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For hot climates, a cool roof helps cut cooling loads but it's not always possible to replace a roof. A new reflective coating product can be applied to an existing roof to get the benefits of a cool roof without the cost of a new roof. For …
Durable roof options weather spring stormsAfter a rough winter with record-breaking low temperatures and snowfall amounts, homeowners across the Midwest are preparing for potentially devastating spring weather that can come with high winds, hail and strong storms. In 2013 many homeowners, …
Many folks will talk a lot about "gauge" when they discuss metal roofing. Gauge is a term which refers to the thickness of the base metal. Interestingly, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the metal is. For example, 24 gauge steel may be around …
Today's metal roofs have so many styles to choose from! It can be overwhelming. The key to sorting it all out, though, is to know the critical considerations, and then understand what's available in each of those areas. One critical consideration is …
Sustainable metal roofing lends architectural style to green homesWhen you look at a home, what's one of the most prominent features that's also one of the most overlooked? The roof. Because of its prominence, the roof sets the tone for the rest of the style of the home. Cedar shakes complete a New England salt …
Metal roofing is known for its many green benefits including energy efficiency, sustainability, and recycled content. And, while these benefits can be achieved with most metal roofs, it's important for homeowners who are thinking about metal roofing …
Your family home could be the next to receive the ultimate facelift from CertainTeed Corporation. North America's leading brand of building products has begun its hugely popular annual call for video entries from homeowners to showcase their wish …
One of the most damaging seasons for residential roofs can be the winter. Freezing, thawing, ice, and snow – they all take a huge toll on roofs. They cause products to swell and crack. Cold temperatures cause many roofs to become brittle which …
Ply Gem adds sustainable roofing to exterior building productsWith products in more than 20 exterior home product categories already, Ply Gem has launched a new line of sustainable, engineered slate shingles. With the addition of roofing, Ply Gem now offers everything for the home exterior from a single …
How to use metal roofing for sustainable building practicesEnergy efficiency and durability make metal roofing a good choice for green homes. A roof does more for your home than keep the rain out. It's an integral part of a home's building envelope. And a good roof will offer benefits that go far beyond …
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