmium-free glass...

6765.pngHow does a hot water heat exchanger work? How does a hot water heat exchanger save money and energy every time you shower?
by EcoDrain

The EcoDrain™ is a unique patent-pending heat exchanger which transfers heat from hot shower waste water to cold incoming water. This...

5759.pngWhy Geothermal Systems in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA?
by Total Energy & Geothermal Concepts, Inc.

Geothermal energy is the smarter way to heat and cool your home and business - it's efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally...

4995.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems
by Rabe Hardware, Inc.

As always, the GeoComfort name is synonymous with efficiency and comfort for your family. The Compass Series won’t disappoint. The...

6227.pngSave Money with the ACT D'MAND Kontrol® Hot Water Distribution System
by ACT D'MAND Systems

If you are looking for a low cost plumbing system that will add convenience and save on utility costs, then the ACT, Inc. D’MAND...

5869.pngEarthCraft House
by Southface Energy Institute

EarthCraft House was developed in 1999 as a partnership between the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface.

5295.pngGeocomfort geothermal systems throughout Kansas
by Flamings Plumbing Heating & geothermal & A/C Inc.

We believe in GeoComfort geothermal systems. GeoComfort geothermal systems are ...

5981.pngSolSimple AC Module
by Helios Solar Works

SolSimple AC Modules make solar simpler, more affordable and more reliable.

6507.pngTranquility® 30 Digital Series (TE) Geothermal Heat Pump
by ClimateMaster

The Tranquility® 30 Digital Series is one of the most advanced, efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly methods of heating...

6877.pngProVia Customized Doors - Replacement Doors | Exterior Doors | Front Doors | Entry Doors | Glass Doors | Storm Doors | Patio Doors
by ProVia

ProVia replacement entry, storm and patio doors are continually selected as a homeowner favorite because they are committed to creating...

5263.pngGeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling systems throughout St. Louis, Missouri
by Scott-Lee Heating Geothermal Company

We provide a complete array of geothermal system configurations to meet the needs and budgets of our customers, from standard ground to air...

6019.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems in Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa
by Air Comfort and Geothermal Services

As always, the GeoComfort name is synonymous with efficiency and comfort for your family. The Compass Series won’t disappoint. The...

5109.pngHydron Module Geothermal Systems, Ohio
by First Geothermal Energy

Hydron Module's dedication to innovation is demonstrated with its groundbreaking Revolution Series geothermal units. The cabinet features...

5335.pngHydron Module geothermal ground source heat pump system
by Sierra Eco and Geothermal Systems

Sierra Eco and geothermal Systems proudly offers the Hydron Module geothermal ground source heat pump system throughout northern California...

6771.pngPella windows and doors protect the environment and promote sustainability
by Pella Corporation

It’s not just the windows and doors we build but they way we build them that respects and protects our environment. Since our company...

5573.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Products
by Hi-Tech Geothermal and Heating Company

Hi-Tech designs and installs the most energy efficient, complete turn key geothermal systems available using the finest quality...

5251.pngGeothermal systems throughout Southern Illinois
by Fowler Heating & Geothermal & Cooling

Fowler Heating and cooling and geothermal designs and installs the most efficientgeothermal systems throughout Southern Illinois. We...

6055.pngTETCO offers a diverse product line to fit most geothermal systems
by TETCO Geothermal Systems

The TETCO line of geothermal systems has been around since 1977 and is one of the oldest dedicated geothermal brands. That longevity is a...

6775.pngSTEP Residential™ radiant heating warms bathroom floors, homes and kitchens.
by STEP Warmfloor

STEP Residential™ 12" (30cm) wide radiant heating element is designed to provide healthy, even and comfortable warmth in a home. This...

4510.pngResidential Renovations
by Maurer Architecture

We enjoy working on a personal scale with people in their most sacred space—the home.

5825.pngBoral Bricks Commitment to Sustainability
by Boral Bricks

Boral Bricks sets a precedent in its category with innovative manufacturing, production, and processes that output high-performance brick...

5281.pngGeoComfort geothermal system throughout Portland, Oregon
by The Heat Exchange geothermal

In addition, it is critical that we are able to recommend the precisely correct system to each of our customers relative to each individual...

6581.pngMetal Roofs Provide Long Life Durability
by Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Classic Metal Roofing Systems are designed to far outlast conventional roofing materials. Carrying a Lifetime / 40-Year Transferable...

4268.pngVerve 10 Channel Controller
by Verve Living Systems

The Verve 10-channel controller is designed for quick and easy programming of receptacles and wide variety of lighting functions that range...

4276.pngAMVIC ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)
by Amvic Building System

Cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) construction is a superior way to build; and no...

5879.pngGeothermal Systems in Northeast Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas and Douglas County, Kansas
by Scott Temperature and Geothermal Services

Geothermal heat pumps are similar to ordinary heat pumps, but use the ground instead of outside air to provide heating, air conditioning...

6241.pngMetal Sales' Metal Roofing and Metal Siding are ENERGY STAR® Certified
by Metal Sales

Metal Sales offers a complete line of metal roof, wall, and fascia panel systems that are ENERGY STAR certified. Metal Sales offers over 75...

6519.pngTrack Energy Usage and Improve Energy Efficiency
by PowerWise Systems

PowerWise Systems provides an affordable solution for builders, architects, and homeowners to monitor the energy use on every circuit,...

5203.pngGeothermal Heating and Cooling Systems throughout eastern Iowa, Dubuque, Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin tri-state area
by Schuster Heating & geothermal & Pump Company, Inc

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems throughout eastern Iowa, Dubuque, Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin tri-state area

5769.pngGeorgia Green Home Building
by The Imery Group

The Imery Group’s construction division is 100% committed to building Georgia green homes and facilities that are sensitive to the...


BioDomus Matte is an Organic interior potassium silicate paint that is permeable, absorbs CO2 and prohibits bacteria that forms mold and...

6243.pngUse Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms as a Sustainable Building Solution
by Fox Blocks

The internal recycling process at Fox Blocks dramatically lowers the overall Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) manufacturing carbon footprint...

6801.pngBuilding Performance Equipment provides best in class high performance energy recovery systems
by Building Performance Equipment

BPE, Building Performance Equipment, Inc.® provides packaged systems of BPE® ERM (energy recovery modules), high efficiency inline...

6989.pngEcoBatt® Glasswool - Sustainable, Energy Efficient Insulation
by Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation EcoBatt® Insulation doesn’t look like any insulation you’ve ever seen, but that’s because its...

6183.pngMighty Mike® Cleaners and Detergents
by Bio-Microbics

Scienco’s family of affordable detergents and cleaners available to meet the multiple needs of a variety of unique...

4191.pngSmall Home Plans
by TightLines Designs

A portfolio of over 150 small green eco-friendly home designs that offer big living, efficiently and affordably.

6069.pngBenefits of Structural Insulated Panels
by SIPS Team USA

Reasons you should use structural insulated panels for your next construction project.

5517.pngHydron Module geothermal systems
by Woodward Heating

We are a full service geothermal systems provider, designing and installing the highest quality, lowest cost geothermal systems throughout...

7005.pngAdvanTech® Flooring - Subfloor for Carpet | Subfloor for Hardwood | Subfloor for Tile
by Huber Engineered Woods

Specifically engineered to combine industry-leading strength, superior moisture resistance and installation ease, AdvanTech flooring is the...

6007.pngLG HVAC
by LG Electronics USA, Inc.

From consumer units to commercial air conditioning systems, LG provides a wide range of innovative products for heating, ventilating and...

6027.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems in Southeast Wisconsin
by Lake Country Heating & Cooling

As always, the GeoComfort name is synonymous with efficiency and comfort for your family. The Compass Series won’t disappoint. The...

6247.pngPremium Sub-Flooring Panels
by Norbord, Inc.

Introducing Pinnacle, the premium T&G sub-flooring panel with the right price. Pinnacle sub-flooring panels have been engineered to...

5817.pngHome Slicker® Rainscreen
by Benjamin Obdyke

The unique, vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of Home Slicker® provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a...

6029.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems in North Iowa and Central Iowa
by Mort's Plumbing and Heating and geothermal

As always, the GeoComfort name is synonymous with efficiency and comfort for your family. The Compass Series won’t disappoint. The...

6377.pngBrookhaven Cabinetry
by Wood-Mode, Inc.

Brookhaven cabinetry by Wood-Mode offers contemporary frameless construction, with the door mounted directly to the cabinet case, and...

6337.pngFluidmaster Duo Flush™ - Dual Flush Toilets | Dual Flush Converter | Toilet Flush Valves | Water Saving Toilets | Toilet Parts & Repair Kits
by Fluidmaster

Fluidmaster's Duo Flush™ technology allows you to reduce the amount of water used to flush liquids while maintaining the required...

7059.pngNuTone Bath and Ventilation Fans
by Broan-NuTone

As the residential ventilation leader, NuTone offers the widest range of continuous and intermittent ventilation products available. Many...

5685.pngSustainable Community
by Serenbe Sustainable Community

Every facet of Serenbe design is based on traditional values and principles of environmental sustainability.

6837.pngLindal Builds Green Certified Homes
by Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal has always led in preserving the environment that our homes celebrate. It begins with your Lindal dealer getting to know you, your...

by Kleendeck, LLC

Consider the many benefits the simple installation of a disposable floor protection product provides. As soon as the deck surface is...

6053.pngHydron Module has a broad range of geothermal system products
by Hydron Module Geothermal Systems

Hydron Module is proud to provide highly efficient, reliable and quiet operating, year-round comfort solutions for your home or business....

5885.pngGeothermal Systems in Southwest Missouri including Springfield, Missouri
by Signature Home Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning & geothermal

Going green is important these days, and Signature has ways to help you do that in Southwest Missouri including the Springfield, Missouri...

6047.pngGeoComfort has a broad range of geothermal system products
by GeoComfort Geothermal Systems

The GeoComfort brand offers the broadest residential product offering available. There is a GeoComfort model to meet the needs of virtually...

5777.pngWarmboard Radiant Heating
by Warmboard

The original Warmboard is our flagship radiant heat panel and the leading product in the industry, preferred by architects, builders and...

5453.pngGeoComfort Geothermal System
by Alternate Energys, Inc.

GeoComfort geothermal systems are extremely high quality, built in the United States at the highest manufacturing standards with higher air...

6023.pngGeoComfort Geothermal Systems in Northeast Wisconsin and East Central Wisconsin
by D.R. Kohlman heating, ventilating, air conditioning and geothermal

GeoComfort Geothermal systems are built in the heart of America with stringent quality control systems and the most comprehensive testing...

7061.pngBosch Residential Geothermal Technology - Geothermal Heat Pumps | Vertical Ground Loop System | Horizontal Ground Loop System | Pond/Lake Loop System | Well Water System
by Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

Bosch Geothermal Systems bring your home in harmony with nature, while providing the unmatched energy efficiency at a price...

4791.pngCooktop Glass
by SCHOTT North America

SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic Cooktop panels are a true original having special characteristics that make it the perfect solution...

5833.pngOptimal Indoor Air Quality
by Zehnder America

Zehnder Comfosystems ensure that your home has a healthy atmosphere and continuous fresh filtered air year round.