Advanced wastewater treatment delivers more clean water for re-use (video)

| by Gary Wollenhaupt
Advanced wastewater treatment delivers more clean water for re-use (video)

There's a fixed amount of water on the planet, so environmentally sound wastewater treatment is the best way to make the most of this limited resource.

In fact, about 97 percent of the world's water is salt water, and about 2 percent is still frozen in glaciers. That leaves about 1 percent of the water as fresh water for use by humans.

"Because our fresh water supply is limited, you need advanced technologies to clean it faster, we can no longer rely on the environment to do it naturally at a more leisurely pace," said Bob Rebori, president of Bio-Microbics. "We need advanced technologies that are low cost and efficient to rapidly clean the water so it can get used in real time."

Shawnee, Kan.-based Bio-Microbics specializes in water treatment systems for residential and commercial, marine wastewater and storm water treatment. Many of these systems provide treated wastewater for re-use in landscaping, industrial processes, cleaning and other applications.

See Bob Rebori review the latest trends in wastewater treatment.

There are other companies that offer systems that do much the same thing. But what Rebori specializes in is building simple, robust systems that can be installed by people who can't or don't read instructions.

"There's a lot of engineering talent around the world, but the hard part is how do you make a really simple, low-cost device so that you don't need a lot of maintenance and you don't need a full-time operator," Rebori said.

For residential applications, Bio-Microbics build a septic tank treatment system that does most of the treatment within the tank, compared to a traditional septic system where most of the treatment is done outside the tank in the drain field. That means there's more treated water available for re-use, and the water that does go into the drain field is much cleaner.

"Water re-use is an absolute necessity in most areas of the world," Rebori said.

For residential use, Bio-Microbics wastewater treatment systems fit into both new construction and retrofit applications.

"For an existing home, we have a line of screens and treatment devices that can be installed into the existing system and can turn a failed septic system in an advanced waste water treatment system that includes nutrient reduction to meet the latest standards," Rebori said.

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