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A constant leak means the locknut is not tight enough or the rubber washer inside the tank has flashing (excess rubber) or fissure like cracks. There may be a crack in the porcelain or the flush valve plastic housing. Here are some steps you can …
Save energy with proper swimming pool equipmentWhen the kids are in the pool splashing around, it's easy to smile and be glad that you bought a house that already had a swimming pool. But you're conscious of making that pool run efficiently, and wonder how you can make that pool more eco-…
For Earth Day 5 ways to make your home Green and ProudOur homes are among the biggest consumers of resources on the planet, and if each of us can reduce our use of water and fuels just a little bit, the world will be better off for it. Here are a few tips to get started. 1) Save Water Water has become …
Sierra Vista, Ariz., is no stranger to water conservation, as the Copper State is not known for having plentiful rainfall. In 2011 the Cochise Water Project was formed, a nonprofit organization whose goals is to reduce the amount of water being …
How many times have you wished you had extra storage around the house? This may come as a shock, but hidden real estate could be right under your nose. Traditional tank-style water heaters are bulky and can take up an entire closet, but a tankless …
The most common source of vaporized water in the home is the shower. In the last decade, asthma rates have increased over 100% in adults, over 300% for children. Many experts believe this is due to the decline of indoor air quality. People spend …
Top 6 strategies for an energy-saving water heating systemEveryone loves a nice hot shower, but the cost of heating that water is the second largest in the average US household, after space heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Fortunately, new technology offers homeowners a way …
Whether you have leaking at the bolts, the flush valve, fill valve, or the tank to bowl gasket, the process for stopping the leak is much the same. If the leak is at the bolts: Make certain that there are no metal washers in the tank. This will …
6 ways you can ease the burden of household chores and save waterAppliances are some of the biggest users of water and energy in your home, and a new appliance can help get the job done while using fewer resources. Wash fewer loads. New high-efficiency top load washers typically have larger capacity than front-…
LEED Platinum green demonstration home goes on the marketOne of the greenest homes in Tennessee is going the market via an open bid process. The University of Tennessee is accepting sealed bids for The New Norris House, completed The New Norris House was completed in 2011 after a student-led team at the …
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