Is carpet getting a bad rap?


When it comes to poor indoor air quality, carpets are often cited as one of the primary offenders. But new studies suggest that well-cleaned ones can actually...


Amazing qualities of bamboo and natural bedding

Bamboo is a popular bedding material but not without good reason. There are a number of things about bamboo comforters that make them one of the most popular ones amongst the range of organic bedding available today.

Controlling against moisture damage for wall sheathing

Moisture can cause many structural problems and create a very unhealthy home for your family when mold and mildew begin to form. Building a home that deals effectively with moisture requires...

Beware of backdrafting

Typically, supply and exhaust ventilation systems can pressurize or de-pressurize the home. A house under enough negative pressure can pull air down the chimney...

Beat the heat and cold with a 60-minute DIY home energy audit

Since rising temperatures bring rising energy bills, ways to save on utility bills become top of mind – and a home energy audit is a great way to reduce costs and realize energy savings.

Prefab house book gives global perspective on green building phenomenon

For anyone considering a green home project, take time out to consider the fast-growing world of prefab and systems built homes. With her new book Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes around the Globe, author Sheri Koones opens the door on this global phenomenon.

What is a sone?

When you start researching ventilation fans, you'll find the noise level is rated in sones. Most of us are more familiar with decibels. Decibels and sones use a different scale, but both start at zero.

Net Zero test home ends the year with energy to spare

After one of the toughest winters in recent years, the net-zero energy test house in suburban Washington, D.C., not only absorbed winter's best shot, it came out on top, reaching its one-year anniversary on July 1 with enough surplus energy to power an electric car for about 1,440 miles.

Is your indoor air going to the cats?

Thinking of allergens, there are a few stars that get most of the attention. There’s pollen, of course, as well as mold and dust. Right up there with them is the felis catus, a.k.a. the domesticated housecat.

Welcome to ozone season

Just as we’ve wrapped up spring allergy season comes the annual summer onset of ozone warnings. Weather announcers in many cities provide daily updates this time of year, categorizing the levels anywhere from safe to...

Why low-voltage heating is better

Low-voltage radiant heating has many advantages over other considerations. It is easy to install because it is a strong, yet flexible, thin plastic heating mat made of an innovative polymer blend that can be cut to size.

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Balanced ventilation delivers indoor air quality and energy efficiency

Today’s high performance homes that incorporate the latest advances in building science and components require a source of fresh air ventilation because the air does not leak through by itself.

Geothermal: a comfortable way to cut home heating costs

One way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without your heating and cooling bills going sky high can be found underground.

Skylights let the sunshine and fresh air into your home

Filling your home with daylight and fresh air may be simpler than it seems with solar powered, Energy Star rated skylights.

When a low-VOC paint just isn't enough

Choosing a low-VOC paint is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a truly clean product for your home.

Healthy home demo features indoor air quality strategies

Why is a healthy home important? The EPA has said that 46 percent of homes, commercial buildings and schools have an indoor air quality problem due to moisture and mold. LEED indicates in their Green Apple Campaign that 15,000 schools in the U.S.

Make sure your A/C can stand the heat

When summer temperatures flirt with triple digits across much of the U.S., the health of your air conditioner suddenly become very important.

Ductless HVAC options offer energy efficiency and flexibility

Installing an energy-efficient cooling and heating system can be one of the most significant upgrades a homeowner can make to save on utility costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 50 percent of an average U.S. home’s energy bill...

Allergies? Use the latest secret to fighting the microorganisms in your home's air

With growing concern for indoor air quality from those suffering from allergies and asthma, new technology on the market makes it easier to get purified air in your home.

Habitat homes use HRVs for ventilation and better indoor air

Two Habitat for Humanity homes will have lower heating and cooling bills and a steady flow of fresh air with heat recovery ventilation systems from Zehnder. Two Habitat for Humanity homes under construction in Lawrence, Mass., will incorporate ERVs as...

Spray foam insulation helps homes with allergy and asthma prone occupants

Because average Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, indoor air quality should be high on their list of priorities. To help those people with allergies or asthma, a tight building envelope can keep out external triggers and spray...

Wireless controller links window air conditioner to smart grid

With the smart-grid ready Kühl room air conditioner, San Antonio residents can take advantage of rebates and utility credits from CPS Energy. San Antonio-based Friedrich Air Conditioning says consumers can save money while CPS Energy has another tool to maintain...

Habitat for Humanity homes feature efficient ventilation fans

As Habitat for Humanity’s Home Builders Blitz tackles work on more than 250 homes, the homes will feature energy-efficient ventilation fans to promote indoor air quality. Panasonic Eco Solutions North America is joining building industry professionals in 35 states and...

Most efficient mini split HVAC system ready for all climates

Cooling and heating systems without ductwork have been commonplace in homes throughout Europe and Asia for years. Their efficient design and advanced motors ensure they don't waste energy like traditional central air systems. Aimed at homeowners who spend $1,100 or...

Low-VOC paint now listed in Declare green product listing

Non-toxic paint line accepted by Living Building Challenge green products database.

Track local pollen counts and adjust your indoor air purifier remotely

You can track the local pollen count and adjust your air purifier to customize your home's air quality based on your sensitivities and the local conditions. The new Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Allergen Remover is the first air purifier...

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Better indoor air quality is one of the key benefits of green homes. Learn about the many factors that affect home air quality and what builders and homeowners can do to improve the air we breathe.