Micro kitchen designs ready for tiny houses


Five kitchen designs submitted by individuals from four countries were selected by a panel of judges in the FirstBuild Micro-Kitchen Challenge to create a fully functioning kitchen design in a small footprint.


How to find green and energy efficient home appliances

If you recycle, if you watch your water consumption, if you carry your own bag to the grocery store and you minimize your purchases of plastics, you’re putting in a lot of time and energy to watch your impact on the environment. That’s why it should bother you when your appliances don’t live up to the standards you set.

Homeowners ready to spend to stay cool when the heat is on

With the summer cooling season in full swing, higher electricity bills are right around the corner. But a recent survey dound that homeowners are trying to save energy, and would be willing to spend money on new equipment to lower their bills.

Slate is the new black in appliances

In the home, gray is more than a shade between black and white. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), gray will be the fastest growing color scheme in the kitchen in 2014.

How do tankless water heaters work?

Most people in North America currently use a storage tank water heater to provide hot water in their homes. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, does not store hot water. It heats the water by...

2014 Hurricane Season forecast sheds light on possible activity

Expert predictions are suggesting a below average hurricane season for the Atlantic Coast this year and a recent forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting...

Tankless water heating technologies in Habitat for Humanity homes

There are many advantages of having a tankless water heater in a home. Besides the money savings, endless hot water and smaller impact on the environment, a tankless water heater is...

Net Zero test home ends the year with energy to spare

After one of the toughest winters in recent years, the net-zero energy test house in suburban Washington, D.C., not only absorbed winter's best shot, it came out on top, reaching its one-year anniversary on July 1 with enough surplus energy to power an electric car for about 1,440 miles.

Recycled storage lockers become new smart home

A recycled storage building is now a luxury residence connected with smart home technology.

New study reveals value of standby generators

According to a new survey of U.S. adults, it doesn’t take long for most to consider a power outage a major disruption of their daily lives.

First major appliance wins Green Good Housekeeping Seal

The Green Good Housekeeping seal was awarded to LG’s LFX31925 Super-Capacity French-Door Refrigerator, which was has been lauded by Good Housekeeping for its impressive water and energy efficiency.

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Utilities give consumers usage info to change energy behaviors

As utilities seek to cut energy use, one of the tactics they’re employing is encouraging customers to modify their habits. Four rural electric co-ops in Minnesota reduced demand in 2013 between 1.8 and 2.8 percent using MyMeter, a program that...

Let the laundry room escape the basement with a dryer that vents up to 200 ft.

With the GE dryer’s new 200-foot venting capability, you have more freedom to choose where to put the laundry room.

Smart home users could have up to 50 wireless sensors

Early adopters of smart homes may have as many as 50 wireless sensors in the their homes as the Internet of Things reaches into many residences.

Crowsourced refrigerator features self-filling filtered water pitcher

Until now, customization and speed to market presented challenges for mass appliance manufacturers like GE Appliances, the parent company of FirstBuild

Affordable DIY smart home controls coming to market

The Iris smart home solution added an array of smart home devices that give consumers added convenience, safety and efficiency this summer.

Beat the heat with a home air conditioning app

You don't have to accept high summer air conditioning costs, even in a Texas heat wave. Controlling your utility bills can be as easy as using a smartphone app.

Refrigerators earn Energy Star certification

Two refrigerator models from Fishers & Paykey Appliances, earned Energy Star certifications under new tougher requirements.

Wink smart home automation platform expands to 60 devices

From window shades to water sprinklers, the Wink home automation platform expanded the set of connected devices to almost 60 products available through The Home Depot

Home appliances integrate with Nest devices for more control (video)

Nest made a splash in the smart device market with its stylish learning thermostat, and now it's extending its reach in the home through appliances.

Tiny house trend leads to tiny kitchen appliances

As the trend of smaller living spaces has taken hold, full-size appliances just don't fit in. GE plans to build a line of micro kitchen appliances, offering a full suite of small gizmos suitable for small homes.

Smart home service offers three levels of integration

Homeowners in East Tennessee have three options for a connected home, ranging from basic security to full home automation.

First Energy Star clothes dryers are on the market now

Whirlpool received recent certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program on the Whirlpool brand Duet model WED87HED steam dryer.

4 ways to stick it to your utility company

Rising temperatures bring rising energy bills so ways to save on utility bills become top of mind, and a home energy audit is a great way to reduce costs and realize energy savings.

Now clothes dryers can earn the Energy Star label

Clothes dryers have been the lone hold out among major appliances that weren’t available with the Energy Star label. Dryers are the most energy-intensive residential appliance not yet covered by the Energy Star program, using 6 percent of residential electricity in the U.S. But now the U.S.

Never open the refrigerator the same way again with door-in-door action

New door-in-door technology lets you grab a cold drink or a snack from the refrigerator without opening the entire refrigerator. LG Electronics has extended its original, award-winning Door-in-Door technology to the side-by-side category with the debut of its newest ENERGY...

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