A LivingHome tour with Steve Glenn

A LivingHome tour with Steve Glenn

LivingHomes CEO Steve Glenn provides an interesting tour of this green home, which emphasizes sustainable qualities in all aspects, such as removable walls and accordion style walls to allow homes to be reconfigured to adapt to family growth.

“We wanted to create a more adaptable space,” says Glenn. “Homes don’t generally change as your needs change.”

The home features FSC certified woodwork and concrete mixed with flash, a byproduct of coal production, which lessons the carbon footprint from concrete. The home was designed by renowned architect Ray Kappe. The solar panels on the roof provide enough power for half of the home’s energy needs, and the house also features a roof garden.

Click here to view a video of the home's sustainable features.

Topics: Building Green, Indoor Air Quality, Solar Power, Water Quality, Water Saving Devices

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