BASF Center for Building Excellence launches new program

BASF Center for Building Excellence launches new program

BASF is introducing a program for sustainable residential construction — Beyond Applied Building Science — which emphasizes home energy performance and cost efficiencies to offset expenses associated with advanced techniques and upgrades.

An initiative of the BASF Center for Building Excellence, Beyond Applied Building Science offers consulting, plan reviews and other services to assist builders in constructing homes that outperform conventional code-built homes. The program is offered in collaboration with Masco Home Services, Inc. and its Environments For Living program, which provides testing and certification services for the Beyond requirements.

In addition, builders participating in the Beyond Applied Building Science program will be able to take advantage of home buyer marketing benefits, including five-year limited guarantees on heating and cooling energy use and comfort, provided by the Environments For Living program.

"The Beyond program will help builders apply the principles of building science to achieve homes that go Beyond typical new construction in a wide range of metrics and features — from energy efficiency and water efficiency to improved indoor air quality and comfort," said Rick Davenport, BASF Director of Sustainable Construction.

Every home built to the Beyond requirements must achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index score of 50 or lower, which means it requires at least 50 percent less energy than a home built to conventional code-built home. All homes must be tested for envelope and duct tightness and air pressure, and comply with specific measures to control bulk water and vapor. Special BASF points may be earned for use of high-performance products that contain BASF chemistry.

"The goal of the Beyond Applied Building Science program is to stimulate adoption of sustainable, Beyond-code construction that is affordable, measurable and provides lasting value," said Davenport. "Builders are already seeing evidence that sustainability is central to the future of the industry — from increasingly stringent building codes to homeowner expectations for energy efficiency — and BASF is committed to helping them affordably respond to those trends."

As with the Environments For Living program, Beyond Applied Building Science is performance-based and compatible with local and national checklist-based initiatives and other third-party certifications, such as the LEED for Homes program, Energy Star for New Homes, and the U.S. Department of Energy's Builder's Challenge program.

"For almost a decade, the Environments For Living program has been helping homebuilders gain advantages through building science, and we are delighted to offer our services and homeowner limited guarantees to support the new Beyond program from BASF," said Dave Bell, Director of Building Science for Masco Home Services.

Read more about home accreditation and certification.

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