Bellomo Architects' produces Tiny House Arc prefab home

Bellomo Architects' produces Tiny House Arc prefab home

Bellomo Architects' modular House Arc, which was just a prototype before, is now being fabricated and can be ordered online.

The home, inspired by the architects’ Bike Arc design (a modular bike parking system) the House Arc was conceived as a modular housing system for communities in need but is also suited for people interested in low-maintenance, off-the-grid housing solutions, according to Inhabitat.

This compact house was designed for complete efficiency — it is naturally ventilated, easy to construct and can be outfitted with solar panels, and its lightweight structure made of recycled steel tubes is raised on concrete footings to allow air to flow underneath for passive cooling. Large windows allow natural light to filter through the house, while a shading trellismounted on the roof prevents excess heat from reaching the interior. The entire unit has been constructed to withstand tropical winds and weather.

Weighing only 3,000 pounds and packed in remarkably small shipping boxes (4 x 10 x 3 feet), the house embodies the idea of compact living. “We designed the House Arc to function like a kit of parts so that it could be assembled quickly, like prefab furniture”, said architect Joseph Bellomo.

The project will be featured at the TEDxPresidio conference on Saturday, September 8, in San Francisco. Attendees will get the chance to view a full-scale section of the House Arc.

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