5-Star Built Green certified live/work space opens in Seattle (photos)

5-Star Built Green certified live/work space opens in Seattle (photos)

Live/Work units offer consumers an alternative to traditional mixed-use spaces and the opportunity to live more sustainably. Occupants reduce commuting time and can support local neighborhood businesses.

In Seattle, Dwell Development completed the first 5-Star Built Green Live/Work home.

“The Live/Work is the ultimate in green lifestyle - work where you live - no car time. This will help build denser neighborhoods with greater walkability," said Anthony Maschmedt, owner of Dwell Development.

Combining over 700 square-feet of commercial space and three stories of living space, the new 2,700 square-foot homes offer homeowners options to make the most out of their investment. Homeowners have the option to use the ground floor as personal office space or rent it out to a commercial tenant, creating an opportunity to earn additional income. Homeowners also save on heat and electric bills due to the home’s tight building envelope, energy efficient design and green technology.


Each home is built to accommodate net-zero energy usage, which includes solar-ready rooftop configurations, advanced framing, high impact insulation, triple-glazed windows, and heat recovery ventilation systems.

Similar to Dwell Development’s approach to residential design, unique reclaimed materials are integrated wherever possible, "we use the same sustainable materials in our commercial projects to reach the same quality of green living we value in our homes," said Abbey Maschmedt, project manager for interior design. The homes feature reclaimed wood floors, countertops and tile made from recycled content and locally sourced cabinetry.

Dwell Development has two more 5-Star Built Green live/work projects in the works in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. Buildinghomes in urban neighborhoods with high walk scores help minimize car use and carbon footprints. Dwell Development’s holistic approach to sustainable development helps homeowners conserve resources and cut costs while also setting the bar high for other developers in Seattle.

Project Information

Location: 3237 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116

Square Feet: 2,700

Architect: Einar Novion

Contractor: Dwell Development

Structural Engineer: Alex Moreoses, Custom Design & Engineering

Landscape Design: Abbey Maschmedt,

Dwell Development Landscape Architect: Devon Peterson

Root of Design Photography: Tucker English

Energy Modeling

Third Party Verifier: Tadashi Shiga, Evergreen Certified

Green Certifications: 5-Star Built Green Certified

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Topics: Building Green, Certification / LEED, Connected Homes / Smart Homes, Energy Audits, Healthy Homes, Home Design & Plans

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