Advances in fan technology keep high performance homes well ventilated

Advances in fan technology keep high performance homes well ventilated

As high performance homes incorporate tight building envelopes, ventilation takes on a vital role in comfort and durability in the home.

The solution is often a ventilation system such as an energy recovery ventilator that operates continuously in many cases. But that could consume a considerable amount of electricity over years. Even bathroom fans can be energy hogs, depending on the design.

Panasonic Eco Solutions has incorporated DC motors instead of AC motors into some of its ventilation equipment to provide indoor air quality in an energy-efficient way. For instance, the WhisperGreen line of ventilation fans use DC motors to be about 300 percent to 500 percent more efficient than Energy Star standards. These fans are typically used in a bathroom setting to vent moisture.

Watch Ken Nelson of Panasonic review the importance of ventilation in a high-performance home, and some of the new technology on the market today.



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