Energy recovery ventilators keep high performance homes comfortable


As building codes call for tighter homes, continuous ventilation helps keeps occupants comfortable and saves energy.


Roll on unexpected property value

Residential property value can be a fairly dry subject, but a little wet paint can put more green in your pockets.

Preventing Mold: A home inspector's perspective

Once you get mold in your home, it can cause cosmetic damage, stains to furniture and drywall and reduce the quality of indoor air. Worse still, it can cause rot in wood and this may compromise the structure of the home. As with all things, prevention is the best cure, so here are some ways to stop moisture from collecting in the first place.

Moisture management and mold resistance

Mold in a home can make its inhabitants uncomfortable and increases the risk of respiratory illness. Aside from its health effects, mold can severely damage structures if allowed to multiply unabated. The key to controlling mold starts with prevention

Investing in indoor air quality as a marketing tool

In today’s eco-conscious world, every “healthy” or “low-impact” credential is a marketing tool for homeowners and property managers.

Whole house ventilation system meets new building codes (video)

As more building codes call for whole house ventilation, a new fan system makes it easier to create supply or balanced ventilation system in a single or multifamily home.

Luxury downdraft range hood delivers indoor air quality

When it comes to kitchens, experts say that form should follow function.

Fresh Paint: So much more than color!

It’s hard to imagine a remodeling project with more positive attributes than interior painting. What could be better than a project that just can’t help but be an improvement, is relatively inexpensive, can be done by almost anyone, and even improves air quality?

3 Steps for better indoor air quality for your home

Most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors exposed to those potential sources of pollution than can lead to discomfort and illness.

Remodeling for aging live-in parents

Welcoming elderly parents into your home can be wonderful, but the most common concerns are privacy, mobility, and of course safety. Whatever the scope of the project, think of indoor air quality.

Brick and stone deliver durability and indoor air quality for Proud Green Home of St Louis

For the family moving into the Proud Green Home of St. Louis, indoor air quality was a high priority.

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Hot showers aren't the only cause of foggy bathroom mirrors

Many homeowners don't realize that a foggy bathroom mirror is a sign of a bigger issue.

Marvin sliding door adds disappearing screen option (video)

Blending indoor and outdoor living spaces is a fixture in today's homes.

Get inspired with 2016 paint color trends (photos)

20 brand-new captivating hues feature four designer palettes that bring impact and dimension to any living space.

New high performance row homes feature reduced electromagnetic exposure

A Seattle row home development features not only many high performance aspects but also reduced electromagnetic field exposure.

Custom modular homes claim 30% energy efficiency gains

While keeping energy costs down, a quality factory-built, modular home also benefits the air quality in the home by reducing allergens and outside pollutants.

New ventilation fans make installation easier for building professionals (video)

InVent Series ventilation fans feature FoldAway mounting ears and the EzDuct Connector, which allow for easy installation.

Study: homes with skylights use less energy

Homes with skylights experience lower energy costs, better indoor air quality and comfort.

A free smartphone app helps you beat air pollution

Because air pollution levels can vary widely over the course of even a few hours, consumers could significantly decrease their environmental health risk by avoiding excessive exposure at peak times.

No more bad air days with mobile air sniffer

Homeowners and building operators can test the quality of the air using a mobile-enabled air quality sniffer.

Choosing paint colors is now a snap

Consumers and professionals make confident and efficient paint color selections with ColorSnap, an integrated color selection system from Sherwin Williams.

Energy Star ventilation fan perfect for remodeling

Whether in new construction or a renovation taking place in a home or hotel, it's easier to install or replace a ventilation fan from below the ceiling.

How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Home buyers want to feel they’re getting something special at good value, and sellers want the highest possible return on investment.

Mixed-use apartment complex aims for LEED Platinum

A new LEED Platinum-designed apartment building will create some of the most sustainable, livable, and innovative mixed-use buildings in the Pacific Northwest.

New duct sealing technology cuts HVAC energy loss

A new aerosol technology can cut air loss from leaky ducts, improving HVAC efficiency and improving comfort in homes and buildings.

Stop mold growth after a flood in your home

With the recent flooding heavy rains, many property owners face the strong possibility of mold growth caused by the floodwaters and ensuing heat afterward.

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Better indoor air quality is one of the key benefits of green homes. Learn about the many factors that affect home air quality and what builders and homeowners can do to improve the air we breathe.