HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment systems

HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment systems are ideally suited for use in restaurants, schools, trailer parks, office buildings, commercial properties and other high-strength waste applications. Commercial facilities are among the most challenging projects, often having biological loading (BOD) and Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) levels that are significantly higher than standard sanitary-strength sewage. Certain applications may have additional challenges that can affect the wastewater treatment system due to the unique characteristics of a particular facility. Wastewater treatment projects should always be designed with these challenges in mind and never on flow volumes alone. HighStrengthFAST wastewater treatment systems are proven, innovative treatment products that provide robust, high-performance treatment to meet the challenges of our changing world. Dependable, affordable…FAST.

The Real Beauty of this Remarkable System is How Well it

FAST® is simply great technology, based on environmentally sound and simple scientific principles. The FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) process employs a unique hybrid combination of attached and suspended growth in an aerobic, packed bed bioreactor. This proven IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) combination includes the stability of fully-submerged, fixed-film media and the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment, making the innovative, patented FAST system technologically advanced and extraordinarily reliable.

Nitrogen Reduction

Nitrification and denitrification projects are much easier with FAST technology. Multiple biological, bio-chemical, chemical and physical processes occur simultaneously within the FAST wastewater treatment system.  FAST® wastewater treatment systems have proven themselves to consistently reduce nitrogen levels – including nitrates and all other nitrogen species - at exceptionally high percentage rates.

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  Products and Services
  • Mighty Mike® Cleaners and Detergents

    Mighty Mike® Cleaners and Detergents

    Scienco’s family of affordable detergents and cleaners available to meet the multiple needs of a variety of unique applications.  All Scienco detergents and cleaners are manufactured under a quality-controlled environment keeping the health of others in mind.

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  • MicroFAST®


    Engineered to fit most treatment capacity requirements, this #1 product provides affordable options versus centralized sewering or conventional septic systems.  The MicroFast is a fixed integrated treatment technology that cleans up the effluent to the point that it extends the life of the leaching field and can also be used to rejuvenate a failing system.

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  • RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement

    RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement

    Conventional septic systems utilize a septic tank to hold non-soluble materials and a soil absorption component (leach fields, for example) to provide the majority of treatment and disperse the wastewater.

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  • BioBarrier® Membrane Bioreactors

    BioBarrier® Membrane Bioreactors

    Unmatched effluent quality for protection of the most sensitive environmental areas. Designed specifically for installation into both new and existing septic tanks. Bio-Microbics introduces a new generation of wastewater treatment solutions, the BioBarrier® membrane bioreactor (MBR), to help meet the increasingly stringent needs of these specialized applications.

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  • BioSTORM® Stormwater Treatment Systems

    BioSTORM® Stormwater Treatment Systems

    The pre-engineered stormwater treatment system removes trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from stormwater runoff. The BioSTORM®’s unique off-line design consists of a patented StormTEE® self-cleaning deflector screen and a modular separation/coalescing unit, all housed in readily-available precast concrete tanks.

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  • SaniTEE® Wastewater Screens

    SaniTEE® Wastewater Screens

    SaniTEE® Wastewater Screens SaniTEE® self-cleaning wastewater deflection screens (commonly known as septic tank effluent filters) are designed to reduce
    suspended solids discharged in septic tank effluent by promoting natural sedimentation and excluding gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe.

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