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Previously, the idea of a jacket was brought up as an analogy to describe the building envelope. Specifically, the notion of an air barrier preventing wind from whisking away heat and affecting occupancy comfort was used. And while you always do …
A building is the sum of its parts. That has always been true, and it will always be true. When it comes to sustainable or green buildings, though, the importance of every part becomes magnified. How energy efficient, sustainable or green (or …
New Honda smart home blends net zero living and solar powered EV (video)The Honda Smart Home US showcases technologies that enable zero net energy living and transportation powered by the sun. The home, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is capable of producing more energy on-site …
A study of 58 new home construction projects in New Zealand found defects in batt insulation installation in every home. New Zealand's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority contracted Realsure LTD to conduct a survey of new homes to look at …
Proper framing leads to energy efficiencies for a green homeContractors know that "Energy Savings Start with the Framing" and a home's energy efficiency is significantly dependent upon proper framing. Over the past several decades Norbord, a leader in OSB sub-floor, wall and roof sheathing has communicated …
When comparing the fossil fuel use and carbon footprint of raised wood and slab-on-grade concrete, the APA found that wood used considerably less fossil fuel and contributed less to global warming than concrete. Efforts to reduce fossil fuel …
Indoor air quality (IAQ) has always been an important issue, whether or not we've realized it. However, as construction techniques have advanced and as we've come to have an increased emphasis on energy efficiency due to costs, IAQ has become a …
Home exterior siding ready to weather any climate zone (video)Building a home is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking, and some aspects have to be customized to the region of the country in which the home is located. That's true for insulation, heating and cooling, and exterior siding, for example. To give …
Taking insulated concrete forms construction to the next level (video)Like any green building approach, with insulated concrete forms the devil is in the details to ensure a tight building envelope and a high-performance home. Fox Blocks, a fast-growing manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) has launched some …
Your family home could be the next to receive the ultimate facelift from CertainTeed Corporation. North America's leading brand of building products has begun its hugely popular annual call for video entries from homeowners to showcase their wish …
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