Measuring a Home's Efficiency: Case Studies Show Sealing the Building Envelope is Key to Success

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index rating has become for homes what the MPG rating has been for the auto industry in the past few decades. The HERS Index measures a home’s energy efficiency – including heating, cooling and...

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The Geothermal Concept Guide

Homeowners across North America are searching for better ways to get more out of their energy dollar. Many have found that the geothermal heat pump can help. Geothermal energy not only costs less to operate than any other heating and...

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Use Duct-Free HVAC Technology to Build a High-Performance Home

A new alternative for high-performance heating and cooling is the duct-free mini split system that offers a number of significant benefits over the traditional forced-air system. This white paper explores the ways in which duct-free HVAC technology contributes to a high performance home.

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Super efficient homes vs. code built homes

When building a new home, design and material selection greatly impact the operating costs for decades. Is it financially savvy to construct a super efficient home over a code-built home because of the reduction in operating costs?

A peek at the future of HVAC, refrigeration (video)

Consumer care of indoor air quality and indoor health will drive the development of HVAC and refrigeration products that are more efficient and sustainable.

Breathe easier with new central vacuum technology

New technology makes central vacuum cleaners an even more powerful tool in the fight for indoor air quality.

AHR a showcase of 'best' products (video)

Such events provide opportunities for those inside and outside the heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration industries to see the latest technology and what is coming.

AHR Review: 5 products that take home efficiency and comfort to new levels

At the 2016 AHR Expo, 60,000 industry professionals and nearly 2,000 exhibitors reviewed the latest and best products in the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration industry.

Are recirculating range hoods good enough?

If you're involved in a kitchen renovation, the range hood design can present some challenges. Depending on the situation, it may simply be impossible to construct a vent to the outside of the home. A recirculating range hood might be a good option.

Singing in the shower just got easier

Do you like singing in the shower? A recent study found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones and mobile devices in the bathroom, primarily for streaming music or listening to the news.

Heat exchangers explained

The core of heat recovery is the heat exchanger. There are various types of heat exchangers available including cross-flow, counter-flow (includes rotary/wheel) and cross-counter-flow.

Tips to make the best use of your range hood

Do you know why it's important to use the range hood if you have one, and why it's important to have one that's properly sized and installed?

Countdown: Top 10 high performance home features of 2015

More than half of home builders expect to be doing 60 percent or more of their new homes green by 2020, an interest reflected in the Top 10 feature stories for 2015.

Designing better buildings with LEED, Passive House and Pretty Good Houses

There are many green building guidelines, programs, standards and certifications available in the US and Canada. The best green building approaches cover many elements of the building such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, resource efficiency, responsible site management and improved indoor air quality.

Steamy bathroom mirrors mean poor ventilation

After a long, hot shower, it's no surprise to step out into a steamy bathroom and see a mirror clouded with condensation. But that foggy bathroom mirror is a sign of a bigger issue: poor indoor air quality due to an old or outdated ventilation fan.

Neutral cooking oils fight kitchen odors

Choosing the best cooking oil can make your cooking efforts shine. The oil should be neutral, not imparting any flavor or smell.

2015 high performance home building trends in review

Growing acceptance of high performance homes continues to drive homebuilders to provide extra value in the their homes, and consumers are becoming more diligent about managing the environmental impact of their lifestyles.

What is the difference between absolute humidity and relative humidity?

High and low levels of relative humidity within the home can have adverse effects for the occupants as well as the dwelling itself. Hygiene, health, retention of value, aesthetics and comfort are all areas which can be affected by a failure to maintain an optimal level of relative humidity.

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Better indoor air quality is one of the key benefits of green homes. Learn about the many factors that affect home air quality and what builders and homeowners can do to improve the air we breathe.