Affordable Net-Zero Homes Enter North America's Northern Metropolis

Affordable Net-Zero Homes Enter North America's Northern Metropolis

Landmark Homes net-zero model home opening.

Just over ten years ago, there was question of whether or not it would even be possible to build a net zero home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America's most northerly metropolis, let alone build one with a price tag in the range of an average single-family home.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Landmark Homes has answered the question, now comfortably using affordable and net zero home in the same sentence.

Landmark Homes' latest net zero project in Edmonton's southeast neighborhood of Maple Crest will have a starting price of $399,737, which includes the lot, home, garage, net zero upgrades and GST (goods & services tax). This price is very much in line with February's median selling price of $391,000 for a single family home in Edmonton.  It's possible that this home will be one of if not the most affordable single-family net zero homes in Canada. The show home, located at 2686 Maple Way NW, opened to the public on Saturday, March 18.

"For ten years we've been diligently working to drive down the cost of net zero energy homes," says Reza Nasseri, CEO and founder of Landmark Homes. "Big things have small beginnings and the net zero homes we're building in Maple Crest today will lay down the groundwork for the mass adoption of this type of housing in the coming years."

"We saw an opportunity to rethink what's possible and use forward-looking planning to create an ultra-energy efficient home that is attainable by the majority of single-family homebuyers in Edmonton," says Mike Haupt, general manager of Landmark Homes' single-family division.  "The homes we're designing today are highly replicable, affordable and scalable.  We've reached a tipping point in the industry."

A net zero home is designed to be more comfortable, more efficient, and healthier than a traditional home and offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Low annual operating costs – utility bills fall to an all-time low and stay low year round. Homeowners are even credited for the energy they export back to the grid.
  • Protection from future increases in energy prices
  • Exceptional comfort all year round – advanced construction methods and materials means even temperatures throughout the home
  • Excellent indoor air quality with a built-in filtered fresh air system
  • Tightly built and well insulated, a net zero home is quieter

"Net-zero homes are a real game changer and the ultimate expression of energy efficiency," says David Dodge, Chair of Energy Efficiency Alberta. "We know that Alberta builders are leaders in building super energy efficient homes in Canada and now Landmark Homes is proving they are affordable."

"Builders like Landmark are working hard to make Net Zero Homes affordable for all Canadians and CHBA applauds their commitment," says Nathan Stone, 2nd Vice President of the Canadian Home Builders' Association. "This is putting our industry at the leading edge internationally, in terms of new home quality, comfort, value and innovation."

Landmark Homes is preparing to build net-zero homes in Edmonton's neighbourhoods of Graydon Hill and Keswick later this year.

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