How do tankless water heaters work?


Most people in North America currently use a storage tank water heater to provide hot water in their homes. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, does not store hot water. It heats the water by...


Couple uses geothermal to stay within budget and build dream home

David and Laura Grisar had big visions and a big budget for their dream home, but the anticipated hefty price tag for heating and cooling the 6,500-square-foot structure derailed their dream. Their architect and general contractor had a solution...

Beat the heat and cold with a 60-minute DIY home energy audit

Since rising temperatures bring rising energy bills, ways to save on utility bills become top of mind – and a home energy audit is a great way to reduce costs and realize energy savings.

Tankless water heating technologies in Habitat for Humanity homes

There are many advantages of having a tankless water heater in a home. Besides the money savings, endless hot water and smaller impact on the environment, a tankless water heater is...

Prefab house book gives global perspective on green building phenomenon

For anyone considering a green home project, take time out to consider the fast-growing world of prefab and systems built homes. With her new book Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes around the Globe, author Sheri Koones opens the door on this global phenomenon.

Remote Montana ranch installs geothermal system, minimizes disturbance to landscape

When Energy 1, a build and design firm, looked to bring energy efficiency to a remote Montana ranch, the company had to do so in such a way as not to disturb the pristine landscape and environmental richness of the area.

ABC Green Home 2.0 ready to break ground

Building on the success of the ABC Green Home 1.0, the 2.0 version of the green building demonstration home will be built and donated to a disabled veteran through Habitat for Humanity.

Welcome to ozone season

Just as we’ve wrapped up spring allergy season comes the annual summer onset of ozone warnings. Weather announcers in many cities provide daily updates this time of year, categorizing the levels anywhere from safe to...

Century old home in North Carolina retrofitted with geothermal

ClimateMaster units have played a key role in transforming a century old home in Raleigh, N.C., into an example of inefficiency turnaround.

Why low-voltage heating is better

Low-voltage radiant heating has many advantages over other considerations. It is easy to install because it is a strong, yet flexible, thin plastic heating mat made of an innovative polymer blend that can be cut to size.

Why go tankless?

With a conventional tank, you waste heating and reheating water 24 hours a day. Tank style water heaters are 30% less efficient than tankless models, and their efficiency decreases over time due to sediment built up.

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Beat the heat with a home air conditioning app

You don't have to accept high summer air conditioning costs, even in a Texas heat wave. Controlling your utility bills can be as easy as using a smartphone app.

Geothermal: a comfortable way to cut home heating costs

One way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without your heating and cooling bills going sky high can be found underground.

A simple solution for a hot home

In hot months, attic ventilation is important for two reasons: 1) it keeps your attic cool by eliminating heat buildup and 2) it prolongs the life of your roof by preventing early failure of roof materials.

Wink smart home automation platform expands to 60 devices

From window shades to water sprinklers, the Wink home automation platform expanded the set of connected devices to almost 60 products available through The Home Depot

Is your home too hot? The problem could be in your walls and roof

If your home is too hot this summer, it's easy to blame the air conditioner for not keeping up with the heat. But you could be missing the real culprit.

Tap bodies of water for economical, efficient geothermal energy

A typical geothermal installation uses water and a heat transfer liquid similar to an anti-freeze to transfer heat from the ground to and from the home in a process that provides for efficient and cost-effective air handling methods for countless...

Make sure your A/C can stand the heat

When summer temperatures flirt with triple digits across much of the U.S., the health of your air conditioner suddenly become very important.

Ductless HVAC options offer energy efficiency and flexibility

Installing an energy-efficient cooling and heating system can be one of the most significant upgrades a homeowner can make to save on utility costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 50 percent of an average U.S. home’s energy bill...

HVAC monitoring system lets homeowners avoid outages

ComfortGuard technology is a comprehensive monitoring service that allows homeowners to manage their heating and cooling equipment by providing real-time information and professional insight that predicts problems, prevents energy waste, and protects indoor comfort around-the-clock.

Do you know the 6 reasons geothermal heating and cooling works for your home?

Geothermal experts encourage homeowners to consider making the switch to a geothermal system to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

High efficiency heat pump offers HVAC solutions for large building projects

Panasonic’s Combined ECOi EX 2-way conditioning solution is ideal for large capacity jobs because it offers superior heating and cooling along with cost-effective installation.

Habitat homes use HRVs for ventilation and better indoor air

Two Habitat for Humanity homes will have lower heating and cooling bills and a steady flow of fresh air with heat recovery ventilation systems from Zehnder. Two Habitat for Humanity homes under construction in Lawrence, Mass., will incorporate ERVs as...

Wireless controller links window air conditioner to smart grid

With the smart-grid ready Kühl room air conditioner, San Antonio residents can take advantage of rebates and utility credits from CPS Energy. San Antonio-based Friedrich Air Conditioning says consumers can save money while CPS Energy has another tool to maintain...

Most efficient mini split HVAC system ready for all climates

Cooling and heating systems without ductwork have been commonplace in homes throughout Europe and Asia for years. Their efficient design and advanced motors ensure they don't waste energy like traditional central air systems. Aimed at homeowners who spend $1,100 or...

Tax credits for home energy upgrades in force for 2014

Qualified U.S. homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives for adding energy efficient features to their homes in 2014. The good folks at RESNet offer a good overview of the federal tax incentives available for the 2014 tax season.

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