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the essential components of a building envelope — structural wall, insulation, air barrier, vapor retarder and furring strips — are all completed in one step. Additionally, ICFs mean saving time and money thanks to reduced labor and materials. Using other methods can mean having each of these steps done separately, sometimes even by different trades. This can lead to an improperly integrated wall. This can also lead to increased construction costs for the owner as well as down the road, thanks to out-of-sync building components. Having a wall system with essential components all rolled into one will go a long way toward easing the burden of creating an entire facility that's energy efficient, green, sustainable or whatever you want to call it. After all, the whole comprises the parts. Fox Blocks is a leader in developing and manufacturing Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). As the fastest growing manufacturer in North America, Fox Blocks is known best for its ease of use, product engineering and speed of construction. For more information please visitwww.FoxBlocks.com.…
Insulated concrete form construction offers affordable green building/8"solid EPS insulation on the inside and outside creating a high performance wall making a house more comfortable and quiet than ordinary wood frame walls. The ICF wall pairs a solid strong material (concrete) with a light insulating one (EPS foam), which sharply cuts fluctuations in temperature, air infiltration, and noise. The continuous layer of foam insulation along the ICF wall helps keep the temperature the same everywhere. It virtually eliminates drafts or cold spots that can occur in frame walls along the studs or at gaps in the insulation. The heavy concrete of the ICF wall gives it the heat-absorbing property of "thermal mass." This evens out swings in temperature over time. So the house does not tend to overheat or get suddenly chilly as the furnace or air conditioner cycles on and off. Thanks to the concrete in the walls, the home is much quieter on the inside. Sounds from outside that would be loud in a wood-frame home may be barely audible inside an ICF home. That mean noise from traffic, airplanes, storms or construction won't intrude on the people living in the home. With an ICF walls, the interior of the home is sheltered from the harshness of the outdoors. If you're considering a new home, think about all the ICF has to offer. Homeowners looking for greater energy efficiency and comfort, as well as a safer home, should consider ICF walls for below grade and above grade applications. ICFs offer an eco- friendly, quiet comfortable home year around. Read more about insulated concrete forms construction.…
ICF Military Contractor Fox Blocks speed vs. CMU Read more about insulated concrete forms.…
Mold has been linked to the cause of asthma in children Mold has been linked to other respiratory issues that cause workers to miss time Mold in a commercial building can cost owners time and money for remediation and loss of man hours due to sick building syndrome Fox Blocks is a leader in developing and manufacturing Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). As the fastest growing manufacturer in North America, Fox Blocks is known best for its ease of use, product engineering and speed of construction. For more information please visit www.FoxBlocks.com.…
Taking insulated concrete forms construction to the next level (video)-inch block to provide as much as R- 48 with 6 inches of concrete in the form. Read more about insulated concrete form construction.…
or beyond with Fox Blocks ICFs isn't a problem. It's an ideal solution for builders and designers looking to meet the stringent standards of rating systems such as LEED or Passive House standard or to create a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home.…
How to build a green home using insulated concrete forms Transforming the Residential Market," published by McGraw-Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders. ICFs are a great way to ensure indoor air quality. Neither the concrete nor the foam will support the growth of mold or mildew. Also, ICFs protect the concrete with layers of EPS foam, which is a stable material and not subject to deterioration or loss of thermal value. ICFs are a great way to ensure indoor air quality In addition, the EPS foam used in most ICF forms emits no VOCs or formaldehyde, nor does it produce any CFCs or HCFCs during manufacturing. EPS will not generate any off gassing, as the material is inorganic and inert. The adhesives and low expanding foams used in the ICF assembly are equally non-toxic, as is the concrete mass. However, because the air tight nature of the ICF concrete walls, a builder must consider the need for mechanical air ventilation to ensure the proper amount of air changes to meet building codes and make the home more comfortable. Because the airflow should be managed with a well-designed ventilation system, it can reduce temperature and humidity variables to make the home more comfortable. There won't be drafts or cold spots in an IFC home. For a green home that delivers energy efficiency as well as indoor air quality, consider ICF construction techniques. Read more about concrete forms.…
percent recyclable even if you happen to have some left over. (That's right, concrete, rebar, plastic and expanded polystyrene are all recyclable materials.) Plus each ICF has recycled content that can help contribute as well. Reversible ICFs Reduce Waste ICF construction allows for field modification to the dimensions of the block, so you are able to use every last piece of the ICF. This is when being a universal and reversible block becomes incredibly important, not just for ease of use for contractors. Fox Blocks ICFs are reversible and universal, so if you need to cut a block in half horizontally, you can still use the top half piece as well. The ties are designed so the crossbars and rebar chairs are still usable even when its cut, and the strength of the form is not compromised. Same goes for the corner form. Fox Block's max performance reversible corner is engineered for strength and rigidity during construction and with ample attachment surface area. So even if you're not going for LEED Certification or NAHB Green Home, buying more than what you need is wasteful from a cost standpoint. Give your clients' pockets an extra helping of cash by using a product that's as versatile as it is sustainable.…
How to build an energy efficient home with a tight thermal envelope percent for space cooling was found for ICF homes. David Maher, an architect in Appleton, Wis., has seen interest in ICF homes grow as homeowners come to understand the benefits. "ICF homes have well over double the insulation value and it's seamless from the footing to the rafter," he said. "There's no air exchange through the walls and they perform very well." Read more about concrete forms.…
Hot green building trends Part 2 percent for modules on the market today. Read more about solar power. …
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