Green building market trends for 2015


From lower prices for solar power to an explosion of ductless mini split HVAC options, high performance home trends continue to develop.


Carrier boosts ductless HVAC system efficiency

A new line of ductless HVAC systems offers flexibility and high efficiency options for renovations and new construction.

Great green reads: Top 10 high performance home building articles for 2014

The analytics tell us that readers found these stories of green building achievement to be the most compelling for the year.

Zero Energy Ready ICF home wins building awards

A coastal colonial-style home built with insulated concrete forms earned multiple awards for building excellence and performance.

How to boost your LEED score using decorative concrete

Learn about five ways you can use decorative concrete to improve both the beauty and sustainability of your next building project

Low carbon block could answer concrete problems

For builders looking for low-carbon footprint products, a new concrete block alternative could be the answer.

ICFs are ideal for FEMA storm shelters and safe rooms

Not everyone can build their entire house of insulated concrete forms (ICFs), so instead adding a storm shelter to the existing house or structure can be the difference between...

Green construction strategies for the best in building envelopes

When a homeowner or building professional searches for building products, there are many ways to go green. In addition to energy-saving options look for products with green attributes throughout the lifecycle of a product.

ICF Tech Bulletin: Avoiding drywall cracks

Fox Blocks addresses many of the common inquiries of ICF professionals and put them in easy to use topics. Hopefully they can help to educate the ICF community on how to build with ICFs properly.

Louisville home representing US in green building competition

Kentucky’s first LEED Platinum, net zero Energy and water-conserving home relies on sustainable design and products.

Thermal mass wall basics

What is thermal mass? Well, it’s basically a substance’s ability to resist fluctuations in temperature, which means it takes a lot of energy to heat a substance and a lot of energy to cool it. A good example of this is a concrete sidewalk in the summer.

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Prefab concrete walls could lower price of green building for Habitat for Humanity

As Habitat for Humanity and other affordable homebuilders look for ways to go green and stay on budget, a new concrete wall system could be the answer.

Most homeowners want smart homes but want to do it themselves

More than 70 percent of smart phone users in America just wish they could control something in their home from their mobile device without getting out of bed.

ICFs form walls of a new Scottish castle

A majestic Scottish castle is taking shape in Connecticut, and it just may have the strength to withstand a siege, thanks to the insulated concrete forms that make up the walls.

Tropical island home construction built on concrete forms

Although insulated concrete forms are often used in cooler climates, builders are using them in tropical climates as well.

Fox Blocks expands ICF manufacturing

Reflecting the growing interest in insulated concrete form construction, Fox Blocks has expanded its manufacturing base to Texas and Missouri. Omaha-based Fox Blocks, the fastest growing manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICF) in North America, continues expansion of their added...

Insulated concrete form construction offers affordable green building

If you'd like to live in a green energy-efficient home but think it's too expensive, think again. Today homebuilders can use surprisingly affordable building technology that offers significant benefits in energy efficiency, safety and home comfort for little to no...

ICF construction cuts building time and manpower (video)

The Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 project cost less and reduced building time with insulated concrete form construction. The 9,000-square-foot Army Reserve Center project in in Sloan, Nev., benefitted from the ease of stacking and quality interlocking corners...

How to build a green home using insulated concrete forms

Often when homeowners and builders consider investing in green elements for a home, the concept of payoff comes to mind. The perception is that building an energy-efficient home costs a lot more, and therefore should pay back the difference compared...

Hurricane-resistant home in Alabama ready to take on the weather

Proven in the harsh weather in the Philippines and 13 other countries over the last decade, a new affordable and resilient construction process is now available in the United States through Defender Technologies, LLC. Engineered to resist hurricane and tornado...

Concrete Cares pours pink concrete to support breast cancer awareness (photos)

A home in Glendale, Ariz., has a pink concrete in its walls. On purpose. To support breast cancer awareness, the American Concrete Institute’s Concrete Cares program launched pink concrete pours in a number of cities across the country. Castle Rock...

New forms solve concrete waste problem at the building site

Concrete is one of the most used building products in the world, and it’s also one of the heaviest and hardest to handle. Builders that must order cement usually order more than is needed to complete their task. After all, coming up short could be devastating to the pour as well as to the budget.

Habitat for Humanity Carter work project builds with ICFs for Super Storm Sandy rebuild

Habitat For Humanity’s 30th Annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project was dedicated to helping rebuild a New Jersey home devastated by Super Storm Sandy. To withstand future storms, as well as provide a tight building envelope for energy efficiency,...

Fox Blocks expands ICF manufacturing to Alaska

Homeowners and builders in Alaska can take advantage of insulated concrete form construction more quickly with a new ICF production facility in Anchorage. Fox Blocks, the fastest growing manufacturer of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) in North America, is expanding its...

Net-zero subdivisions planned with ICF construction for maximum energy efficiency

Two net-zero energy developments, built with homes that generate as much energy as they use, are being built with insulated concrete forms to ensure energy efficiency and comfort. Anthony Aebi, the founder and CEO of Greenhill Contracting, Inc has a...

Indoor air quality a part of first Kentucky net-zero home project (Video)

My Green Kentucky Home, a 3,725 square-foot home constructed as a model for sustainable homebuilding, also considered indoor air quality. When specifying materials for the interior, GCCM Construction Services found that CertainTeed offered a wide range of high-performance products that...

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