Passive Solar Heating: A New Century of Innovation

This white paper, sponsored by Solar Innovations, takes a look at passive solar heating, a building technique that utilizes windows, walls, flooring and other non-mechanical or non-electrical devices to gather and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter, and reject heat in the summer.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Solar Innovations

ROSE Cottage Relies on Bosch for Energy-Efficient Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Nestled among the leaf-covered hills of southern New Hampshire, The ROSE cottage is one of the first net-zero homes in New England. But it's more than a green home. It was designed to be a multi-generational refuge for the owners...

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

Bosch Products Installed in Long Island Home for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The United Way of Long Island has been of tremendous help and assistance to the people of Long Island affected by Hurricane Sandy, and one young family in Long Beach has been the beneficiary of United Way help and housing...

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

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High-rise retro-fit earns LEED Gold in Philadelphia

The zero-carbon-footprint redesign saves an estimated 15 million pounds of CO2 each year – the equivalent of the emissions from 1,200 motor vehicles.

Green homes Q&A: Can high performance homes compete on price?

As the residential housing market continues to recover, there remains a question of how much buyers are willing to pay for high performance homes in a price-conscious market place.

Countdown: Top 10 high performance home features of 2015

More than half of home builders expect to be doing 60 percent or more of their new homes green by 2020, an interest reflected in the Top 10 feature stories for 2015.

Factory built show home demonstrates the best in building technology

The 2015 Greenbuild Unity home, erected in just a few days on the expo floor, was designed to show case the state of the art of affordable high performance home building.

5 green building materials for your home

You can limit a home’s environmental impact by using green building materials, which helps to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

Net zero energy demonstration house moving to net zero water operation

While net zero energy for homes has been growing in popularity, net zero water use is the next frontier for high performance homes.

What I wish every architect knew about green building

The most effective green buildings start with the design and planning.

Low-voltage radiant heating operates from solar power at Greenbuild

In the Net Zero Zone at Greenbuild 2015, companies demonstrated their ability to operate from renewable energy at the Washington Convention Center.

5 ways to get the best solar deal for your home

Consider lower energy costs vs. the initial investment, as well as the benefits of reducing use of non-renewable energy before making the switch.

First net zero townhome complex meets its energy use goals

The zHome was the first net zero energy townhome complex in the United States, and two years of real data shows the homes actually produce as much energy as they use

1970s rancher undergoes high performance makeover

A dated 1970s era ranch home underwent a deep remodeling job and went on to win a top green building award and helped educate a community on green building.

Solar sweet spot – the benefits of solar power on real estate

Almost daily, people ask me about solar and how it interacts with residential and commercial real estate.

What type of water heater do I need?

To help you select the type of water heater that best suits your home's need, the U.S. Department of Energy offers an overview of the different types on the market today. When selecting a new water heater, consider what fuel type or energy source you will use, including its availability and cost.

Winning Solar Decathlon team inspired by Superstorm Sandy

Students from New Jersey-based Stevens Institute of Technology earned the highest score at the event by designing a flood-resistant house that is also energy efficient.

System-built home is aiming for Passive House certification

This home, named the "Cech House", is expected to be the first pre-certified Passive House Institute U.S. residence in Michigan.

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Home solar power systems can be a great way to reduce home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. But is solar power right for your home? Learn about the latest advances in residential solar power systems and best practices for implementation.