Sheathing for a Stronger and Greener Home

In this age of heightened environmental consciousness, consumers and construction professionals alike strive to build stronger, greener homes. That means continually finding ways to heighten energy efficiency, while lessening environmental degradation in the process. A relatively new innovation that can differentiate a green home is...


Proud Green Home of St. Louis relies on advanced framing

While system components such as the HVAC will likely be upgraded in the future with technology advances, it makes sense to invest in building a better thermal envelope.

ICFs are ideal for FEMA storm shelters and safe rooms

Not everyone can build their entire house of insulated concrete forms (ICFs), so instead adding a storm shelter to the existing house or structure can be the difference between...

Green construction strategies for the best in building envelopes

When a homeowner or building professional searches for building products, there are many ways to go green. In addition to energy-saving options look for products with green attributes throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Prefab house book gives global perspective on green building phenomenon

For anyone considering a green home project, take time out to consider the fast-growing world of prefab and systems built homes. With her new book Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes around the Globe, author Sheri Koones opens the door on this global phenomenon.

DOE recognizes Proud Green Home at Serenbe

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized the Proud Green Home at Serenbe as the first DOE Zero Energy Ready Home in the state of Georgia.

ICF Tech Bulletin: Avoiding drywall cracks

Fox Blocks addresses many of the common inquiries of ICF professionals and put them in easy to use topics. Hopefully they can help to educate the ICF community on how to build with ICFs properly.

Thermal mass wall basics

What is thermal mass? Well, it’s basically a substance’s ability to resist fluctuations in temperature, which means it takes a lot of energy to heat a substance and a lot of energy to cool it. A good example of this is a concrete sidewalk in the summer.

Strength of concrete

Waking up to the sound of a drunk driver crashing into your house can be disturbing–and there are plenty of other words to describe the sensation. I know exactly what that’s like.

Building for high wind events

Summer is almost upon us and with it comes the storm season. From hurricanes to tornadoes and all the high-wind events in-between, the Atlantic storm seasons get worse as climate change increases sea temperatures.

7 Steps to a mainstream Net-Zero house

In addition to abundant natural daylighting, the house features CFL and LED lighting to conserve energy.

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Are you missing the connection between Shark Week and green building?

Shark Week, the long-running summer Discovery Channel event devoted to all things shark, may seem to have a tenuous connection to green building.

Membrane seals the building envelope against moisture

Blocking water from the building envelope is an ongoing struggle for building professionals. But there's a new weapon in the battle against moisture, the Henry BlueskinVP 100 self-adhered, water-resistant air barrier membrane.

Defensive builders use engineered wood to fight insects and mold

For building professionals faced with challenging environments, defensive building may the answer to fight decay, insects and mold.

Builders turning to SIPs for better home performance

As homebuilders are challenged to meet increasingly stringent energy codes imposed by cities and counties, they're turning to an alternative to conventional stick-built construction.

Fox Blocks expands ICF manufacturing

Reflecting the growing interest in insulated concrete form construction, Fox Blocks has expanded its manufacturing base to Texas and Missouri. Omaha-based Fox Blocks, the fastest growing manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICF) in North America, continues expansion of their added...

Demand growing for reclaimed timbers in green building projects

Building professionsals are looking to reclaimed wood from tear downs as a way to incorporate a rustic design texture as well as green building concepts into their new projects. One provider of reclaimed timbers, New Energy Works, has seen a...

Does your project have the worst subfloor in America? Take a photo and win

Turn a nightmare project into a winner with the Worst Subfloor photo contest.

Stronger building codes urged to help homes survive tornadoes

After three deadly tornadoes in less than 15 years, Moore, Oklahoma strengthened its building codes.

Support online campaign to stop building leaky houses

Air tightness is one of the most under appreciated factors behind energy efficient homes. Other aspects of green building like insulation, windows and solar power grab all the headlines. But Ben Adam-Smith, a film maker in Britain and a green...

Flashing tape earns 2012 building code recognition

The ZIP System tape from Huber Engineered Woods LLC was the first flashing tape to receive recognition under the 2012 building codes. The tape, part of the Huber ZIP System of sheathing products, gained ICC-ES recognition to the 2012 International...

Study: new home insulation quality falls short of building codes

A study of 58 new home construction projects in New Zealand found defects in batt insulation installation in every home. New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority contracted Realsure LTD to conduct a survey of new homes to look at...

Proper framing leads to energy efficiencies for a green home

Contractors know that "Energy Savings Start with the Framing" and a home's energy efficiency is significantly dependent upon proper framing. Over the past several decades Norbord, a leader in OSB sub-floor, wall and roof sheathing has communicated with contractors across...

Home exterior siding ready to weather any climate zone (video)

Building a home is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking, and some aspects have to be customized to the region of the country in which the home is located. That’s true for insulation, heating and cooling, and exterior siding, for example. To...

Sign up to give your home an exterior makeover

Your family home could be the next to receive the ultimate facelift from CertainTeed Corporation. North America's leading brand of building products has begun its hugely popular annual call for video entries from homeowners to showcase their wish lists for...

How to build a green home using insulated concrete forms

Often when homeowners and builders consider investing in green elements for a home, the concept of payoff comes to mind. The perception is that building an energy-efficient home costs a lot more, and therefore should pay back the difference compared...

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