10 cool ways homeowners can remotely access their homes (infographic)

10 cool ways homeowners can remotely access their homes (infographic)

From adjusting the thermostat to dimming the lights, homeowners can constantly track and control the activity in their home.

Vivint, a home automation services provider, reveals some interesting uses of home automation in this new infographic, With remote access, homeowners can take advantage of ten energy and time saving uses of their home automation systems.

Vivint's home automation allows customers to control their lights, thermostat, door locks  and much more all from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Thanks to remote access, made possible through Vivint’s free app (available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry), customers are finding that home automation is the secret to saving energy at home, lowering utility bills, and taking care of the little things. Customers no longer have to worry about leaving the door unlocked or keeping their house safe while they're on vacation. In fact, the system's flexibility allows users to regulate their home from anywhere.

Hannah Driskill, from Little Rock, Arkansas, is just one customer who has enjoyed the ease of life her Vivint system provides. Since installing her home automation system, Driskill particularly enjoys using Vivint's remote access to watch her three dogs while she is gone.  

"Having a Vivint system has really made caring and watching my dogs while I'm away from home simple and convenient," Driskill said. "Using my iPad, I've been able to unlock the door for the dog sitter, watch my dogs get cared for, and lock the door once the sitter leaves. My husband and I have even had a few good laughs watching the way our dogs interact when they think no one is home."

Like Driskill, other Vivint customers might be surprised at just how many features home automation has to offer—and how those features can solve everyday problems like losing keys or forgetting to turn off lights.


Infographic courtesy of Vivint

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