Fight the Health Hazards Hiding in Your Water

Even in countries like the United States, clean, healthy drinking water is under assault. Our municipal authorities are fighting a losing battle as more chemicals and pollutants wind up in our drinking water every year. This guide identifies the potential hazards in your water supply and what you can do to protect your home and family from them.

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Busting the Myths of Bottled Water

This white paper tackles some of the myths surrounding bottled water. Once you know the real story, bottled water simply doesn't add up.

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What You Need to Know About Hard Water

Much of the water in the United States is considered hard, which means it contains a high level of minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. This white paper identifies some things you should keep in mind if you're thinking about a water softener.

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Colgate Super Bowl ad focuses on saving water instead of pushing toothpaste (video)

Everyone can take small steps to reduce water use, usually with only a few small changes to daily habits.

New American Home features whole-home water filtration solutions

The National Association of Home Builders’ 2016 New American Home features a whole-home water filtration system from Environmental Water Systems.

Fight water safety problems with whole-home water filtration

With water quality making headlines across the country, there's reason for people to be concerned about the safety of their drinking water.

Undercounter water filters are a better alternative to bottled water

The bottled water trend costs people money, and doesn't deliver better water.

IBS Preview: building products for high performance homes

At the 2016 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, building product manufacturers will display the latest and best products that are an integral part of today's high performance home.

Countdown: Top 10 high performance home features of 2015

More than half of home builders expect to be doing 60 percent or more of their new homes green by 2020, an interest reflected in the Top 10 feature stories for 2015.

Countdown: Top 10 blogs of 2015

Building science experts graciously share their thoughts and experiences with us to inspire and educate homeowners and builders to create high performance homes.

Countdown: Top 10 videos of 2015

We're looking back at the most popular videos on for 2015.

Wastewater treatment products deliver clean water efficiently

With more than 50,000 installations in over 60 countries, Bio-Microbics knows a few things about managing wastewater.

Energy efficient wastewater treatment system meets global needs for clean water

Unfortunately, the cost of electricity can be a factor in whether people have access to clean water. One company is making it more affordable to treat water around the globe.

Watering green - low-flow, no-mow

When it comes to green building, energy is first-born, and water is the red-headed step child.

California builders adapt to water conservation regulations

Homebuilders in California are adapting to strict water conservation regulations to ensure homeowners and local water districts don't violate the rules.

Do water filter pitchers really work?

Water filter pitchers can be a cute and inexpensive way to remove bad tastes and odors from your drinking water, but are water filter pitchers really effective?

Ty Pennington: What's the behind the walls of your green home?

It's what's on the inside that usually counts the most, and green homes are no exception.

How to get rid of pink stains in your toilet

Homeowners have asked us why there is a pink ring in their toilet bowl or evidence of the pink discoloration elsewhere and what can they do to get rid of it.

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