Value of home solar power systems reflected in home sales prices


A typical solar photovoltaic energy system adds about $15,000 to the value of a home, according to a new study from the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory.


Generate your own power with the latest renewable energy technology

Innovations in renewable energy technology make it easier than ever to generate electricity at home.

GE launches GeoSpring hybrid electric water heater

General Electric launches its most energy efficient water heater. The GeoSpring is the first hybrid Energy Star-qualified water heater manufactured in the U.S.

How to install solar panels (video)

Find out how you can make solar panels a part of your home.

It's not too late to prep your home for the holidays

Simple Tips to Help you Prep Your Home for the Holidays The holiday season is here, but there’s no need to panic. There’s plenty of time to prep your home for extended family and friends’ arrival.

Six energy efficiency tax credits set to expire soon (updated)

You better hurry to get your federal green home tax credits, as a bunch will expire in just a few weeks.

Vermont Pilots Program For High-Performance Mobile Homes, Post Irene (photos)

The Green Mountain State is building sturdy, efficient mobile homes to withstand extreme weather, and save owners money.

NY State Agency's Fun Video Shorts Educate About Energy Audits (videos)

New York agency shoots funny video shorts to teach about home energy audits. You might just learn something before they're done.

There’s still time for home improvements that earn your homeowners cash back

The "fiscal cliff" was averted, but what does this mean to prospective clients? The answer: Now is an ideal time for homeowners--with your help--to check off some of those home improvement items on the ever-growing 'to do' list. The bill,...

How to take advantage of tax credits and improve your home

With April 15th quickly approaching, the topic of deductions, credits and exemptions take center stage as homeowners prepare their 2013 tax returns with the hope of receiving a tax refund this year. As one tax year closes, another begins, making...

The fiscal cliff deal’s energy efficiency silver lining

The deadline for filing income taxes is now less than a month away, so we wanted to point out one of several tax breaks for which you may be eligible. Preserved in the fiscal cliff deal, this tax credit offers...

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Save money and energy with new Energy Star tool

The Energy Star Home Advisor tool will recommended, customized and prioritized home-improvement projects to save energy and money.

South Carolina residents have new solar power options

Duke Energy has proposed several solar power programs to the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC) that will greatly expand options for customers to use renewable energy.

Should you invest in home solar power instead of the stock market?

In 50 of America's largest cities, a home solar power system offers a better return on the stock market.

Renewable energy groups lobby to extend US investment tax credits

The 30 percent federal tax credit for a range of energy efficiency measures is set to expire at the end of 2016 and industry lobbyists are campaigning to extend or reinstate expired the tax credits.

PACE financing drives efficiency and renewable energy adoption across the US

Five years ago, the Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE program was launched to make it easier for property owners to complete energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects that make buildings more valuable and sustainable.

Electrolux acquires GE Appliances business, will continue brands

Electrolux will acquire the GE Appliances business for $3.3 billion in a transaction that will see the GE Appliances brand continue in the marketplace.

Solar power program offering up to $1500 in incentives

Orange County, Calif., property owners are eligible for a solar incentive program that pays them to go solar. Sullivan Solar Power, a Southern California renewable energy company, is administering a countywide solar incentive program that allows property owners to get...

Geothermal: a comfortable way to cut home heating costs

One way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without your heating and cooling bills going sky high can be found underground.

Wireless controller links window air conditioner to smart grid

With the smart-grid ready Kühl room air conditioner, San Antonio residents can take advantage of rebates and utility credits from CPS Energy. San Antonio-based Friedrich Air Conditioning says consumers can save money while CPS Energy has another tool to maintain...

Fresh air skylights more affordable with rebates and tax breaks

Fresh air skylights that use solar-powered motors to open and close can help save money and let the sun shine in your home. VELUX America has launched a cash rebate offer to consumers to make its top-of-the-line venting fresh air...

Most efficient mini split HVAC system ready for all climates

Cooling and heating systems without ductwork have been commonplace in homes throughout Europe and Asia for years. Their efficient design and advanced motors ensure they don't waste energy like traditional central air systems. Aimed at homeowners who spend $1,100 or...

Tax credits for home energy upgrades in force for 2014

Qualified U.S. homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives for adding energy efficient features to their homes in 2014. The good folks at RESNet offer a good overview of the federal tax incentives available for the 2014 tax season.

Energy efficiency programs cost 2 to 3 times less than generating more power

According to a new report released today by ACEEE, energy efficiency is the cheapest method of providing Americans with electricity. Energy efficiency programs aimed at reducing energy waste cost utilities only about three cents per kilowatt hour, while generating the...

Can I use geothermal heating and cooling in my existing home?

Geothermal heating and cooling is one of the top ways homeowners can reduce their utility bills as well as their environmental impact. But for many years, geothermal was considered primarily an option for new construction. As the housing market has...

Tired of high heating bills? Go with geothermal heating and cooling

In the face of recent propane shortages and record high prices for the fuel, some rural areas reported deliveries as high as $8 per gallon, homeowners who rely on propane to heat their homes are beginning to consider more reliable,...

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Government rebates and tax credits -- including Energy Star Rebates -- offer homeowners and builders great incentives for creating more energy efficient homes. Get the latest news and information about residential energy rebates and tax credits.