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The most common source of vaporized water in the home is the shower. In the last decade, asthma rates have increased over 100% in adults, over 300% for children. Many experts believe this is due to the decline of indoor air quality. People spend …
It is important for homeowners to understand that water filters are not all the same, and that no one filter removes all of the home's drinking water contaminants. Some filters are made to remove chlorine, while others may be designed to remove …
Most areas of our country can't have spring come soon enough. We've had a tough winter of closed windows, accumulating dust, germs, and pet dander on everything throughout our homes. It is time for spring cleaning! But this year forget the store-…
Decentralized wastewater treatment helps small communities deliver clean waterConventional sewer operations managed by small communities provide centralized treatment of wastewater to which residents are accustomed. But the expense of operating these systems as they expand with miles and miles of sewer lines is staggering. …
While municipal water suppliers are responsible for testing the water they provide residents it doesn't mean the water that arrives to your faucet is the same water that left their facility. That's because the treated water travels through sometimes …
3 things to know before you install a home septic systemDecentralized wastewater treatment systems play a large role in ensuring the quality of water available for drinking and other uses. To choose the correct system to ensure a release of effluent that meets or exceeds local, state and federal …
Need a water filter? Cut a tree branchA highly effective water filter might be as near as the branch of the nearest sapwood tree. Researchers from MIT found that a small section of a white pine might be as good a water filter as most devices on the market today. In a paper published in …
Independent testing labs are the best source of thorough water testing. They test for many potential contaminants other than bacteria, such as arsenic and uranium. Another potential contaminant in home water sources is radon. Radon is a naturally …
Water softeners can save significant amounts of money and energy in the home, a study by the independent Battelle Institute revealed. Softeners help preserve the efficiency of water heaters and major appliances and keep showers and faucets unclogged,…
Twenty-five percent of US homes have their own well and septic system (50% in Florida and Washington). The water from these wells needs to be tested annually. Homeowners with their own well are off the grid, so to speak, with no municipal monitoring.…
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