Hybrid solar geothermal heating and cooling system wins patent


With performance proven in an award-winning net-zero home, a hybrid solar-geothermal heating and cooling system was awarded a U.S. patent.


Recycled storage lockers become new smart home

A recycled storage building is now a luxury residence connected with smart home technology.

Early registration opens for Green Homes Summit 2014

Sign up for the Green Homes Summit, August 22-23 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to learn the latest and best information regarding green home building.

Builders face challenges in selling the green home story

It can be difficult to convince home buyers of the value of investing in energy-efficient and healthy homes that may come at a premium price compared to homes of similar size in the same market. But some forward-thinking homebuilders are doing it any way.

Sustainability literacy graduation requirement is USGBC’s goal for 2040

National education initiative aims to help schools operate sustainably while students learn about it.

Green home buyers can connect with real estate agents in Southern California

Home buyers looking for a home in Southern California with energy efficient, green features can connect with knowledgeable real estate agents on a new consumer website from The Energy Network. The Energy Network, a local government organization administered by the...

Study: cool roofs could save energy for Mexico

Switching to cool roofs could help commercial and residential buildings in Mexico realize typical energy savings of around 7% and 18%, respectively. A national study conducted in Mexico as part of a comprehensive "Cool Roofs Action Plan" developed through support...

Solar roadway could revolutionize home power production

Imagine a road or driveway that also generates electricity from the sun. That’s the goal of the Solar Roadways project, a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks. The project has already received two phases of funding from the U.S.

Solar Roofpod Update

CCNY's Solar Decathlon entry finds a permanent home.

7 Steps to a mainstream Net-Zero house

In addition to abundant natural daylighting, the house features CFL and LED lighting to conserve energy.

7 projects earn international Passive House Award

Passive House winners recognized for design excellence and high-performance home building.

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Defensive builders use engineered wood to fight insects and mold

For building professionals faced with challenging environments, defensive building may the answer to fight decay, insects and mold.

Choose your next home based on the commute time

For homebuyers looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, a new service delivers information on drive times from listed properties to common destinations.

Modular home company rolls out floor plans for Tiny House designs

Consumers are realizing that buying larger homes requires taking out a larger mortgage and straining the daily budget. Tiny houses are a solution to this problem because they offer budget flexibility and simple, efficient layouts.

Home Innovation Research Labs recognizes NGBS Green Partners of Excellence

Green building is a growing part of the residential construction industry, and Home Innovation Research Labs recognized 30 NGBS Green Partners for their outstanding contributions to advancing green building in their communities.

Consumer confidence up, but housing market not yet back to normal

Although consumer confidence in the housing market has trended upward during the recovery, it's less than what's needed to return to "normal" housing levels, according to results from Fannie Mae's June 2014 National Housing Survey.

Low-cost solar panels will make it easier to generate electricity at home

New methods of manufacturing could lead to lower prices for solar panels, making it cheaper than ever for homeowners to generate their own electricity. Siva Power has developed new manufacturing processes that could lead to the cost to make thin-film...

New California building codes will cut residential energy use by 25% and save water

On July 1, updated building standards designed to get more energy savings from new and existing residential and nonresidential buildings took effect in California.

Tropical island home construction built on concrete forms

Although insulated concrete forms are often used in cooler climates, builders are using them in tropical climates as well.

How does your state rank? LEED names top states for Certified Homes

The number of LEED-certified green housing units more than doubled between 2011 and 2012 and the number continues to grow steadily.

Report makes the business case for sustainable building products

Early adopters of the Cradle to Cradle product standard benefited from the rigorous certification program through reduced costs and a less volatile supply chain. The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute released the report "Impacts of the Cradle to Cradle...

Does your home measure up? Top characteristics that sell homes

Making the right home improvements can pay off when it comes time to sell, but which ones attract homebuyers? The latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Characteristics of Homes Built in 2013 Report show that homeowners prefer the pleasure...

Florida green home remodeling gets a financing boost

Homeowners in some Florida counties will have access to a financing pool to fund green and resilient home upgrades, with money that can be paid back through property taxes. The Florida PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Funding Agency announced that...

Home solar power decision: lease or buy?

The price of generating power at home with solar panels continues to fall, and homeowners are often faced with a choice of financing: buy or lease a solar power system. In a city such as Las Vegas, where solar incentives...

New home solar program makes solar cheaper than ever for Nevada homeowners

Homeowners in sun-drenched Nevada can take advantage of a program to install solar panels for free and pay as little as $40 per month for solar electricity.

Online design concept helps Tiny House movement grow

The Tiny House movement is growing in America and worldwide. According to "The Tiny Life," it is a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet.

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The trendsetters listed above are shaping the future of the world through innovations in green technology and their commitment to sustainability.