Meet the biggest (ceiling) fan of your green home


Circulating conditioned air in a home with a ceiling fan spreads comfort and saves energy.


Ductless heat pump systems offer design and installation flexibility

Ductless HVAC systems offer flexibility in design and installation for homeowners and building professionals, while delivering energy efficiency.

5 strategies to improve indoor air quality

Given that the air in our homes and buildings is up to 5 times as polluted as outdoor air, and people spend about 90 percent of their times indoors, it makes sense to look at ways to make indoor air healthier.

5 ways to make the air in your home healthier

Most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors exposed to potential sources of pollution than can lead to discomfort and illness.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes adds value to high performance model home

A model home for a golf course community in Pennsylvania exceeds DOE Zero Energy Ready Home requirements, delivering long-term value for its new owners.

How to choose the right range hood

If you're in the market for a range hood, it can be confusing. There are so many different types and styles on the market. And every manufacturer makes claims about how it will perform. It's tough to sort through all the information.

Moisture is not your home's friend

When you take nice hot shower, does the bathroom mirror fog up, and stay foggy for a few minutes? If that's the way it is in your home, you may not think twice about it.

Customizable fan offers multiple indoor air quality solutions

Contractors can customize ventilation fan output to ensure the proper air flow to meet building codes with the Panasonic WhisperGreen Select.

Fans with LED lighting offer low-cost, stylish ventilation

The best ventilation fan is the one you don't notice, but works behind the scenes to clear the air in a home.

Quad threat geothermal system delivers record efficiency ratings

Like automakers, heating and air conditioning manufacturers are in a horsepower race of their own. But instead of engine output, they're looking at energy efficiency.

Home on the range

The range in a home can be the source of a lot of moisture and odors in the home. A microwave over the range typically has a fan built in to the enclosure that draws air in.

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Ready for the heat? Environmental scientists rank America's top 10 sweatiest cities

This is one list you don't want to be No. 1 on.

Proud Green Home of Cincinnati designed for ERV

As a high performance home, the Proud Green Home of Cincinnati will have a tight building envelope. That means mechanical ventilation is a part of the plan.

High rise apartments use ductless HVAC for efficient living

Builders of a twin-tower high rise apartment complex were searching for the most efficient, yet comfortable heating and cooling system for their residents.

5 things to look for when shopping for a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is more than an appliance – it’s a design statement for your home, and can help save energy.

Materials Health Certificates help eliminate chemicals of concern from building life cycle

The Material Health Certificate Registry is a new online tool for identifying and communicating the work of manufacturers toward chemically optimized products.

High performance homebuilder developing homes for pro athletes

Could a green home help a pro athlete dunk more or catch more touchdown passes? One Chicago builder – a former pro athlete himself – will build high performance homes with a money back guarantee.

Everything you need to know about indoor air pollution

While air pollution gets a lot of attention, the air inside homes may be more dangerous.

Heating and air-conditioning tips from the pros

The decision to purchase a heat pump, gas furnace or central air conditioner is a significant one—a decision that requires careful thought and research.

Geothermal heat pump features unique vapor injection technology

A new hydronic geothermal heat pump features vapor injection technology that delivers more heat more efficiently.

Take these steps to build a net-zero home

Whether it’s upgrading to a smart thermostat, planting vegetation in the right area or installing solar panels, the company points out, there are always ways to conserve energy.

Are you sure your family is breathing clean air in your home?

While indoor air pollutants are ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health, parents are not always aware of the steps they can take to make the air inside their homes cleaner for the families.

New device lets you see what's hiding in your home's air

Indoor air pollutants have been invisible, until now.

Take control of your home cooling costs

An average home with air conditioning releases nearly two tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually.

Green building market trends for 2015

From lower prices for solar power to an explosion of ductless mini split HVAC options, high performance home trends continue to develop.

The Importance of Being Insulated (Properly)

When building a high-performance home, like the Proud Green Home St. Louis project, an important decisions our team had to make was how to construct the insulation package.

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Better indoor air quality is one of the key benefits of green homes. Learn about the many factors that affect home air quality and what builders and homeowners can do to improve the air we breathe.