1st Certified Passive House PLUS to Start Construction in Vancouver

1st Certified Passive House PLUS to Start Construction in Vancouver

Rendering of Vancouver Passive House.

The City of Vancouver is getting its first building achieving the stringent Passive House PLUS standard, combining the highest energy efficiency and electric energy production in a progressive designed single-family residence.

The two story plus basement residence designed by Marken Design + Consulting uses up to 90 percent less energy for heating and cooling and up 65 percent on operational costs than a standard house. Triple pane wood windows, heat pump hot water, high level of insulation, eco-friendly materials and a ultra efficient heat recovery ventilation system are a few of the extensive sustainable building features incorporated into the custom passive design.

"The new Vancouver building bylaws promote highly energy efficient green buildings and the Passive House standard is the preferred way to achieve it," said Alexander Maurer, principal at Marken Design + Consulting and a leading expert in Passive House Design and Consulting. "What convicted our client to go for Passive House are the extremely low operating costs, high standard of living and return on investment, amongst others."

The efficient wood frame designed residence will also be equipped with a 3.75 Kwh photovoltaic array on the roof producing almost 50% of the electricity the house needs throughout the year, making it a Passive House PLUS.

The City of Vancouver has the target to have all new construction achieve zero emissions by 2030. The Passive House standard was identified to have great potential helping the City achieve this goal. In support of high performance design and construction, the City has introduced and is working on implementing incentives and solutions for homeowners, builders and developers to make it most cost efficient to achieve this standard.

The Passive House Building Energy standard originated in Germany in the late 1980s and is fast becoming the world standard in green, sustainable building techniques. It is estimated there are over 60,000 passive house buildings around the world. Currently, there are only about 40 buildings in Canada achieving this level of energy efficiency.

Read more about Passive House Certified Homes.

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