Countdown: Top 10 News Articles of 2015

The trend for high performance homes continues to gain momentum, and our top news stories reflect your interest in creating a more comfortable, healthy and efficient home.

Use solar power in your garden

Products that use energy from the sun are transforming the world of gardening just as they are doing in other industries.

MID-MOD MESS – Energy (In)Efficiency in Mid-Century Modern

Mid 20th-century modern homes have some of the coolest design out there but they are a train wreck in terms of energy efficiency.

Considering Adding a Deck to Your Green Home?

Today’s responsible homeowners are continually looking for ways to make their homes, and their lifestyles, more environmentally friendly, efficient and enjoyable.

Watering green - low-flow, no-mow

When it comes to green building, energy is first-born, and water is the red-headed step child.

Make sure your green roof is low maintenance

Throughout North America, there are many beautiful, living roofs dotting our urban landscape that also require care.

Naples Botanical Garden earns LEED Gold

What used to be a 170-acre patch of grass, palmettos, and palms fronted by a strip mall is the first subtropical public garden of the 21st century.

Green landscape design tips for beginners

A beautifully landscaped yard can up the value of your property and gives you a reason to spend time outdoors surrounded by nature; great for mind, body and soul.

Future sustainability relies on home water conservation

Given that a number of states, including California and Oregon, are already experiencing the effects of climate change, the need for an efficient water management plan becomes all the more pressing.

Harvest and use your rainwater

Harvesting rainwater is a way of saving and utilizing the rainwater that would normally fall on the roof of your home and go down the drain.

Make outdoor living a part of your green home design

Gone are the days of home interiors 
and exteriors being treated as separate spaces.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for Spring

It’s a great time to roll up your sleeves for to prepare your lawn and garden for spring.

Seedlings! Want to save some money this spring?

If you live in the northern climate, it’s time to start those seedlings for the garden. Many lucky others may have started them already.

The garden comes together

My favorite part of Magnolia Farms is the fact that we will have an organic garden that will provide weekly pick-ups for the residents. How amazing will it be to have veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers grown right in the neighborhood? The garden will not only produce fresh, healthy food, but it will also be a great place to meet with neighbors.

How to use native landscaping for a more sustainable garden

Enjoying a beautiful garden around your home is a very pleasurable experience and for many, maintaining a garden is a favorite past time. Of course, what you decide to plant in your garden comes down to personal preferences but have...

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Home gardens and landscaping are often an integral part of creating a green home. Get ideas for gardening and creating sustainable landscaping for your home.