2017 Home Design Color Forecast Reveals Paint Trends

2017 Home Design Color Forecast Reveals Paint Trends

Each year, the team of color experts at Behr immerse themselves in an extensive process to curate the latest hues by examining trends in art, product design, fashion and architecture.

This forecast, paired with the modern ways in which people live, results in the development of the BEHR Color Currents, an all-new collection of on-trend paint colors. The 20 distinct hues of 2017 are available now at The Home Depot, along with an exclusive in-store brochure that inspires consumers to incorporate the hues into both their indoor and outdoor living spaces.

"Paint is more than just a color; it is a method of communication. Color conveys emotion and allows people the freedom to express themselves and be who they really are," said Erika Woelfel, vice president of Color and Creative Services at Behr. "In today's busy world, home is a safe haven, a retreat for living in the moment or welcoming guests for a weekend visit. That's why our 2017 colors are time-honored and heart-warming, just like any homecoming should be."

Behr takes a non-traditional approach to color forecasting. Instead of choosing just one dominant color of the year, its team of experts create a collection of hues that are curated into separate themes, empowering individuals to choose colors and color combinations that speak to their moods, emotions and personalities.

For 2017, the colors center around three overarching lifestyle themes: Comfortable, Composed and Confident.

"We're constantly innovating from both a product and color standpoint to keep DIYers on the forefront of design," said Woelfel. "Color Currents is a collection of new colors that reflect the ways consumers are living, interacting and expressing themselves."

At The Home Depot, consumers can learn more about the 20 new hues and get inspiration from the BEHR Color Currents 2017 brochure. This brochure features detailed décor themes, as well as design and decorating tips, to help consumers visualize spaces both inside and outside their home. Experienced, friendly associates will also be on hand to assist DIYers with color selection, samples and determining the best product for their unique project.

BEHR Color Currents 2017: Palettes Designed to Elicit Comfort, Composure and Confidence 

The Comfortable palette features soft, tranquil and versatile colors. They work well for small spaces and help open up areas that do not get a lot of natural light. Recently, pastels have transformed from sweet to mineral matte shades. Light blue can effortlessly become the focal point when supported by neutral hues on the floor and furniture. These pale hues can be energized with bright accents of yellow, orange or bold green. Comfortable BEHR colors include:

Close Knit T17-01

Gold Hearted T17-02

Peek-a-Blue T17-04

Sepia Filter T17-03

Life is a Peach T17-05

Everything's Rosy T17-06

Balanced T17-07

The Composedpalette consists of colors with depth and intensity. Its hues are for those who desire a stronger color experience. Deep, earth-inspired tones and rich jeweled shades provide an excellent background onto which other colors can be layered. These robust shades are reminiscent of traditional grandeur, but offer a contemporary look when combined with gray, black and white. Charcoal gray proves it can happily dominate a space, creating a quiet and relaxing mood. Gray can also provide a modern effect when applied as one color to walls, trim and ceilings. Composed BEHR colors include:

Polished Aqua T17-08

Laid Back Gray T17-09

Shades On T17-10

Silent Sands T17-11

Wanderlust T17-12

In the Woods T17-13

Artful Magenta T17-14

The Confident palette is all about vivaciousness and impact. Its colors are saturated and bright, capturing attention and enlivening spaces. These playfully optimistic hues find a sporty edge when combined with dark gray, bright orange and spicy red accents. Dusky blue and citrus-toned yellow make the perfect pairing, while a splash of orange adds an element of fun and adventure. Confident BEHR colors include:

That's My Lime T17-16

Midnight Show T17-17

Hot and Spicy T17-18

Fired Up T17-19

Lemon Burst T17-20

Jade Dragon T17-15

Ability to "Remix" the 2017 Hues Allows for Creative Self-Expression

The BEHR Color Currents 2017 are more flexible than ever, as all 20 colors are designed to be mixed and matched with each other, regardless of theme. The matte pastels, light neutrals and dusky grays offer countless ideas and combinations to fit anyone's home and unique vision.

"Whether it's your first time painting or you're a seasoned colorist, the ability to remix the BEHR Color Currents hues among one another allows individuals to find the color and palette that's right for them," said Woelfel. "Our goal is to inspire fresh creativity while allowing homeowners the freedom to make their home their own."

Consumers can view and remix the new hues using the ColorSmart by BEHR® Tool—available online atBehr.com or as a free download for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™-compatible devices. The app allows consumers to preview their color choice in a custom room setting and estimate the amount of paint they need to purchase.

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