Architect Infuses Home with Green Building Passion

Architect Infuses Home with Green Building Passion

Architect Clive Pohl believes that good design pays for itself, and the proof can be seen in the Proud Green Home of Louisville.

Pohl designed the high performance home built by UberGreen Spaces & Homes sited at Norton Commons. The Italianate style home will pursue LEED for Homes,

Clive Pohl

Passive House, Zero Energy Ready, and NAHB Green Building Standard certifications.

Pohl is a registered architect in Kentucky and partner in the Lexington firm POHL ROSA POHL architecture + design. He has many years of service to design excellence and holds a number of green building accreditations including BPI, LEED AP, Green Advantage. He is a founding member of the USGBC Kentucky Chapter, past Chair of Education, and a frequent speaker on the subject of green building.

He started his career as a welder, which grew into a passion for carpentry and woodworking. He became a homebuilder and later transitioned to his career as an architect. He became passionate about green building "because it was evident to me early on that this is the way of the future, and we need to be stewards of the planet," he says.

With his passion for sustainable building, Pohl tries to encourage forward motion toward design awareness.

"We focus on the aesthetic of the space, the colors and materials, healthy living, energy efficiency, the proportions of the exterior and the thing as an object," Pohl says. "That's how we bring consciousness to bear in three dimensions. The tools we use are drawings and various communication mechanisms."

Designing a high performance home presents unique challenges from an architectural perspective.

"When you’re designing for high performance home with 20-inch thick walls, the efficiency is superimposed upon you," Pohl says. "This is a building envelope that is unparalleled in this immediate region, certainly, and maybe in a much broader region. We had a limited footprint and we had to do everything in our powers to open it up and make it feel generous and not enclosed."

The home design had to abide by neighborhood standards, so Pohl had to balance those expectations while remaining true to his aesthetic concepts.

"We wanted a building that was proportionately pleasing and varied, blending traditional and modern styles," Pohl says. "What people want, even people who are committed proponents of traditional architecture, are very modern ideas. They want light flooding through the interior. They want open spaces. Those are not traditional floor plan ideas. I think we were able to work with those prescriptions and come up with a building that was proportionately pleasing and had integrity. So the surprise element is when you walk into the building you encounter this open and very modern and light-filled plan, which is a very contemporary idea."

The Proud Green Home of Louisville fulfills his approach to creating a space that is more than the sum of its parts, in which design and technology work in harmony to make a better life for the homeowners.

"When you live in or visit a healthy home or a high-level LEED certified home or a credible green home, you can feel the difference, Pohl says "People who are not in the industry may not be able articulate it, but it feels different. It’s largely because we’re not aware of air movement; we’re not feeling the propulsion of air being blown into the room. We’re not aware that we’re not breathing toxins. These are all subconscious experiences," he says. "When you pour love into something, people can feel it radiating out afterwards from it. I think that’s largely what they are responding to."

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