Pulte Presents Green Building Research at EEBA Summit

PulteGroup is looking for ways to build homes that are more resource efficient and also meet consumers' changing desires.


Are Passive Houses the Future of High Performance Homes?

Common myths are that passive homes are too stuffy and that the walls are too thick.

A Cheap Water Heater May Cost More

When you're shopping for a new water heater, it's tempting to only look at the price. But that may cost you in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Ideas for Homeowners

It's about an attitude and behavior shift that everyone needs to make and small changes that will make a big difference.

Energy efficiency and thermal performance for door glass

The front door can be the focal point of your home’s exterior. However, it can also become the focal point of your energy bill if it is responsible for too much heat loss or gain.

Solving the sales puzzle

Experts offer strategies for selling high-performance structures

Study: Green Homes Save Twice As Much Energy As Anticipated

Certified homes used up to 40% less electricity than non-certified homes, in some cases making Built Green homes twice as efficient as predicted.

Art of selling high performance hinges on investment balance

Energy modeling among strategies for builders to help customers, based on their budgets, determine best expenditures

How to Use a Thermal Camera with a Blower Door Test

As building codes and eco-savvy customers demand more energy efficiency from their homes, it has fallen to the construction professionals to create an effective building envelope. In this task, the blower door test plays a vital role in helping builders to find the gaps in the building envelope and seal them.

Arizona Green Builder Turns New Neighborhood into an Energy Grid

Jasper's colossal footprint of stored sunlight energy will be on a scale never-before-seen in the world when considering residential energy storage in a single planned community.

AHR Expo announces 2018 innovation award winners

Honors recognize some of most inventive products, systems and technologies

How to Read a Water Heater Energy Guide

When you're researching a new water heater, here are a few things to look for.

Making the grade?

WaterSense unveils new program to determine water scores for multifamily buildings

Time for the first blower door test!

I can’t believe that it’s already time for our first blower door test. It feels like yesterday that I was walking around on a piece of raw land and problem-solving with my wife over what we wanted our new home to look like. Now here we are - the lion’s share of construction has been completed and I’ve shifted my focus to the interior.

Training and Education Available for ICFs

For builders who want to know more about building with insulated concrete form construction, there are numerous resources -- often free -- available. They don't have to tackle it alone.

High Performance Homes Earns 3rd Housing Innovation Award

Originating from a production home, the French Country architectural design was customized according to the homeowner’s desires.

Ask A Pro for Water Heater Expertise

Sure, you might be able to install a water heater. But do you know how to make sure you choose the right size? Who will you call if it doesn't work right, or begins leaking?

Record Crowds at Solar Power International and Energy Storage International Expo

Over 20,000 attendees saw the latest solar power and energy storage innovations displayed by 700+ exhibitors at the annual Solar Power International (SPI) Expo September 10-13 in Las Vegas. The event, sponsored by SPI and Energy Storage International (ESI), attributed...

Survey: What Buyers Want in a Small Home

As you’d expect, buyers of larger homes tend to insist on more features in their homes.

Add more sunlight to your home for a boost in energy savings

Solar panels aren’t the only vehicle to leverage the power of the sun to reduce energy costs in your home. Household items as simple as your doors and windows can also be used to help increase energy efficiency.

Why You Should Break the Bottled Water Habit

Filtering your own water is a way to live a more sustainable life without inconvenience or extra costs.

Secrets to Battling Humidity in Historic Homes

The same preservation efforts that historical site directors employ can be mirrored by the average homeowner.

Know Your Building Science Climate Zone

Knowing the climate zone your residential build will take place in will influence many of the decisions you will make as to construction methods and building materials.

Luxury Prefab Townhouses Rise on Precast Concrete Foundations

Once the precast concrete foundations are in place, modular home components will be installed to increase the speed and efficiency of construction.

New Toilet Design Promises Cleaner, Water Efficient Flushes

There is a lot of science behind toilet flushing, more than the average consumer tends to realize.

Renovated Tenement Features Window Walls

The architects wanted to create a new relationship between interior and exterior in a conventional seven-story building.

Great Green Home | The Emery by Addison Homes

“Minimizing environmental impact while maximizing home owner value” is one way Addison Homes sums up its construction philosophy.

Save Big with A Heat Pump Water Heater

If you're in the market for a highly energy efficient electric water heater, take a look at the heat pump water heater, also known as a hybrid water heater.

Home Comforts That Provide Long-term Savings

Whether you have blueprints on the table for a new home or want to improve your existing home, consider some innovative, highly-efficient amenities now to make life more comfortable and provide substantial energy savings in the years to come.

New Spray Gasket Helps Meet Energy Code Air Leakage Requirements

With air leakage accounting for 40% of energy loss in new homes, this durable, flexible foam solution allows for a smooth, even drywall installation.

Three things to remember about home automation

One thing that sticks out to me about building an eco-friendly home in 2017 is that from a technology standpoint, there’s never been a better time to build one. From appliances to lights to indoor comfort, nearly every facet of a home can be managed through a centralized control system connected to the internet.

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Ways to Save with Your Water Heater

Every step of the water-use cycle in your home consumes energy. This link between energy and water is called the water–energy nexus. Where does your home fit into the water energy nexus? This white paper looks at this connection and identifies ways to reduce hot water consumption and improve energy efficiency in your home.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Bradford White Water Heaters

Fiberglass Entry Doors: High Performance Trend in Home Entryways

When a product is trending it is safe to assume that it has passed the rigors of consumer scrutiny. Such is the case of residential fiberglass entry doors. This product profile focuses on fiberglass entry doors and identifies the qualities that separate them from other options in the market today.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: ProVia

DC Power: Tomorrow's Energy Demands Will Require More Attention

While DC power operates many modern products in business applications, it powers far less for consumer use. However, some associations are developing standards that will lead to the rapid adoption of DC power distribution. This white paper takes a look at DC power and how some experts believe it is the answer for future energy needs.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: STEP Warmfloor

Integrated Water Management: Key to Sustainable Development and Stability

Integrated Water Management is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water resources in an equitable manner without compromising vital ecosystems. This white paper dives into the Integrated Water Management process and reveals how communities and industries are addressing wastewater management into the future.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Bio-Microbics

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