Solar power program offering up to $1500 in incentives

Orange County, Calif., property owners are eligible for a solar incentive program that pays them to go solar. Sullivan Solar Power, a Southern California renewable energy company, is administering a countywide solar incentive program that allows property owners to get...


5 warning signs your solar panels are poorly installed

With a whiplash-inducing growth rate of over 400 percent since 2010, the U.S. solar industry is booming, and there’s no end in sight. This is great news for the environment and the economy, but there is a dark lining to the silver cloud of solar.

Use Honda Smart Home designs in your green home project

After making its Smart Home a reality, Honda opened up access to designs and blueprints to make building your own smart home that much easier.

Prefab house book gives global perspective on green building phenomenon

For anyone considering a green home project, take time out to consider the fast-growing world of prefab and systems built homes. With her new book Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes around the Globe, author Sheri Koones opens the door on this global phenomenon.

Net Zero test home ends the year with energy to spare

After one of the toughest winters in recent years, the net-zero energy test house in suburban Washington, D.C., not only absorbed winter's best shot, it came out on top, reaching its one-year anniversary on July 1 with enough surplus energy to power an electric car for about 1,440 miles.

ABC Green Home 2.0 ready to break ground

Building on the success of the ABC Green Home 1.0, the 2.0 version of the green building demonstration home will be built and donated to a disabled veteran through Habitat for Humanity.

DOE recognizes Proud Green Home at Serenbe

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized the Proud Green Home at Serenbe as the first DOE Zero Energy Ready Home in the state of Georgia.

Florida development brings net zero homes to the mass market

A 148-home central Florida development may be the sign that net-zero living has gone mainstream.

Generate your own power with the latest renewable energy technology

Innovations in renewable energy technology make it easier than ever to generate electricity at home.

What do cold and cloudy days mean for solar efficiency?

It is the common belief that solar energy can only be generated in hot and sunny locations. While the sun is clearly an imperative variable of the solar efficiency equation, you may be surprised to learn Sun Bandit® works even better on cold days because of inherent PV module efficiencies.

How Solar Hybrid Energy Systems Work

How do solar hybrid water heating systems work? This video explains how these systems use electricity generated by a solar powered micro-grid AC unit and electricity supplied by traditional utilities to heat stored water.

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Builder offers three home designs in net-zero solar homes

Homebuyers near the Sacramento River in California's Delta can choose from three living-space designs in new net-zero home developments. Trilogy by Shea has unveiled eight new floor plans, as well as an entirely new model gallery for attendees to experience...

Efficient LG solar panels exceed current standards

Solar panels are becoming more efficient, with new models exceeding current standards for incentives. LG Electronics' new "MONO X® ACe" solar module, which debuted in July at the InterSolar 2014 trade show, solar module is designed to generate more power...

Low-cost solar panels will make it easier to generate electricity at home

New methods of manufacturing could lead to lower prices for solar panels, making it cheaper than ever for homeowners to generate their own electricity. Siva Power has developed new manufacturing processes that could lead to the cost to make thin-film...

Affordable green townhomes tap solar power to reduce costs

An 18-unit townhouse development provides green living in affordable housing for low-income residents of North Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Fairmount Avenue Townhomes were designed for the Chattanooga Housing Authority to provide low-income housing in the desirable North Chattanooga Neighborhood. HK Architects...

Tiny house designed as a net zero demonstration seeking funds

The nonprofit Nexus Energy Center launched the "TRES (Tiny, Renewable and Environmentally Sustainable) Project: The Greenest Tiny Home in Alabama" campaign on to raise funds for the project.

Energy efficient SMART community rising in Ontario

A 70-acre site in west London, Ontario, will be sustainably developed into approximately 2,000 living units and 400,000 sq. feet of commercial retail space, which will be designed to generate as much energy as it will use from renewable sources.

Plug-in solar panel makes it easy to generate electricity at home

Plug-in solar power can be paired with battery backup for off-the-grid living.

Habitat homes use micro inverter technology for solar panels

As Habitat for Humanity builders look for inexpensive ways to add renewable energy to affordable homes, they’re turning to micro inverter equipped solar panels to provide free electricity. Solar panel installations usually come in two flavors – inverters or micro...

Should you make the switch to generate electricity at home?

Rising utility rates and decreased cost of solar panels are making it easier than ever to produce electricity at home.

One home solar provider reaches 1 Mw of installed solar power

A surge in solar installation has led one solar installer to reach one megawatt of solar energy capacity installed on residential rooftops of California's east bay. This surge in solar installations helps keep California on pace to hit its Million...

Solar industry ready to help US meet environmental goals

As U.S. policy shifts to reduce carbon emissions from existing coal-fired power plants, the solar industry is preparing to scale up to meet demand.

Tax credits for home energy upgrades in force for 2014

Qualified U.S. homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives for adding energy efficient features to their homes in 2014. The good folks at RESNet offer a good overview of the federal tax incentives available for the 2014 tax season.

Home solar power decision: lease or buy?

The price of generating power at home with solar panels continues to fall, and homeowners are often faced with a choice of financing: buy or lease a solar power system. In a city such as Las Vegas, where solar incentives...

It’s getting easier to generate electricity at home

Setting up a Photovoltaic (PV) solar system may seem to be an overwhelming task. But homeowners who have been using them for a long time now attest to having it as a long-term investment with numerous benefits like lower electric...

New home solar program makes solar cheaper than ever for Nevada homeowners

Homeowners in sun-drenched Nevada can take advantage of a program to install solar panels for free and pay as little as $40 per month for solar electricity.

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Home solar power systems can be a great way to reduce home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. But is solar power right for your home? Learn about the latest advances in residential solar power systems and best practices for implementation.