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While residential solar power is growing, most people don't know that solar panels won't provide electricity to your home in case of a power failure. But a new solar product aims to deliver electricity when the power goes out. Most residential solar …
Solar power storage transforms residential solar installationsSafe, sensible power storage units are transforming solar photovoltaic customers into their own power plants. A Malibu, Calif. homeowner recently added a lithium ferrophosphate bank of batteries to complement the solar panels built into his red-…
Passive solar house heated on $2.50 a daySeven years ago homeowner John Kosmer supervised the construction of his passive solar house in upstate New York. Since that time he's averaged just $2.50 a day to heat his 4,000-square foot home. "Despite rising fuel costs and dropping outside …
As the nation struggled with winter temperatures and rising gas costs, American paid more utilities in many regions of the country. WhiteFence.com, the nation's leading site to compare, connect, and save on home services, released analysis of …
Solar energy bidding platform opens for Southern CaliforniaHomeowners in Southern California seeking the lowest prices for solar panels can use a new online bidding service. It's a reflection of how much solar power has become a mainstream commodity that Pick My Solar, an online platform connecting …
New prefab solar system cuts installation time and costsInstalling a solar photo voltaic system may require the skills of both a roofer and a solar contractor to ensure a leak-proof installation. But coordinating the contractors requires time, energy and training and leads to higher installation costs. …
Energy Fence blends solar and geothermal heating and hot waterA new fence developed in the UK blends solar and geothermal heating to feed a ground source heat pump to deliver heat and hot water. Hero Renewables developed the Energy Fence that takes clean and free, renewable energy from direct sunlight and also …
Fossil fuel and coal are getting harder and harder to find. Meanwhile, approximately 93 million miles away, the sun continues to crush hydrogen into helium and energy at a rate of 620 million metric tons every second, releasing enough energy in a …
Prepare for the next polar vortex with solar power and resilient constructionFew homes are ready for the next Polar Vortex, with power outages and shortages of heating fuel. But you can prepare for extreme weather events with green kit homes from Enertia, which offer beefed up thermal mass for more inertia, and reflective …
New Honda smart home blends net zero living and solar powered EV (video)The Honda Smart Home US showcases technologies that enable zero net energy living and transportation powered by the sun. The home, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is capable of producing more energy on-site …
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Home solar power systems can be a great way to reduce home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. But is solar power right for your home? Learn about the latest advances in residential solar power systems and best practices for implementation.

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