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A top 10 list of neighborhoods with the most green homesIf you're in the market for a green home, Redfin released released a list of 10 neighborhoods across the U.S. with the largest number of green homes, and a list of the top green neighborhoods within 20 major metropolitan markets. To compile the list,…
In recent years, these sharp architectural lines have become blurred. Our more mobile society has resulted greater migration rates of individuals from region to region, bringing with them their lifestyle and design preferences. "The national trend …
Spray foam insulation helps Canadian builders meet code requirementsCanadian spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene has unveiled Icynene Classic Plus designed to help meet the stringent Canadian building code requirements. Complementing its excellent thermal resistance, Icynene Classic Plus' superior formulation …
A large segment of our population, the Baby Boomers, are now in, or soon approaching their retirement years. Many are faced with a tough decision to move or stay in their home. An important consideration is safe accessibility to daily needs. One …
Tight building envelopes rely on site-formed flashing and trimIn the quest to maximize building science, durability and health benefits, building envelope integrity is assuming ever greater importance. Effective flashing and trim are critical in ensuring envelope performance, resistance to water infiltration …
U.S. homeowners to tap $100 million in home energy loan financingHomeowners across the United States will benefit from an innovative public-private partnership designed to make it easier to find lower-cost loans for home energy efficiency improvements. The Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans (WHEEL) opens the …
Top 6 strategies for an energy-saving water heating systemEveryone loves a nice hot shower, but the cost of heating that water is the second largest in the average US household, after space heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Fortunately, new technology offers homeowners a way …
First Passive House in Indiana earns certificationIt's been a long, record-setting winter: thick ice, piles of snow and sky-high energy bills. Now imagine little to no bills all winter, or any other time of the year. How about no furnace at all? That's reality for people who live in Passive Houses. …
Knauf Insulation's advice: Apply systems thinking to your homeA house is more than a building; it is a system made up of parts that affect one another. Every choice you make has an impact on the other parts of your home's system and its overall efficiency. For example, a builder who chooses spray-foam …
LEED Certified building space reaches 3 billion square feetThe U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced that 3 billion square feet of green construction space has earned LEED certification around the globe. "This milestone is the result of leaders across our industry making the business and …
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