Solar community system could replace traditional power companies


As the price of solar panels continues to fall, communities are developing their own renewable energy strategies.


First net zero townhome complex meets its energy use goals

The zHome was the first net zero energy townhome complex in the United States, and two years of real data shows the homes actually produce as much energy as they use

1970s rancher undergoes high performance makeover

A dated 1970s era ranch home underwent a deep remodeling job and went on to win a top green building award and helped educate a community on green building.

Solar sweet spot – the benefits of solar power on real estate

Almost daily, people ask me about solar and how it interacts with residential and commercial real estate.

What type of water heater do I need?

To help you select the type of water heater that best suits your home's need, the U.S. Department of Energy offers an overview of the different types on the market today. When selecting a new water heater, consider what fuel type or energy source you will use, including its availability and cost.

Winning Solar Decathlon team inspired by Superstorm Sandy

Students from New Jersey-based Stevens Institute of Technology earned the highest score at the event by designing a flood-resistant house that is also energy efficient.

System-built home is aiming for Passive House certification

This home, named the "Cech House", is expected to be the first pre-certified Passive House Institute U.S. residence in Michigan.

Mid-mod mashup goes for net zero energy

One renovation in a historic Mid-Mod neighborhood near Denver is grandly reaching for net-zero energy.

Family loves their high performance home remodel (photos)

"The kitchen and breakfast nook are the epicenter of the house, and we spend lots of family time there.”

Solar Decathlon 2015 kicks off with 14 teams building high performance homes

Collegiate teams involving hundreds of students from around the world have assembled at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, Calif., to showcase their highly energy-efficient, solar-powered houses for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015.

Thinking about solar water heating?

Depending on where you live, you can heat water with the power of the sun. On average heating water accounts for about 20 percent of a home's energy costs. So solar power could help you save money each month.

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Study: solar energy systems boost home values

Homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic energy systems are sold at a premium compared to homes without PV systems, according to a new study.

Community solar gardens solve home solar adoption challenges

Massachusetts joins Minnesota and Colorado as states providing clean energy alternatives with community solar gardens.

Solar power cost drop opens the Florida residential market

Florida, the state which ranks 3rd for rooftop solar potential ranks 13th in the nation for the actual amount of solar energy installed.

Duke Energy offers solar power rebate for South Carolina

The DER program is designed to grow the company's renewable footprint in the state from less than 2 megawatts today to at least 110 megawatts and potentially 170 megawatts by 2021.

Production builder adds solar system for low HERS ratings

A new model by Stanley Martin Homes recorded a HERS index of 29, the lowest ever for the company.

Classic-style faculty residence earns LEED Platinum, other green certifications

The Taft School residence in Watertown, Conn., was the first in the state to achieve the USGBC LEED BD+C for Homes Platinum certification using the new and more stringent version 4 rating criteria.

Solar panel effects on your home — and wallet

Considering adding solar to your home? Wondering what it’s really like?

Study: homebuyers more willing to pay for high performance green homes

With American households spending around $230 billion each year on energy, the real estate market is beginning to recognize the true value of high-performance homes.

Solar power with storage can protect residents in multifamily housing

Solar combined with energy storage systems (solar+storage) can help protect vulnerable populations during power outages in multifamily affordable housing.

Some states move ahead in energy efficiency measures

Energy efficiency measures continue to flourish in states across the country, with several states taking major steps that improved their scores.

Solar Decathlon team develops pre-fab home technology

Team Clemson began the journey to Irvine nearly two years ago with 19 other collegiate teams, and became one of 14 teams to enter the finals.

Solar panel sets conversion efficiency world record

In the race to develop ever more efficient solar modules Panasonic Panasonic Eco Solutions announced a record for a commercial sized solar-cell prototype.

Colorado Zero Net Energy Home also built for low maintenance

Recently built in the mountains of Fraser, Colorado, the home is situated at 8,000 feet with an average annual temperature of 34 degrees F.

U.S. renewable energy surges to historic levels, coal continues to fall

The amount of renewable energy from wind turbines, solar panels, and other technologies now equals roughly 10 percent of the nation's energy use.

Production builder offers solar power standard in Texas

Lennar opened the city's first solar-standard community made possible by recent changes in utility regulations.

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Home solar power systems can be a great way to reduce home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. But is solar power right for your home? Learn about the latest advances in residential solar power systems and best practices for implementation.