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Top 6 strategies for an energy-saving water heating systemEveryone loves a nice hot shower, but the cost of heating that water is the second largest in the average US household, after space heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Fortunately, new technology offers homeowners a way …
There are many differences between traditional, storage hot water heaters and tankless water heater systems. The first hot water heater, invented in the 1870's, was an instant or on demand hot water heater. The on demand concept is the most …
Energy Fence blends solar and geothermal heating and hot waterA new fence developed in the UK blends solar and geothermal heating to feed a ground source heat pump to deliver heat and hot water. Hero Renewables developed the Energy Fence that takes clean and free, renewable energy from direct sunlight and also …
LEED Platinum green demonstration home goes on the marketOne of the greenest homes in Tennessee is going the market via an open bid process. The University of Tennessee is accepting sealed bids for The New Norris House, completed The New Norris House was completed in 2011 after a student-led team at the …
Ordinary water has extraordinary properties. It can absorb more heat per weight than almost any other material on earth. Put another way, it takes a lot of energy to increase the temperature of water, and as water decreases in temperature, it gives …
GE launches GeoSpring hybrid electric water heaterGeneral Electric has launched GeoSpring, the first hybrid electric water heater manufactured in the U.S., and one that will save the average consumer $325 annually, the company said. The new product debuted on Friday and is part of GE's new emphasis …
New options for builders with whole house electric tankless water heaterUntil recently most whole house tankless water heaters have been powered by natural gas. But a new product on the market offers an electric wholehouse tankless option with very high efficiency ratings. The electric tankless trutankless model from …
Smart water heaters pair with wind power to manage the power gridSmart water heaters will help manage the variable flow of power from wind power through the electrical grid. Pilot projects with NB Power in Canada and the Bonneville Power Administration in the U.S. are showing that smart water heaters can help …
It's Just around the Corner It might be hard to imagine after such a harsh winter, but spring is right around the corner. While the warm weather can't come soon enough, homeowners need to ensure their homes are ready for the next season—and …
3 easy ways to take advantage of solar powerAs the average retail price of electricity for American homeowners increased nearly 40 percent in the last 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars on utility bills. One way homeowners can save is …
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Water heating is one of the biggest energy uses in the home, so choosing an energy-efficient water heater is one of the best ways for a homeowner to save money. Learn about new solar, tankless, hybrid and other high-efficiency options.

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