Renovation of historic homestead includes geothermal system

A top-down renovation of an 1867 Wisconsin homestead incorporated a ground-up geothermal heating system that relies on steady temperatures just beneath the earth’s surface to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling to the home, while preserving its historic charm.


The FLC recognizes standout achievement in technology commercialization

ClimateMaster continues to earn praise for its innovation within the heating and cooling industry. The latest accolade comes from the Federal Laboratory Consortium.

Use Honda Smart Home designs in your green home project

After making its Smart Home a reality, Honda opened up access to designs and blueprints to make building your own smart home that much easier.

Couple uses geothermal to stay within budget and build dream home

David and Laura Grisar had big visions and a big budget for their dream home, but the anticipated hefty price tag for heating and cooling the 6,500-square-foot structure derailed their dream. Their architect and general contractor had a solution...

Prefab house book gives global perspective on green building phenomenon

For anyone considering a green home project, take time out to consider the fast-growing world of prefab and systems built homes. With her new book Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes around the Globe, author Sheri Koones opens the door on this global phenomenon.

Remote Montana ranch installs geothermal system, minimizes disturbance to landscape

When Energy 1, a build and design firm, looked to bring energy efficiency to a remote Montana ranch, the company had to do so in such a way as not to disturb the pristine landscape and environmental richness of the area.

Century old home in North Carolina retrofitted with geothermal

ClimateMaster units have played a key role in transforming a century old home in Raleigh, N.C., into an example of inefficiency turnaround.

Smart geothermal systems incorporate monitoring and variable-speed technlogy

Much of what makes ClimateMaster Tranquility geothermal heating and cooling systems so tranquil for consumers is technology.

Generate your own power with the latest renewable energy technology

Innovations in renewable energy technology make it easier than ever to generate electricity at home.

Oklahoma builder finds success using geothermal units

In the push to make homes as efficient as possible, builders like Chisholm Creek Development are reaching that target with geothermal heating and cooling systems manufactured by ClimateMaster.

Passive house performance monitoring solutions

Easily measure and manage the performance of your passive house with monitoring and control technology.

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Rehabbed Chicago homes will add solar to green upgrades

The first of five rehabbed homes in the Highland Park neighborhood includes solar panels as part of a package of green upgrades that will increase the homes' market value.

Geothermal heating beats the high cost of propane

After going through three winters with the geothermal system in his home, homeowner Neal Kelly was pleased with the choice he made.

Hybrid solar geothermal heating and cooling system wins patent

With performance proven in an award-winning net-zero home, a hybrid solar-geothermal heating and cooling system was awarded a U.S. patent.

Geothermal: a comfortable way to cut home heating costs

One way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without your heating and cooling bills going sky high can be found underground.

Tap bodies of water for economical, efficient geothermal energy

A typical geothermal installation uses water and a heat transfer liquid similar to an anti-freeze to transfer heat from the ground to and from the home in a process that provides for efficient and cost-effective air handling methods for countless...

Historic home nearing goal of net-zero after deep green remodeling

A 110-year-old home is on its way to becoming a net-zero home thanks to a deep green remodel that’s still in progress. When Matt Grocoff and his wife, Kelly, bought a 110 year old Folk-Victorian home in Ann Arbor’s Old...

Tax credits for home energy upgrades in force for 2014

Qualified U.S. homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives for adding energy efficient features to their homes in 2014. The good folks at RESNet offer a good overview of the federal tax incentives available for the 2014 tax season.

Canadian initiative promotes geothermal heat pump installation

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) has launched GeoCity, a national initiative developed with the financial support of Natural Resources Canada to recognize municipalities which lead and actively promote quality ground source heat pump design and installation. Ground source heat pumps,...

Geothermal systems: an alternative to propane

The recent spike in propane prices has consumers looking for alternative ways to condition a home, leading a growing number of homeowners to consider geothermal heating and cooling as an alternative. Efficiency and savings Geothermal systems, which draw on the...

Can I use geothermal heating and cooling in my existing home?

Geothermal heating and cooling is one of the top ways homeowners can reduce their utility bills as well as their environmental impact. But for many years, geothermal was considered primarily an option for new construction. As the housing market has...

Tired of high heating bills? Go with geothermal heating and cooling

In the face of recent propane shortages and record high prices for the fuel, some rural areas reported deliveries as high as $8 per gallon, homeowners who rely on propane to heat their homes are beginning to consider more reliable,...

New York state's first green development features geothermal

In November, 2011, Natale Builders held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at their newest neighborhood – Rivera Greens – in Clarence, N.Y. When completed, the development will include 35 single-family homes built to an energy efficiency standard unparalleled in the Buffalo/Niagara region....

Should I install a geothermal heat pump? (video)

As the winter of 2014 dumped snow and freezing temperatures on the country, many folks had sticker shock from their utility bills. But there was one group of smart homeowners who stayed warm while paying less for heating. The popularity...

Sustainable geothermal system preserves historic charm of 1830s home

Homeowner David Craig wanted to renovate his historic home to preserve the appearance that he loved but also enjoy the conveniences of a new home. He set this goal when renovations began on the 1830s home he purchased in 1972....

Top 5 reasons to switch to geothermal

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are becoming a favorite option for homeowners looking for convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Many homeowners make the switch due to the increased energy efficiency and increased savings. Geothermal manufacturers offer these reasons...

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