Don't miss these 2016 home design trends (Photos)


From smart home technology to changes that open floor plan living brings, the 2016 home is adapting to on-the-go families and Millennials.


First net zero townhome complex meets its energy use goals

The zHome was the first net zero energy townhome complex in the United States, and two years of real data shows the homes actually produce as much energy as they use

Home of the future, today

Confession of a girl geek at heart - I grew up watching the Jetsons and loved it. Guess what? That “home of the future,” the home of the Jetsons, is here now.

Making consumers see green

Selling sustainable homes, buildings a matter of properly articulating the value of green building, Greenbuild presenters say.

Photos: Inside scoop on modern home living

Seven homes in Houston opened their doors for a Modern Home Tour to share inspiration and education about high performance homes.

3 Steps for better indoor air quality for your home

Most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors exposed to those potential sources of pollution than can lead to discomfort and illness.

Energy Star Appliances and Electronics at the heart of the Proud Green Home of St. Louis

The owners of the Proud Green Home of St. Louis wanted to make their home energy efficient, and a host of appliances and electronics from LG Electronics are helping them do just that.

Ready to Geo? National Geothermal Day is here! (VIDEO)

One renewable resource is often overlooked: geothermal heating and cooling.

Family loves their high performance home remodel (photos)

"The kitchen and breakfast nook are the epicenter of the house, and we spend lots of family time there.”

The trend toward healthy includes your home

Creating healthier living spaces is paramount for informed consumers.

High performance home insights

I was recently interviewed by MoonworksHome as part of their Expert Interview program.

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Builders, buyers and lenders get new guidance for valuing green homes

The value of homes built to new energy codes should be reflected in the appraisals for lending, and appraisers can use new information from the Appraisal Institute to reflect better buildings.

Green building industry innovators recognized for sustainability initiatives

During Greenbuild 2015, The BOLD Awards recognized Building Optimizers Leaders and Disruptors who are driving change and innovation in prestigious green building projects across the country.

Get ready for the cold: home winterization tips for your home

Home winterization can help keep your home warmer, while using less energy and costing less money.

Community solar gardens solve home solar adoption challenges

Massachusetts joins Minnesota and Colorado as states providing clean energy alternatives with community solar gardens.

Apartments waste 33% of the energy they use (infographic)

Apartment managers and residents can take some simple steps to stop wasting energy and lower their utility costs. While October is actually Energy Awareness Month, any time is the right time to promote the importance of finding more efficient ways...

Duke Energy offers solar power rebate for South Carolina

The DER program is designed to grow the company's renewable footprint in the state from less than 2 megawatts today to at least 110 megawatts and potentially 170 megawatts by 2021.

Tips to protect your home from energy vampires

Energy vampires can be lurking around one’s home in unexpected places: televisions, computers, and microwaves.

Smart LED lights help you live better and simplify home automation

C by GE smart LED bulbs take lighting beyond basic illumination with new features designed for sleep circadian rhythms.

New charger powers electric vehicles 5 times faster

More than 80 percent of residential customers have electrical panels near where they park an EV.

Some states move ahead in energy efficiency measures

Energy efficiency measures continue to flourish in states across the country, with several states taking major steps that improved their scores.

Top 15 environmentally conscious Florida homebuilders recognized

The builders were recognized for their conscientious green building efforts in creating healthier and safer homes and a more sustainable Florida.

Marvin sliding door adds disappearing screen option (video)

Blending indoor and outdoor living spaces is a fixture in today's homes.

New program identifies safe window coverings products for homes with young children

The Best for Kids program outlines stringent criteria and requires manufacturers submit products for certification to recognized third party testing laboratories.

Do you live in an energy efficient state? (infographic)

The average American consumer spends nearly $2,000 a year on energy bills, and about half of that pays just for heating and cooling.

5 organic lawn care tips to prepare for fall (video)

End the summer season with a bang by rejuvenating your lawn and prepping for the cooler season ahead.

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