Banish wood from your porch for worry-free summer living

Banish wood from your porch for worry-free summer living

On a hot summer day as chilled watermelon and icy lemonade, the front porch is where families come together. Unfortunately, if your porch needs constant repairs, like scraping and repainting or replacing broken railing, there’s not much relaxing taking place.

However, by investing in low-maintenance porch products, from railing systems to porch posts to decorative brackets, you can kick back and enjoy the summer without the worry of constant porch upkeep. 

Enhancing the Porch

PVC porch rails



Easy-to-install urethane, PVC and cellular PVC products from manufacturers such as Fypon and Ply Gem resist everything from insects and termites to water, humidity, rot and mildew. If you’re looking for years of carefree living on your front or back porch, then these weather-resistant, high-performance products are a solid investment in your home. 

Manufactures offer maintenance-free trim and porch-railing systems, including rails, spindles, newels, balusters and the necessary screws and brackets. These durable systems eliminate maintenance with  colors and finishes built in to the materials.

Add character to your front porch with decorative, lightweight brackets. Choose from dozens of unique styles exist to complement the exterior of your home. From classic Scroll or Tulip brackets to Victorian or Scalloped pieces, these corner accents can be easily installed to different areas of your porch.

Load-bearing porch posts can add style to any front porch. Select from Colonial, Fluted, Square or traditional styles.

Already have a porch post or column, but hate the look? Hide any existing column with a PVC Column Wrap from Fypon. Semi-assembled Column Wrap Kits come in two pieces and install quickly with a free-floating movement around a wood or steel post. Since the PVC column wrap doesn’t touch the support post (which is usually pressure treated lumber), if the post twists over time, the shape of the wrap will not be affected.

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