Builders, buyers and lenders get new guidance for valuing green homes


The value of homes built to new energy codes should be reflected in the appraisals for lending, and appraisers can use new information from the Appraisal Institute to reflect better buildings.


Making consumers see green

Selling sustainable homes, buildings a matter of properly articulating the value of green building, Greenbuild presenters say.

Residential green home building will have higher prominence at Greenbuild 2015

Greenbuild will feature a variety of residential offerings at the 2015 event.

Solar sweet spot – the benefits of solar power on real estate

Almost daily, people ask me about solar and how it interacts with residential and commercial real estate.

High performance home will be erected onsite for Greenbuild Expo

A factory-built home will demonstrate the latest in high performance home technology and building science at the 2015 Greenbuild Expo.

Modular home uses ductless mini splits to handle Massachusetts winters

Last winter, heating bills were about one fourth of similar neighboring houses.

Ready to Geo? National Geothermal Day is here! (VIDEO)

One renewable resource is often overlooked: geothermal heating and cooling.

The trend toward healthy includes your home

Creating healthier living spaces is paramount for informed consumers.

3D printed concept home could change pre-fab housing market (video)

A 3-D printed home borrowed some traditional modular home concepts to demonstrate advancements in energy management.

Lighting, lighting on the wall – which is prettiest of them all?

Trying to find the right light bulb is a mind-bender on the order of finishing a Rubik’s cube.

Systems built home expert Michael Harris to contribute expert insights

Noted systems-built home expert Michael Harris has joined as an Approved Contributing Expert.

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Green building industry innovators recognized for sustainability initiatives

During Greenbuild 2015, The BOLD Awards recognized Building Optimizers Leaders and Disruptors who are driving change and innovation in prestigious green building projects across the country.

NAHB study: strong market outlook for green homes

Over half of home builders expect to be doing 60 percent or more of their new homes green by 2020, according to the new Dodge Data & Analytics’ new SmartMarket Report.

Realtors: green home features increase value and marketability

The demand for green homes is growing and today's consumers want homes and communities that are environmentally sustainable and resource efficient, according to The National Association of Realtors.

Cradle to Cradle honors innovative sustainable products (video)

Following a tradition of honoring pioneers in the circular economy, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute awarded four organizations that have crafted regenerative and Cradle to Cradle-inspired product design.

Study: solar energy systems boost home values

Homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic energy systems are sold at a premium compared to homes without PV systems, according to a new study.

Study: homebuyers more willing to pay for high performance green homes

With American households spending around $230 billion each year on energy, the real estate market is beginning to recognize the true value of high-performance homes.

Solar power with storage can protect residents in multifamily housing

Solar combined with energy storage systems (solar+storage) can help protect vulnerable populations during power outages in multifamily affordable housing.

Some states move ahead in energy efficiency measures

Energy efficiency measures continue to flourish in states across the country, with several states taking major steps that improved their scores.

Masonry heater uses biomass for comfortable winter heat

An upstate New York family looking to be self reliant in their winter heating fuel settled on a masonry fireplace to keep their home comfortable.

Most efficient rooftop solar panel will be made in America

SolarCity said it has built a module with efficiency exceeding 22 percent.

Whirlpool named to corporate sustainability index

Whirlpool Corporation has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and natural resource efficiency with inclusion on the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index.

NAHB study reveals what “green” means to home buyers

Builders and other industry professionals now have an opportunity to find out what green means to home buyers.

Report: insulated concrete forms market to grow 27.5%

North America currently dominates the market for insulated concrete forms followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

A free smartphone app helps you beat air pollution

Because air pollution levels can vary widely over the course of even a few hours, consumers could significantly decrease their environmental health risk by avoiding excessive exposure at peak times.

USDA grants to support wood multistory building projects

Innovative new technologies and building systems have enabled longer wood spans, taller walls, and higher buildings, and continue to expand the possibilities for wood use in construction.

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The trendsetters listed above are shaping the future of the world through innovations in green technology and their commitment to sustainability.