Complete Building Intelligence System

This diagram from PowerWise Systems shows the complete building intelligence system that allows homeowners to monitor circuit-level electricity, building environment conditions, a wide variety of flow, fluid level, water, and gas. Customers can also monitor performance of PV, wind power,...

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Sponsor: PowerWise Systems

The Future of Water Conservation

Conserving water means using what is necessary and no more, but there are both simple and complex aspects to water conservation. This white paper, sponsored by ACT D'MAND Kontrol® Systems, looks at some of the ways homeowners can conserve water...

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Sponsor: ACT D'MAND Systems

Hot Water on Demand

Water conservation is important for the environment, municipal water systems and household budgets. Turning on a faucet for hot water and waiting for it to heat up wastes 7,000 to 10,000 gallons of water a year for a typical household....

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Sponsor: ACT D'MAND Systems

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New home automation switch connects with Nest thermostat

As homeowners integrate more smart products, manufacturers are making sure different components can talk to each other.

Conservation and technology products win PCBC Parade of Products honors

The building industry's shift to embrace green products is reflected in the winners of the 2016 PCBC Parade of products show.

Smart home confusion: What do we really want our homes to do?

There is some confusion about what smart home technology can do now, and what it may be able to do in the future.

Net zero energy apartments recharge downtown LA living

20 downtown LA apartments are powered by rooftop solar panels and incorporate smart home and energy saving features.

Durable countertops mimic natural materials without the maintenance

With new laminate finishes from Formica, it's easy to bring a touch of nature into any kitchen.

Versatile kitchen faucet delivers commercial functionality at home

Architects and designers, as well as consumers, are looking for kitchen faucets with an industrial-inspired spring spout – or pre- rinse spring faucet. And while commercial-grade options deliver on style, they often lack the functional conveniences homeowners want: like easy...

Powerful kitchen faucet spray saves water

Tackling dirty dishes in the kitchen can end up wasting a lot of water.

Home automation moving into DIY territory

It's getting easier to integrate automation into a home so that the components work together for greater comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart blinds integrate with home automation for full control

While home technology may be getting smarter, it's important for all the components to work together.

Touch feature opens kitchen cabinets with a nudge (video)

Cabinets from MasterBrand are available with a touch feature that makes opening and closing cabinets a hands-free operation.

Connected kitchen cabinets support gadget charging (video)

If you're using an iPad for recipe book, it's not good to for it to shut down in the middle of supper.

New kitchen cabinets match the hot cool gray style (video)

Kitchens are becoming the cool place to congregate with hot new gray style trends.

Water-saving technologies battle drought conditions

Low-flow toilets and other technology innovations can help save water in every home, and each step can make a difference.

Mass market builder Pulte developing zero net energy home prototype

Pulte says it is the largest builder to participate in a pilot aimed at building new homes to achieve maximum energy efficiency and utility grid load reduction.

Smart thermostat delivers comfort in rooms that matter most

A single dumb thermostat is only as smart as the room it's in.

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Energy-efficient appliances are a must-have in any green home. New energy-saving appliances are introduced to the market almost daily. Learn which appliances might be right for you.