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Previously, the idea of a jacket was brought up as an analogy to describe the building envelope. Specifically, the notion of an air barrier preventing wind from whisking away heat and affecting occupancy comfort was used. And while you always do …
A building is the sum of its parts. That has always been true, and it will always be true. When it comes to sustainable or green buildings, though, the importance of every part becomes magnified. How energy efficient, sustainable or green (or …
Insulated concrete form construction offers affordable green buildingIf you'd like to live in a green energy-efficient home but think it's too expensive, think again. Today homebuilders can use surprisingly affordable building technology that offers significant benefits in energy efficiency, safety and home comfort …
The Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 project cost less and reduced building time with insulated concrete form construction. The 9,000-square-foot Army Reserve Center project in in Sloan, Nev., benefitted from the ease of stacking and quality …
Indoor air quality (IAQ) has always been an important issue, whether or not we've realized it. However, as construction techniques have advanced and as we've come to have an increased emphasis on energy efficiency due to costs, IAQ has become a …
Taking insulated concrete forms construction to the next level (video)Like any green building approach, with insulated concrete forms the devil is in the details to ensure a tight building envelope and a high-performance home. Fox Blocks, a fast-growing manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) has launched some …
How to build a green home using insulated concrete formsOften when homeowners and builders consider investing in green elements for a home, the concept of payoff comes to mind. The perception is that building an energy-efficient home costs a lot more, and therefore should pay back the difference compared …
If you're one of the many who live in the Midwest, Northeast or any other region that has a strong difference between the seasons, then you know full well how crazy the weather can be in late winter/early spring. You can end up with stretches of …
Waste Not, Want Not There are definitely times when you're happy to get more than you really need - days off from work, an extra helping of dessert, or in the case of green building, LEED or points. The USGBC's LEED rating system offers a …
How to build an energy efficient home with a tight thermal envelopeWhat's a thermal envelope? No, it's not a steaming hot letter you get from a bill collector. A new home typically delivers the best performance – and comfort—when it's designed for a tight thermal envelope from the ground up. The thermal …
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