Bio-Microbics acquisition expands gray water product line

Bio-Microbics acquisition expands gray water product line

In recent decades, issues with the climate, landscape, tourism and the scarcity of water resources are common features in different countries that propel the reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation of private and public properties, and for industrial cooling or recharge of local aquifers, among other reuses.

To serve this market, Bio-Microbics, Inc. acquired the InnovaPRO™ (Bluetek®) Greywater System from BLUETEK WATER TREATMENT. This simple, mountable, gray water treatment system treats wastewater that does not come from a toilet or garbage disposal (i.e., bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, laundry, etc.) and installed at the point-of-use or piped to gravity flow into the treatment unit to reclaim greywater for non-potable uses.

Properties wanting to reduce their energy and water consumption levels have a new step forward in water recycling. The InnovaPRO™ is ideal for sensitive and drought-prone water markets, homebuilders, residential & commercial developers, Architects, contractors.

The InnovaPRO Greywater Treatment System can fit most site constraints and regulatory requirements. The initiative of property owners with the "positive balance" that water recycling generates for business in terms of energy savings, which results in less consumption of financial resources, this innovative decentralized greywater treatment system has been designed using a triple internal process of cleaning and disinfection provides an exceptionally high performance.

It is estimated that water experiences approximately 5 to 6 treatment processes in the water cycle, before evaporating in the foliage, land, rivers, lakes and the ocean where the water cycle is closed. The water recovery in decentralized treatment technologies is nothing more than a small-scaled demonstration of the continuous cyclic process experienced by the planet's natural resources.

 This “planned water reuse” process, promotes a greater water efficiency and better water management by means of reusing the water already onsite rather than continuing to draw from a water source and depleting a natural channel without refilling it at the source. In this way, a used water is subjected to treatment that attains a certain quality before being sent to another area to be used again in further use.

The integration into Bio-Microbics product offering is progressing smoothly. The InnovaPRO Grey water treatment technology promotes the design creates several maintenance advantages over other systems. A completely automated system, the water gets “purified” through several treatment processes and disinfected to a level that is safe for a variety of beneficial uses. The water quality should be monitored and routinely reported to the respective Regional Water Quality Board. The combination of a filtration and disinfection for water reuse is ideal:

  • Exceptional filtration during low/average/peak usage
  • Easy to maintain and extraordinarily reliable non-clogging treatment process
  • Exceeds minimum treatment standards
  • Reduce dependence on potable water sources

While growing environmental awareness has become prevalent, so have the increasingly stringent quality standards for environmental protection. The most critical criteria for reliability and safety when meeting these standards are proper designing and sizing of the locally-sourced tanks. The pre-engineered design of the system ensures proper automatic operation and easy maintenance provided by a service contract.

Importantly, the planned reuse has achieved great development not only in countries plagued with scarcity of water resources, but especially in countries with large water resources and a high standards of living. A grey water filtration/disinfection system, like InnovaPRO, can reduce water usage and, thus, utility costs, satisfy green building and water efficiency incentives, and adhere to water reuse regulations.

Reclaimed greywater is typically regulated by the local government and building codes (always check with local regulations before adding anything to the property). Usually a building permit must be obtained before installing a greywater system to collect and send this water to the resident’s landscaping. A number of regulatory agencies have adopted requirements that must be followed when producing, distributing, and using recycled water.

Read more about wastewater treatment.

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