5 organic lawn care tips to prepare for fall (video)


End the summer season with a bang by rejuvenating your lawn and prepping for the cooler season ahead.


Use solar power in your garden

Products that use energy from the sun are transforming the world of gardening just as they are doing in other industries.

MID-MOD MESS – Energy (In)Efficiency in Mid-Century Modern

Mid 20th-century modern homes have some of the coolest design out there but they are a train wreck in terms of energy efficiency.

Considering Adding a Deck to Your Green Home?

Today’s responsible homeowners are continually looking for ways to make their homes, and their lifestyles, more environmentally friendly, efficient and enjoyable.

Watering green - low-flow, no-mow

When it comes to green building, energy is first-born, and water is the red-headed step child.

Make sure your green roof is low maintenance

Throughout North America, there are many beautiful, living roofs dotting our urban landscape that also require care.

Naples Botanical Garden earns LEED Gold

What used to be a 170-acre patch of grass, palmettos, and palms fronted by a strip mall is the first subtropical public garden of the 21st century.

Green landscape design tips for beginners

A beautifully landscaped yard can up the value of your property and gives you a reason to spend time outdoors surrounded by nature; great for mind, body and soul.

Future sustainability relies on home water conservation

Given that a number of states, including California and Oregon, are already experiencing the effects of climate change, the need for an efficient water management plan becomes all the more pressing.

Harvest and use your rainwater

Harvesting rainwater is a way of saving and utilizing the rainwater that would normally fall on the roof of your home and go down the drain.

Make outdoor living a part of your green home design

Gone are the days of home interiors 
and exteriors being treated as separate spaces.

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Fall lawn tips to get your lawn ready for spring (video)

Many Americans believe they are pretty savvy when it comes to their lawns, how will you do?

Don't miss the most popular outdoor decorating trends

Trends go in and out of style, as three outdoor summer looks rise to the top and three are going out of vogue.

California apartments falling short of water reduction targets

While residents of California apartment buildings are using less water, it's not enough to meet the required reductions.

Grant program funds small farm improvements for sustainable food chain improvements

Local growers can apply for funding to improve the sustainable food supply chain through Greener Fields Together.

Minimalist green roof adapts to almost any building

A minimalist green roof strips away unnecessary elements and focuses on what needs to be there to achieve its desired goals from aesthetics to stormwater management.

New rating system guides sustainable landscape growth

Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) launched its newly acquired SITES rating system, the most comprehensive program and toolkit for developing sustainable landscapes.

Permeable pavers reduce stormwater pollution

Driveways and parking lots can be made significantly eco-friendlier with the installation of permeable systems.

Californians switching to artificial grass to battle drought

With mandates to replace lawns with drought tolerant landscaping, California residents are looking for good alternatives to traditional grass.

Smart sprinklers grow green grass and save water

A new digitally controlled lawn irrigation system adapted ink-jet printing technology to apply the right amount of water in the right places to reduce water use by up to 50 percent.

5 green garden tips to wow your summer guests

Summer weekends, filled with barbeques, picnics and parades are also a great time to spruce up containers, hanging baskets and make a statement in your garden. Gardeners know if they spend a little more time now getting the garden off...

Take care of your lawn without burning gasoline

Spring has finally arrived with warmer weather across the country. Whether you can see your lawn yet or not, you can make your lawncare green by using reliable gas free lawn and garden tools. Throughout the year, consumers burn off...

Nourishmat system helps create a sustainable personal garden (video)

Starting a garden is a great way to get homegrown veggies, but it can be tough to do it right the first time. But there's a new product that makes it easier to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in a...

Harvest rain to water your lawn and garden

With the Rainwater Hub, you can direct captured rainwater any where in the yard. The Rainwater Hub is a rainwater harvesting system that uses gravity to distribute rainwater through regular garden hoses. The Rainwater Hub channels rainwater 150 feet to...

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Home gardens and landscaping are often an integral part of creating a green home. Get ideas for gardening and creating sustainable landscaping for your home.