Energy recovery ventilators keep high performance homes comfortable


As building codes call for tighter homes, continuous ventilation helps keeps occupants comfortable and saves energy.


Using Point-of-Use Heaters in House Expansions

When adding to your property, you may run into issues like building restrictions or design flaws. A well designed water system can help save money during construction and use energy efficiently.

Plug gaps and holes to stop energy, money loss

Unsealed cracks and crevices in a home can be detrimental to its efficiency and durability, adding to unnecessary energy expenses. That’s why plugging gaps and holes throughout the home is so important.

With new devices it's easier to make your home smarter

Sales of smart home devices will exceed 20 million units by the end of 2014 and increase to 36 million units by 2017.

Building codes should push the (building) envelope

While building codes represent the lowest-level of requirements, builders and buyers alike should push for homes that go beyond the standard, experts say.

Modular home uses ductless mini splits to handle Massachusetts winters

Last winter, heating bills were about one fourth of similar neighboring houses.

Ready to Geo? National Geothermal Day is here! (VIDEO)

One renewable resource is often overlooked: geothermal heating and cooling.

Preventing frozen pipes

As winter approaches, we are sure to see a few homeowners suffer the inconvenience and often exorbitant expense of frozen and burst pipes. Even when pipes are situated inside the thermal envelope, they can still be exposed to freezing temperatures through conduction.

Disadvantages of keeping an old water heater

Most people in the U.S. don’t pay attention to their old-fashioned water heaters even though they can have expensive costs. For the most part it is easier to just ignore the water heater and not worry until it breaks down and needs constant repairs.

Do programmable thermostats really save money?

Programmable thermostats do have the potential to save the homeowner money, but they can also cost more. The secret to success is the way in which you use them.

Radiant floor heating warms the Proud Green Home of St. Louis

There's nothing like stepping on a warm floor when you get out of bed or the bath.

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Production builder adds solar system for low HERS ratings

A new model by Stanley Martin Homes recorded a HERS index of 29, the lowest ever for the company.

Colorado Zero Net Energy Home also built for low maintenance

Recently built in the mountains of Fraser, Colorado, the home is situated at 8,000 feet with an average annual temperature of 34 degrees F.

Do you live in an energy efficient state? (infographic)

The average American consumer spends nearly $2,000 a year on energy bills, and about half of that pays just for heating and cooling.

Masonry heater uses biomass for comfortable winter heat

An upstate New York family looking to be self reliant in their winter heating fuel settled on a masonry fireplace to keep their home comfortable.

Can you do a Manual J HVAC calculation in less than 60 seconds?

A new tool enables contractors to leverage the power of big data to measure a home’s HVAC needs before making a house call.

Smart thermostat detects outdoors allergens for better indoor air quality

There are a lot of smart thermostats on the market, but a new system from Lennox can crank up the ventilation when it detects outdoor allergens.

$30 million rebate program funds HVAC upgrades

Homeowners in Massachusetts can take advantage of a rebate program to upgrade to more efficient heating and cooling systems.

New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

Air-source heat pumps have had a reputation for not being able to provide enough heat for cold weather climates, but a new model can handle long-term sub-zero temperatures.

High efficiency boiler delivers residential hydronic heating

For residential projects using hydronic heating, a new 95% AFUE boiler offers flexible functionality.

Hot tips for staying cool in the summer heat

Each year, homeowners in the U.S. spend $11 billion on energy costs. Wouldn't it be great to reduce your share of that?

Smart home market set to boom by 2020

The smart home market is forecast to be a $58.68 billion industry by 2020, with a 17% annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020.

Tips for keeping your home cool in the summer heat

The good news is there are things you can do to control summer energy costs.

Mixed-use apartment complex aims for LEED Platinum

A new LEED Platinum-designed apartment building will create some of the most sustainable, livable, and innovative mixed-use buildings in the Pacific Northwest.

New duct sealing technology cuts HVAC energy loss

A new aerosol technology can cut air loss from leaky ducts, improving HVAC efficiency and improving comfort in homes and buildings.

Where do you rank? Most homeowners say they're above average in energy efficiency

While most homeowners pass the energy conservation test, they need to brush up on Energy Savings 101 if they want to stay cool and keep bills low this season.

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