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Passive solar house heated on $2.50 a daySeven years ago homeowner John Kosmer supervised the construction of his passive solar house in upstate New York. Since that time he's averaged just $2.50 a day to heat his 4,000-square foot home. "Despite rising fuel costs and dropping outside …
Tight building envelopes rely on site-formed flashing and trimIn the quest to maximize building science, durability and health benefits, building envelope integrity is assuming ever greater importance. Effective flashing and trim are critical in ensuring envelope performance, resistance to water infiltration …
Reclaimed wood siding uses zero-VOC paintsA new exterior cladding line uses reclaimed wood from the Pacific Northwest protected with zero-VOC paint for long-term sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the rhythms of nature and human spirit, Windfall Color Cladding combines premium, zero-…
Many folks will talk a lot about "gauge" when they discuss metal roofing. Gauge is a term which refers to the thickness of the base metal. Interestingly, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the metal is. For example, 24 gauge steel may be around …
Vinyl siding offers low maintenance, stylish exterior optionsVinyl siding continues to dominate the new construction and remodeling markets with a 33 percent market share and a 3-to-1 sales advantage over the next closest competitor, fiber cement. When it comes to selecting a siding product for new …
A building is the sum of its parts. That has always been true, and it will always be true. When it comes to sustainable or green buildings, though, the importance of every part becomes magnified. How energy efficient, sustainable or green (or …
If you're looking for an insulation strategy for a new or existing home, insulated vinyl siding just might be the answer. Vinyl siding is already one of the most popular exterior home claddings – in fact it's used on twice as many homes as any …
Proper framing leads to energy efficiencies for a green homeContractors know that "Energy Savings Start with the Framing" and a home's energy efficiency is significantly dependent upon proper framing. Over the past several decades Norbord, a leader in OSB sub-floor, wall and roof sheathing has communicated …
Today's metal roofs have so many styles to choose from! It can be overwhelming. The key to sorting it all out, though, is to know the critical considerations, and then understand what's available in each of those areas. One critical consideration is …
Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Windows provide views, daylighting, ventilation, and heat from the sun in the winter. Unfortunately, they can also account for 10 percent to 25 percent of your heating bill by letting heat …
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