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How standby generators increase home resale valueHome remodeling and improvement projects increase home value and are well worth the effort as many recoup more than 50 percent of their cost upon project completion. And for the first time since 2007, home remodeling costs are trending in a positive …
10 cool ways homeowners can remotely access their homes (infographic)From adjusting the thermostat to dimming the lights, homeowners can constantly track and control the activity in their home. Vivint, a home automation services provider, reveals some interesting uses of home automation in this new infographic, With …
6 ways you can ease the burden of household chores and save waterAppliances are some of the biggest users of water and energy in your home, and a new appliance can help get the job done while using fewer resources. Wash fewer loads. New high-efficiency top load washers typically have larger capacity than front-…
GE launches GeoSpring hybrid electric water heaterGeneral Electric has launched GeoSpring, the first hybrid electric water heater manufactured in the U.S., and one that will save the average consumer $325 annually, the company said. The new product debuted on Friday and is part of GE's new emphasis …
Nate Berkus guides kitchen appliance developmentThe kitchen is the centerpiece of every home, and noted interior designer Nate Berkus has teamed up with LG Appliances to collaborate on products to help create that sense of place. Berkus, who has designed kitchens for 20 years, has a multi-year …
Do you rinse you dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? With a new Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher you can stop washing before you wash. When it comes to washing dishes consumers are most focused on washing and drying performance. In fact 83 …
Use wintertime to plan your generator purchase, installationFor homeowners in the north looking to purchase and install a standby generator, the winter season can be more of a waiting game than anything else. That's because standby generators, designed to keep a home's appliances powered when utility power …
Saving energy from everyday household appliances is no more just a personal concern corresponding to expense but as we are aware already, this has far reaching implications on environment, nature and sources of energy. Because of the rising concern …
3 easy ways to take advantage of solar powerAs the average retail price of electricity for American homeowners increased nearly 40 percent in the last 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars on utility bills. One way homeowners can save is …
Latest green tech ready for every room in your home (infographic)The home of the future is already here, if you know where to look. Smart homes, connected appliances and ways to generate your own electricity at home are delivering on the promises of the future today. New cooking and cleaning technology use fewer …
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