Home Exteriors: Choosing the Perfect Look and Materials for Your New Home or Home Remodel

Using specially designed products for new home construction or a home remodel can help homeowners improve the appearance of their home and reduce overall maintenance needs and cost.

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How to Choose Sustainably Manufactured Home Exterior Products

From the products we use to build them to the energy they use every day, our homes have a large impact on the environment. That’'s why building companies are developing products that have a lower environmental impact. This white paper reviews looks at some of the ways that exterior building products offer sustainable options for your home project.

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Vinyl Siding Myths Busted

Vinyl siding is a great choice for both new homes and remodeling existing homes. As other types of exterior cladding come on the market, it’s easy to be swayed by the latest and greatest product announcement. This white paper explores some of the myths around vinyl siding that could stop you from making the best choice for your home.

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A peek at the future of HVAC, refrigeration (video)

Consumer care of indoor air quality and indoor health will drive the development of HVAC and refrigeration products that are more efficient and sustainable.

New lath solves water management problems in wall systems

Managing moisture on exterior walls is always a challenge, but there's a new solution for stone, stucco and brick veneers.

Textured doorglass allows natural light while protecting privacy and energy use

Homeowners like natural light, but don't want to give up privacy or energy efficiency.

Wood-like siding uses recycled materials for low-maintenance living

A new line of exterior siding uses recycled materials to take the place of wood siding with low-maintenance style.

IBS: Sheathing tackles seismic and building envelope codes

Quake Zone sheathing from Norbord is designed to help builders meet seismic building codes with faster construction time and less waste.

IBS video: Home exteriors designed for curb appeal and performance

Whether a homeowner is updating the home exterior for their own enjoyment or for resale, "Killer Curb Appeal" 
has benefits for both.

Siding innovations improve look, performance of your home

As technology changes, better products become available. Home siding has had many innovations that give homeowners renewed options for the improvement of their homes.

IBS Preview: building products for high performance homes

At the 2016 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, building product manufacturers will display the latest and best products that are an integral part of today's high performance home.

Protect your home with impact resistant glass

When factoring environmental risks into home purchasing and home building, protecting the building envelope is a top priority. Keeping what’s inside safe is integral.

Multifamily development includes Seattle's first net energy positive home

The last home has sold in the New Rainier Vista development, which includes Passive House-certified units as well as one that produces more energy than it uses.

New wall assembly cuts building costs and boosts energy efficiency

As building codes come to emphasize insulation and air sealing, home builders are looking for affordable wall systems.

Countdown: Top 10 News Articles of 2015

The trend for high performance homes continues to gain momentum, and our top news stories reflect your interest in creating a more comfortable, healthy and efficient home.

The four S's of windows and doors

When choosing new replacement windows or doors, it is important to remember a few things: style, scale, shape and size. Please keep in mind that certain cities or neighborhoods may place restrictions on the types of replacement products you may use on your home.

5 green building materials for your home

You can limit a home’s environmental impact by using green building materials, which helps to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

Net zero energy demonstration house moving to net zero water operation

While net zero energy for homes has been growing in popularity, net zero water use is the next frontier for high performance homes.

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